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Pet walking in Dubai – How to recognize a perfect match

To all pet lovers out there in Dubai, do you think your dog walker has all it takes to take care of your dog?

Yes, you read it right. This is not just a one time visit to the vet, this is the person with whom your dog spends the time while you are away.

Hey, I know when it comes to our pets we are sometimes…OK, always very protective and we want to offer them the best possible service and treatment and especially when it comes to our dogs and their temper, well…sometimes the right formula is just not easy to be found.

I was reading a lot about dogs and what do they like, how they are becoming friends with someone and why they are so attached to us and I found out that we, humans, are not that different and we really do want to have a similar treatment in order to be happy.

Now, we are all leading a quite dynamic and time-consuming lifestyle in here Dubai and the weather is a challenge of itself, so there’s not too much time to dedicate to our dogs. While some people have the privilege and the joy of bringing their dogs to work every day, not everyone is so lucky. While we’re away, our dogs do not care of how many meetings we have for that day or whether the government introduced some tax or whether the kids caught a cold - the dog needs to play and move—however, finding someone we trust enough to take care of our furriest friends is quite catchy especially since every dog has a temper and habits of its own.

Why going for a pet walking service in Dubai

Whatever the hassle, hiring a dog walker near you can be an excellent idea and provide benefits both for your pet, and for you. You can read more about dog walkers and pet walking services in Dubai on and find out more about the most important things and benefits of the service:

  • Health – Pets, just as humans need regular and consistent exercise and movement to live fulfilling, happy, healthy, and long lives. By only providing your dog with 30-45 minutes of walking (2-3 times a day) you can prevent many health risks and it is one of the best ways to keep your dog well-nourished and satisfied.

  • Energy and performance – A friend of mine who’s also a dog lover once put it in simple words - a tired dog is a good dog. Every day walks benefit your fury friend with getting rid of excess energy, thus saving you head aches at home. Do search for dog walkers near you because frequent, regular, and active walks, will make your dog to be less “motivated” to chew, use the bathroom indoors, bite, bark, etc.

  • Time –Every minute counts in these upbeat times we live in and each day we are leading a dynamic life full of time consuming activities. Regular dog walking sessions are a tough nut to crack when it comes to fitting them in our busy schedule. In a vibrant and crowded city as Dubai, often it is a challenge to have enough time for our families let alone for the dogs. However, they do deserve the care they need and with regular dog walkers you will have a win-win situation. The required attention and exercise for your dog will be met and provided, while you will save a great deal of time. Voila! Everyone wins!

  • Less worrying for you better socialization for the dog – Going for a pet walking service gives you the peace of mind that, although you are not with him and you are not at home, your dog is well taken care of. Providing him with a daily routine with a dog walker also helps relieve the guilt or stress held when your dog is limited to four walls in your home for 8 or more hours every day. On the other hand, your dog’s stroll in the park not only gets the exercise it needs, but it also gets to see, smell, feel, and hear a wide range of new and interesting things when out for a walk. This can be an excellent way to encourage proper socialization for your loved one and you can be at peace knowing that you are doing the best you can and that your fury friend is living a happy and pleasing life.

Now, as the titles goes, it delivers a completely valid question since it is a job which deals with a loving living creature which represents and fills a great part of your life. From only walking to taking care and loving your pet, what are the main qualities a person needs to have and how one needs to treat and communicate with your pet in the right way?

Good dog walkers – how to identify them

Well, one is for sure, dog walkers really like dogs, I mean they are obsessed with dogs. Period. You cannot be a dog walker in Dubai if you don’t like dogs. They are like the guardian angels for dogs. If they enjoy spoiling your dog – hold on to them. However, a dog walker needs more than love and affection dogs and love for the “craft” to be a successful one and, even more importantly, the right one for your dog.

  • For starters, they need to be in your vicinity and part of the neighbourhood. This is probably not the most important aspect when choosing the proper match, nevertheless, your dog feels secure in familiar surroundings and it is more comfortable and easier for dog walkers near you as well. Additionally, it is more practical and less time consuming for everyone.

  • Secondly, if they are in your neighbourhood then it probably means that they do have other clients like you with whom you can check their attitude and relation with the dogs. If the walker takes good care of other dogs it means he will take care of yours as well. Anyways, regardless of the testimonial and the word of mouth – do your proper research, especially if this is a new person in the game. You can check more info on for better insights about pet walking.

  • Third and probably most important is how the walker interacts with your dog. Good and experienced walkers know their trade and know what the main traits of different dog breeds are, how are they reacting to different or unfamiliar people and what is the best possible way to earn their trust. Dedicated walkers memorize the favourited play areas for the dogs, talk to them, use high-pitched instructions and develop a connection with the dog and make the dog to feel save while in their company.

  • Additionally, pet sitter insurance and first aid training can make a great impact upon your decision which of the dog walkers to choose. This is a way them telling you that dog walking is something that they really take seriously and are deeply committed to it. So, regardless whether you dog accidentally hurt itself while playing in the park while on a walking session or caused problems to a third party, having pet sitter insurance policy shows that the dog walker cares both for your dog and for the quality of the service he provides. Furthermore, a dog walker near you who is trained in first-aid and the basics in a case of an accident is well-worth the investment. As with people, timely intervention and action can increase the chances of the dog surviving or be relieved from pain. Precaution and practical knowledge can do wonders.

The three Ps: photos, payment and partner

Finally, the three Ps. The perfect match for a dog walker should posses the three Ps: make good photos, offer practical and simple payment methods and be a partner with your dog.

Without good photos, you will feel like you are missing all the fun, so good and caring dog walkers will provide you with a rather creative gallery of photos of the mischiefs your dog is doing in the park. It will make your day and he will get a good shot for Instagram as well.

When searching for a dog walker, be sure to ask for payment methods. You are all about time saving and convenience. Insist on online and cashless options in order to have a better flexibility. Do check about payment terms as well because everyone is working for money and good and professional communication can eliminate the risk of misunderstandings.

At the end of the day, each dog is one of a kind, special and possess unique personality—from energetic and outgoing and always up for a play or exercise up to others who are sweet and lazy and always with a never-ending need to cuddle. You know your dog’s temper the best and finding a dog walker whose attitude and character aligns with your dog’s makes all the difference.

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