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How to properly walk your dog

Walking a dog in a manner which shows both the authority and the friendliness is a key to mastering the art.

In our previous article we mentioned the hard work and skills needed to ace this profession, however be it walking a pack of dogs or be it walking single dog, a dog walker always has to prove his mettle and has to make the dogs realize that he/ she is the leader and hence, is meant to be followed. From setting the right expectation to buying the appropriate kinds of accessories like the collar and the lock, he has to adopt various techniques to be able to properly walk the dogs. It needs an unbound care and love along with a proper command of authority to make the dogs follow you. In this article we will talk about the different techniques which a dog walker can adopt to be a master of dog walking:

  • Be the master: A dog walker should always remember to walk the dog and not let the dog walk him/ her. He/ she should always be in front of the dogs and lead it. If he allows the dog to be in front, then the whole purpose of dog walking is defeated as the dog will not leisure around carefree but will feel responsible for leading and paving the way. Hence, it is the foremost responsibility of the trainer to let the dog roam around carefree and make him feel relaxed. Thus, he should be the first one to be out of the house before the walk and he/ she should the one who first enters the house after the walk and the dog should follow else it may lead to certain behavioral issues on the part of certain breed of dogs.
  • Proper use of leash: A leash is a means which can give the trainer the appropriate amount of control over the dog. Attaching the leash to the collar of the dog can help you in making better communication with the dog and also would help you in bringing the dog on the track if it is trying to go elsewhere. A leash would also help you in saving the other people from any harm if the dog becomes out of control. Thus, it helps in better navigation and also gives better guidance to the dog in addition to giving the dog walker a means to correct the dog whenever it goes wrong. We do not recommend the use of retractable leash as they do not give the kind of control that one would require while walking the dogs on the streets of Dubai. The collar of the leash should be kept on the highest point on the neck as it will give him more control with less effort.
  • Maintain the calm: While walking a dog, the trainer should always try to keep the dog in a calm state and not let it get too excited. Once excited the dog does not let him lead it and instead starts moving besides him. In such a situation, he should stop walking and make the dog sit. He/ she should wait until the dog is calm and then only resume walking. Also when he starts walking again, he should not make any gestures to call the dog but should start walking and let the dog follow him/ her on its own. This is how the dog will learn to be in sync with the dog walker and will follow him/ her.

  • Sufficient time for the walk: Like every human, even dogs need some time to relax and the time wherein they can be carefree and do everything that could ease their mind. That is why walking a dog becomes essential as it lets a dog unwind itself and helps him better relaxation. At the same time, the time for which the he takes out the dog for walking is equally important. The purpose of walking a dog will not be fulfilled if the dog walker does not take out adequate amount of time to walk the dog. A dog essentially needs thirty minutes to an hour long walk depending on the breed. Also, the preferred time of the day like morning or evening varies with the breed and also the kind of place of residence. For example one cannot take a dog out for walking in the afternoon in Dubai, given the high temperatures of the day. Hence, he needs to make a note of all these needs and requirements of the dog and accordingly take out enough time at the proper hour of the day for walking a dog.
  • Rewarding the dog: While walking a dog, keeping the lead is as important as rewarding the dog if it has shown a good behavior throughout the walk. A dog walker should let the dog to relieve itself if it has maintained a balanced state of mind. But at the same time, he needs to be cautious enough to judge whether the dog actually needs to relieve or it is just marking the area by spreading its scent all around. If it is the latter, then he should immediately cut down on the relieving time and continue the walk. Hence, the right kind of judgement becomes imperative for him in rewarding the dog.

  • Keeping the dog focused: While walking a dog, the trainer should try to keep the dog focused only on relaxing. If there is something to divert the attention of the dog like another dog barking or any other kind of distraction, then he should give a tug on the head to bring the attention of the dog back to walking. Again, if the dog is still losing focus, then the trainer should stop walking and make the dog sit. Any sort of excitement then needs to be tugged off and only when the dog has achieved a calm state of mind, he should resume walking. For a dog walker, timing is the key to control a dog’s temperament. Once the he sees the look in the dog’s eyes that he is going to shout or bark, he/ she should immediately correct the dog’s excited behavior by either tugging it or giving a firm touch on its neck using the hand. Once the dog loses its attention, it may become difficult for the dog walker to control it and hence, all the above steps should be taken at the right time to avoid the dog from losing all of its focus.
  • Walking at the right pace: Another thing to keep in mind while walking is a dog is the pace at which you walk. While walking, the dog walker should always hold his/ her head high and walk with the shoulders straight because the dogs can notice a lack of confidence from the incorrect postures and will not take him for a leader. But if he walks with the shoulders upright and head held high, the dog will immediately respond and follow.

All in all walking a dog is something that is aimed for better relaxation of the dog. Its whole purpose is to keep the dog calm and in a balanced state of mind so that after the dog comes from walking, it is more charged up and has oodles of energy. Also the proper timing of walking the dog and the proper ways to make the dog follow him are equally important. A good dog walker always makes it a point to walk the dog before giving it food and also if the members of the family are going out, the dog should be taken for a walk before they leave as it will leave the dog in a better state of mind. It is not very easy to find out dog walkers who have adequate knowledge and skill to walk the dog in a proper way but we at make this job extremely comfortable for you by providing you with the best in the city of Dubai, so that you can make a choice according to your own needs and requirements. We ensure to give you the best in the world of dog walking so that all you need to do is sit back and play with your dog who will always be in a calm state.

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