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Avoid Damage: What to Look For in An Upholstery Cleaning

It is imperative that you carefully choose the cleaning service for your upholstery, as it can get easily damaged.

Every household in Dubai has some upholstered item of furniture or the other. No matter how careful one may be in taking care of and using the furniture, over time and with use dust, grime, spots and spills may make the upholstery look dull, dirty and smelly. Like everything else, upholstery also needs to be cleaned from time to time to maintain it. If left unclean, it tends to make the house look untidy and grimy by its mere presence.

Though there are a lot of people who will advise DIY upholstery cleaning, and it may work for a while, you will certainly need a professional upholstery cleaning service to come and clean your upholstered furniture at least once or twice a year. No matter how well we clean, we do not have the knowledge, experience or the equipment to thoroughly clean and sanitize the upholstery so that it looks like new again. Everytime you clean our upholstery properly you give it a new lease of life.

Since upholstery is expensive and getting it changed too often is not a real option for most people, it makes sense to invest in an upholstery cleaning service once or twice a year.

When choosing an upholstery cleaning service, you have to be sure that it is a professional outfit. If you are not careful about picking your cleaning service, you may end up with damaged furniture where you may have to change the upholstery.

Qualities of a good upholstery cleaning service

When looking for an upholstery cleaning service, it is best to scout around and ask for recommendations from friends who have used one before. This is the best way of narrowing down your search to one or two possible services that you can then whet properly before choosing one that fits your requirement the best. If none of your friends have every used an upholstery cleaning service before, and you are the first one to do so, you can check out the website to pick one up that suits your criterion. With, a domestic services aggregator in Dubai, you can quickly and easily look for a bonafide upholstery cleaning service in Dubai. It is a hassle free way to hire, supervise and pay for domestic services. With mobile app you can keep track of the work done and time taken and pay for it online. You can read testimonials from other customers and compare price as well as services of the various agencies listed on and find one that best suits your budget.


Hiring a cleaning service that is local to you makes sense as local companies save on transportation costs and pass on the benefits to their customer. You are more likely to get a better quote from a locally based company within a few kilometres from your location than one that is located in another town or at the other end of the town from you. Moreover, it makes it easier for you follow up in case there are issues that crop up post cleaning. With a local cleaning business it is easier for you to walk into their offices to be heard, which you cannot do with a remote business.

With, you can filter business based upon their location and area of operation.


Reputation is a big player when it comes to hiring any service and not just for upholstery cleaning. Make sure that the company you hire to clean your upholstery has a good reputation as cleaners as well as being honest and trustworthy. It is no good that the cleaning service is good at cleaning the upholstery but they cannot be trusted to do the job when promised.

Check References

When it comes to cleaning industry in Dubai, there are a lot of businesses that are run by uneducated, inexperienced and unscrupulous people. You do not want to give your business to someone like that as it could end up in a disaster. This is why it is so important to source your cleaning service through a trusted source like Each of the businesses listed on the site are carefully checked for honesty and authenticity. Testimonials and references from genuine customers can give you a fair idea of the level of expertise and dependability of each of the business listed. Before committing yourself to hiring a cleaning service, you can always ask them to furnish references that you should then check out to ascertain their authenticity.

Look for Experience

Don’t just hire anyone who seems to fit your budget. Always look for the most experienced service in the market. These are the services that will know how to deal with most common cleaning issues that one needs to while cleaning upholstery without damaging it. You cannot trust just anyone with upholstery, it is a specialised service and cleaning service should have experience in exclusively cleaning upholstery. Check this out before you let them anywhere near your expensive upholstered couch.

Knowledge of the Field

Just the experience of the company does not necessarily mean that the person they are sending over to clean your couch is also equally experienced. Most often unscrupulous services will hire cleaner who have no idea of what they are doing. They are sent out with limited knowledge of cleaning. This can often mean either your furniture is not thoroughly clean and sanitized or your upholstery is damaged. To prevent yourself the heartache, make sure that the company employs only bonafide and experienced cleaners who are aware of industry standards, latest cleaning techniques as well as dealing with many different types of upholstery material and the cleaning products to use or avoid for each type. They should be able to determine which method of cleaning – wet cleaning, shampoo, or dry cleaning of upholstery is most suitable for which fabric or material.

Cleaning Equipment They Use

Proper cleaning equipment can make it very easy to clean upholstery properly. Choose a company that has the latest equipment and in good condition. If the equipment is old or in a bad condition, it could mean that your job may not be done properly. So do ask to look at the equipment before hiring a company.

Products they Use

The type of products used to clean also is an important factor in picking out the right cleaning service. If you are a stickler for organic cleaning, you would not want to hire a company that doesn’t believe in green cleaning. So do find out which cleaning products they use before hiring.


Low price is no guarantee for good work just as much as high price is no guarantee for quality. You may want to stick with your budget, but do keep in mind the services offered by each company and all other merits as discussed above before deciding. It is sometimes better to pay a little extra for a company that meets most of your set criteria than to compromise based solely on the price factor. Guarantees offered Choose a company that offers insurance and guarantees for their services. You do not want to be stuck with a huge bill for changing upholstery damaged by the cleaning service. You would want some assurance that the work done is satisfactory and as described.

Methods of Cleaning

There are many different ways that upholstery can be cleaned these include - Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, shampooing or Steam Cleaning Methods Pick a company that offers the method that you prefer. A company should also provide customized cleaning solution as per customer demands.

Customer Service

Dealing with customers is a skill a lot of companies do not possess, if you do not wish to be frustrated while communicating with the company, make sure that they have a decent customer care and feedback system in place.

If you keep the above factors in mind while picking a cleaning service, you should not have any problems at all. If you wish to avoid all this trouble and just get yourself a reliable and dependable cleaning service that has been checked out by someone, visit website to hire a cleaning service in Dubai.

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