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Best Price

Best Price

Our marketplace allows you to compare and book from a plethora of cleaning providers in Dubai. Prices are set by our partners without our involvement. Best price guaranteed!

Reliable Cleaning

Reliable Cleaning

Check other customers evaluation and decide which provider fits you the most. Get professional and reliable cleaners in Dubai from our partner companies.

Easy Payment

Easy Payment

Your cleaning is just three clicks away. No hassle: match competitors and pay online with your credit card.

Monitor the maid

Monitor the maid

Monitor the cleaner through your smartphone. Know when she enters your place and assign her a tasks list to perform during the service.

Smart cleaners in Dubai

Our partners give you plenty of smart Cleaning services

Cleaner Check In
Cleaner Check In Monitor the cleaner through the mobile App.

Before starting the service, the cleaner checks-in with her smartphone and you receive a real-time notification on your smart device.

Cleaner Check Out
Cleaner Check Out Monitor the cleaner through the mobile App.

After completing the service, the cleaner checks-out with her smartphone and you receive a real-time notification on your smart device.

Assign tasks to the cleaner
Assign tasks to the cleaner Get the Cleaning done through the mobile App

Assign a tasks list to the cleaner during the booking process and monitor their completion in real time with your smartphone.

Instant availability
Instant availability Same day confirmation

Our system is updated daily by our Cleaning partners, thus, your booking will receive an almost real time confirmation.

Care for money
Care for money Get a discount on the Cleaning service

Our service is free, you won't be charged extra money to book your cleaners in Dubai service through us.

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Cleaner in Dubai

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Cleaner in Dubai

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Cleaners in Dubai

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Cleaner in Dubai

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Cleaning services in Dubai

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