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Pet and dog walking - Proper etiquette

Pets really love and enjoy “walkies”. And unless it’s smoking hot in Dubai, so do their owners.

Pet walking is not “just” walking regardless whether we as pet owners enjoy it or we find it not that fulfilling. Walking with your pet is useful both for your mental and physical well-being, but the process of walking with an animal also encompasses dynamic interactions and engaged communication. All animals, especially dogs as the most common pets are sentient beings that feel, behave, think and have their own characters – thus we need to “listen”, communicate and even negotiate with them about how the walk is practised. The walk is a simply a shared experience, after all.

While obviously being aware of the health benefits, we as humans also walk our pets because we take enjoy in seeing them having fun. Indeed, most animals are happiest when out in the open, and it is here that they are able to best demonstrate their “spirit”. Many interesting comments and ideas about pet walking can be found on, an end-to-end platform for services in Dubai where people share credible experiences and offer advices about what they would do when in your shoes.

To lead, or be led?

Indeed, the main knot is tied around whether pets (particularly dogs) are permitted to walk off-lead is being inhibited by their owners in order to avoid any potential dangers that might arise, or simply viewed as “the pet’s time” while perceived as crucial for allowing their pet freedom. It is a sensitive matter, however many owners allow it, despite their anxieties.

Top Dos and Don’ts

In a bustling metropolis so densely pet populated and so scarcely covered with parks and natural pet friendly spaces as Dubai, pet owners need to respect and enforce some shared pet walking etiquette in order for all of us pet owners to get along and be able to calmly enjoy the everyday walks with our furry friends.

Do: Always attend after your pet. Dubai is famous for being clean and there are laws covering all of this, plus it’s just bad-mannered to just leave a steaming pile on a pavement where thousands pass, and someone might step.

Don’t allow your pet to mess through public or someone else’s greenery. While such places are scarce in the dessert, it’s obviously harmful to the plants, the plants may also harm your four-legged friend. It’s also inconsiderate to allow your pet to pee on public or private flowers or plants. This should also be stressed out if you have a person who walks your pet. Professional pet walking services in Dubai are especially careful about this not only because of the fines and costs that might arise but mainly because of word of mouth in the pet owners’ circle.

Do limit meet and greets. Though we perceive this as a good way our pets to make new friends, not every pet owner is okay with having such distractions on their walks. Also, you should not allow your pet to approach someone else’s pet unless you have the consent from the other owner. Be sure to respect their time and space and they will respect yours. It is just like in business.

The same applies for their interaction with people as well. Don’t allow your pet to go up to every passer-by it bumps into unless it is welcomed. Even though your pet is the cutest and most amicable out there, some people simply are not in the mood, have other things roaming in their thoughts at the moment or are just afraid of dogs and are never in the mood for petting.

Do: Always be sure to leash your pet unless going through a designated off-leash area. While you are sure your pet is perfectly well behaved, you can’t be sure that of every other person passing with a pet. It also makes other people (or pets) nervous or anxious, so be well-mannered and keep your pet leashed.

Do: While on that note, leash-train your pet by spending some time with your furry pal to teach him to always walk alongside you unless you have allowed otherwise. (If we are talking about an enthusiastic walker, give it a look for products such as a prong collar, or head collars such as the Gentle Leader or the Halti.)

Do: The sidewalk is for sharing. It often makes it annoying to other pedestrians to have to manoeuvre around your pet when he all over the entire walkway. Professional pet walkers in Dubai must be aware of others and respect another pedestrians’ space. You can discuss locations and ideas and read more about pet walking in Dubai on popular sites such as and share your own experiences on the streets.

And of course, walking is all about enjoying and having fun with your pet. For most of our furry friends, this is their only time to get out and experience the open world so make the best of it by showing them new places and scents once in a while instead of walking on the same path day after day.

How to make the walk an enjoyable time

Pets are natural born explorers – the majority of their actions relate to their nose, so it’s no wonder they let it lead the way. It’s a big wide world to explore, and we are simply standing in the way so often we find ourselves chasing our pet through the streets instead of having an even-paced stroll enjoying the pleasant moment. This is something that all of us should work on and literally all it takes is a little bit of discipline and consistency.

Like in everything in life, to get yourself in a good starting position, you’ll need the right supplies. Firstly, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is important to have the appropriate leash and harness if your pet is an energetic one.

From setting the right expectation to buying the appropriate kinds of accessories like the collar and the lock, there are certain techniques which we as pet walkers need to implement in order to make our pets feel the unbound care and love along with an appropriate instruction of authority to make them follow.

You are the master: When walking you pet you should always remember that you are walking the dog and not the other way around and you should always be in front and leading. Use the leash properly: A leash is a means to have an appropriate amount of control over your pet and especially with dogs, it can help you in establishing better communication with it and also assists in bringing the dog back on the track if it is trying to go elsewhere. Using retractable leash is not often recommended as they limit the control one would need while walking with a pet on the streets of Dubai. Maintain the calm: While walking with your furry four-legged friend, you should always keep him in a calm state and not let it get too excited. If excited all dog breeds start moving beside us and lose their focus therefore they should be calmed down and only then resume walking. This is how the dog will learn to be synchronized and follow his owner. Adequate time for the walk: Like every human, even dogs need some time to relax and the time to be carefree and run around. This lets a dog unwind itself and helps him use the extra energy and relax. At the same time, the duration of these walks is equally important. A dog essentially needs thirty minutes to an hour-long walk. Rewarding the dog: While walking a dog, it is also very important to reward the dog if it has shown a good behaviour throughout the walk. The dog should be able to relieve itself if it has maintained a balanced state of mind. But at the same time, one has to be cautious enough to estimate whether it actually needs to relieve, or it is just marking the area by spreading scent.

Keeping the dog focused: While walking a dog, you should try to keep the dog focused only on relaxing. If there is something to divert the attention of the dog, then you should give a tug on the head to bring the attention of the dog back to walking.

These and many more are simply guidelines for pet owners who have enough time and dedication they want to spend with they furry pals. Regardless of the area in Dubai where you live this is not easy and thus many people turn to hiring a professional pet walker who can take care of their pet while they are at work. In order to read more and find credible comments, check popular spots such, an online platform for booking various services in town. You can share your own comments as well and find the best ways to provide your four-legged friend with the care it deserves.

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