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Car Wash at your door step. Compare different providers and pay online.

Clear Price

Clear Price

Looking for Car Wash at your door step? Our platform is transparent and gives you the best price. You can compare different providers and get unparalleled discounts.

Professional Car Wash

Professional Car Wash

Get professional and reliable Car Wash at your door step from our partner providers. After the service you may evaluate the service for extra transparency.

Pay Online

Book Today, Pay Later.

Your car wash is just three clicks away. No hassle: match providers and pay online with your credit card. And you pay 3 days after you have been serviced.

Smart Car Wash

Smart Car Wash

Use our mobile App to get tons of smart services. You can assign tasks and get a notification once done. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Smart Partners in Dubai

Get spoiled with our smart Car Wash.

Professional Check In
Professional Check In Monitor the Professional through the mobile App.

Before starting the Car Wash, the operator checks in with his smartphone and you receive a real-time notification on your smart device.

ProfessionalCheck Out
Professional Check Out Monitor the Professional through the mobile App.

After completing the Car Wash, the operator checks out with her smartphone and you receive a real-time notification on your smart device.

Assign a tasks list
Assign a tasks list Get the service done through the mobile App

Assign tasks to the operator during the booking process and monitor their completion in real time with your smartphone.

Instant availability
Instant availability Same day confirmation

Our system is updated daily by our providers, thus, your booking will receive an almost real time confirmation.

Pay Less
Pay Less Get a discount on the Car Wash

Our service is free, you won't be charged extra money to book your Car Wash through us.

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Car Wash in Dubai, today

Need a reliable Car Wash? Easy, book in three clicks.

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We clean your car with the latest technology.

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Your sport car is in good hand, trust us!

car wash in Dubai

Exterior cleaning, piece of cake.

Car Wash Dubai

No matter the car, we clean it well!

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Car wash at your door step, why waiting any longer?

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