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Relocating Pet and Dog Walking in Dubai

Though Dubai remains one of the top destinations for expats and foreigners to settle down, if you have a pet that you wish to relocate, it is not so easy for you. Dubai is not an extremely pet friendly place and there are many rules and regulations regarding not just bringing in a pet but also where you can take your pet while living in Dubai. It is extremely cumbersome for pet owners to walk their pets or take them out for a run or exercise in a public place. There are few pet friendly places in Dubai where you are allowed to take your pet. There are several communities in Dubai that do not allow pet at all. So if you wish to rent an apartment in any of these communities, you may have to leave your pet behind. It may not sound very friendly for pets, but all is not gloomy if you wish to have a pet in Dubai. There are some parks and beaches which allow pet walking. If you wish to take your dog walking, you have to know these places intimately to avoid getting in trouble and being fined.

Relocating Pets To UAE and Dubai

People shifting to Dubai and other parts of the Emirates are allowed to bring in their pets as long as they adhere to the rules and regulations of the land.

In order to relocate a pet to Dubai you will require an import permit. This is needed when you go to collect your pet after it arrives in Dubai. All pet animals have to be shipped to the UAE and Dubai as cargo. This can be quite expensive as well as cumbersome process. So think twice before you decide to relocate your pet.

Import Permit Requirements

In order to obtain an import permit to bring your pet over to Dubai you need to apply to the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. The form is available online and can be filled as an E-form. You will require the following documents for the permit:

  • Copy of your pet’s animal passport and vaccination certificates and records.
  • Health Certificate from a registered vet from the country of export. The certificate should specifically mention that the pet does not have rabies, is healthy and fit to travel.
  • Valid treatments, vaccination and essential test certificates.
  • Pets need to be micro chipped with the microchip number clearly mentioned in all documents.

All the documentation can be uploaded at the time of filling in the e-form.

In case you are overseas and require help, look over website. There are many pet agencies listed there which will help you with the process of getting the required permit and bringing in your pet to Dubai.

Rules and Regulations Regarding Pets in Dubai

Besides the documentation needed for the import permits there are other rules and regulations that have to be followed when bringing in your pet to Dubai. These include the following:

  • The pet must be at least 120 days old.
  • The animal has to come from a rabies free country.
  • The pet must have been vaccinated against rabies with an approved anti rabies vaccination not more than one year prior to importation and not less than one month before.
  • The animal has to be examined and certified not more than 48 hours before coming into Dubai that it is free of external parasites and does not have any infectious or communicable diseases.

However, there are no quarantine requirements for pets arriving in Dubai.

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Besides this, there are certain restrictions to the type of animals you can bring into the Emirates. New laws have recently been passed in UAE and will come into effect by 1st July 2017. According to this new law, all dogs have to be licensed and owners have to ensure compliance by 1st July 2017. All owners of exotic and dangerous pets have to give up their pets and turn them over to the authorities before July 2017. This includes a whole list of animals deemed dangerous and some breeds of dogs. No one will be allowed to keep wild animals as pet under the new law. All such animals have to be declared and given over to the authorities.

Banned breeds of dogs include:

  • Pitbull
  • Rottweiler
  • Dobermann Pinchers
  • Japanese Tosa or cross there off
  • Canario Presa’s
  • Wolf or cross there off
  • Mastiff

This also includes any mix breed of any of the above mentioned dog breeds.

There are some breeds that are restricted and need to be always kept on a leash while in public areas. The registration number of such dogs should be clearly mentioned on the collar of the dog. These breeds also have a unique restriction that they can only be kept in a villa. These breeds include:

  • Bull Terrior
  • Husky
  • American Bull Dog
  • English Bull Dog
  • Shar Pei

The Emirates has strict laws regarding keeping a dog, taking a dog to prohibited area, not keeping the dog on a leash in public places, transporting a dog, keeping the dog safe and comfortable as well as leaving a dog when going away for a vacation. Dubai also bans dog fights.

Leaving a pets waste in a public area can result in a fine and on repeat offence removal of pet. Neglecting a dog or leaving it unleashed or allowed to run away can also lead to fines and confiscation of the pet.

Dubai does not look kindly on people who feed stray animals. If caught feeding strays, you are liable to be warned the first time and on repeat offence can be fined and even have legal action taken against you.

Dog Walking and Dogs in Public Areas in Dubai

One of the biggest problems that foreigners face in Dubai is the restrictions on having a dog in public areas in Dubai. Generally, pets, especially dogs are banned from public areas. You cannot take your dog to a mall or shopping with you. They are also not allowed in public parks, beaches and most hotels and restaurants. When you are out with your dog, you have to keep it on a leash at all times. You cannot let it off the leash.

This leaves precious little space for you to take your pet for an outing in Dubai. The best you can hope for letting your dog run free is within your own garden or yard if you have one. There are a few dog parks in Dubai where you may take your dog for a run.

There are some areas in Dubai where dogs are not welcome. This includes residential communities as well. So before signing off on a lease, do find out from the landlord if dogs or pets are allowed.

Safe Dog Walking and Pet Walking Areas in Dubai

Now that we have given you all the low downs on pet walking and keeping in Dubai, here is some good news. There are a few areas where you can take your pets safely for an outing and a run without the fear of breaking the law or attracting a fine. Here is a list of such areas in Dubai.

Dog Parks: there are so few areas for dogs in Dubai that now there are special parks that have come up just for dog walking. So here you can let your dog run about and have some fun. Two such parks are near Dubai Investment Park. They are My Second Home and Paws Pet Planet.

The Desert: A few areas in the desert are available for your dog to run around. Areas behind Arabian Ranches, Midrif and Al Barsha are open to dogs.

The Greens: the community is pet friendly and has spaces allocated for dog walking. There special dog parks where residents can take their dogs for a run and some exercise.

Nad Al Sheba: This is near the camel market and as of now you can walk your pets here. Burj Park: This is one of the few dog friendly parks in Dubai

JLT: as long as you keep out of the central park at JLT and confine yourself to the lakes and the area between the clusters, you should be fine with your dog here.

Jebal Ali: The beach next to Jebal Ali Resort is also used for dog walking. This may not strictly be legal but for now it is open to pet owners.

Al Safouh Road: the beach opposite the Dubai College is also used as a dog exercise area.

Al Qudra Lakes: this is perhaps the most dog friendly areas in Dubai.

Al Warqa: is also pet friendly.

Golden Mile, Palm Jumeirah: This is a pet friendly area. Many restaurants and cafes also allow pets at their establishment.

The fines for breaking the laws in Dubai and Emirates are very steep. So you are advised to stay on the right side of the law and be careful of where you take your dog and how you treat it. Dubai does not take lightly to law breakers and the fines can be as steep as AED 100,000 in some instances. So keep your pooch safe while dog walking.

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