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Best choice for friendly pet walking areas in Dubai

Dog walking in Dubai should be an enjoyable bonding experience for you and your pooch, not a burden.

We all know that walking our furry friends at least once a day is the right way to go, yet many studies have shown that up to 20% of people in the UAE don’t walk their dogs regularly nor every day.

If you want to treat your dog better and do yourself a favor as well, you should start walking your him every day with the help of professional dog walker in Dubai or do it yourself by getting motivated and considering it a habit. Not only because walking is a good exercise for you and your dog, but because it’s important to both overall wellbeing.

But if your pooch isn’t behaving well and does not follow your lead, it can turn into a drag—a real one indeed. Quite often pet sitters and owners alike around urban areas are left scratching their heads trying to find a right spot to let their four-legged buddies walk the walk and get the exercise they need, especially in the summer. Additionally, it was recently announced that it is considered illegal to let dogs off their lead anywhere in Dubai.

But don’t worry, Dubai boasts with some awesome areas that provide ample space, greenery, and come equipped with quite enough activities to keep dogs happy. Tons of options and ideas are available on popular online meeting spots for pet lovers such as – the largest services booking aggregator in the UAE. You can easily book a professional pet sitter in Dubai, learn how to pet walking in Dubai and exchange opinions with other people.

Whether you have a small pet buddy who is still going here and there trying to figure out everything or are looking to show your senior pooch some new tricks, these are the most popular dog walking spots in Dubai:

Dog walking hotspots in Dubai

The Greens Conveniently located in the Emaar Development just past Sheikh Zayed Road, this neighborhood has tons of pedestrian walkways and cozy paths right in the shadow perfect for Dubai’s temperatures. Doggie waste bins are placed all around the lakes area as well as the buildings making The Greens a great place for you to enjoy a quiet walk with your friend, having the scenery at your disposal and prevent dog obesity as a bonus. The Greens comes equipped with its own dog park where your four-legged buddy can roam around absolutely free. The only issue being it is only accessible to local residents of The Greens and you do need the original access card to be able to enter the park.

Arrows & Sparrows A recent upgrade to the already dog-happy ‘hood The Greens, Arrows & Sparrows boasts a sunny, tree-lined patio, popular doggie treats, fresh water, a quite decent cup of Joe, and a never ending list of coffee options.

Burj Park Located in Downtown Dubai it is one of the very few parks offering access to dogs. Technically speaking, there are no pre-set restrictions whether you are allowed to take your dog with you, so seize the opportunity while it lasts. Conveniently situated just beneath the incredible Burj Khalifa, and with remarkable sights of the Dubai Fountains, this park is one of the best places for you and your dog to enjoy the walk.

Jumeirah Village Circle Settled between some building works pockets, you can easily bump into huge sandy areas that make this neighborhood a perfect spot to walk your dog. Constructions are moving at a rapid rate so owners and pet sitting professionals have to be ready to explore and roam through the open land space.

Irish Village You’re out for lunch or having a drink or two at the Irish Village? Well, you can now bring your pooch to accompany you. It needs to be kept on the lead, but dogs are provided with bowls of water in most of the places so it’s a awesome way to get your dog to sniffle off some outdoor area.

JLT - Jumeirah Lakes Towers JLT area is intersected winding paths going around the lakes with doggy bag dispensers and waste bins installed right along the trails. The area is also a home to some top-notch grooming centers so if your dog is in need of a fashionable nail clip or wash, you can always give it a try when you walk your dog in Dubai.

Arabian Ranches The outer path around Arabian Ranches offers a long, windy and often shaded path that makes for good dog walking in Dubai. You’re bound to meet other dog owners on this circuit that offers a good option to have a natter with your neighbors along the way!

The Desert The best place to take your furry friend is into the desert and allow him a much-needed lead-free time for himself. Some of the best places include the area by Mushrif Park and the sandy spot along the 611 in the direction of the Carols spot in the Desert.

Marina It is a more demanding side of town to go through when it comes to dog walking in Dubai. There’s a convenient open area in Skydive Dubai and Zero Gravity vicinity that offers a small area to let your dog run on an extended lead.

Woof! This is an outdoor playpark for dogs located in Al Quoz. It is split into two sectors based on the size of your dog and their personality type. The day care center is always supervised by staff they offer a complimentary meal for your pet. The premises are air-conditioned and are open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Urban Tails Located in Dubai Investment Park it features a doggie day care with three all-weather indoor day care centers and a garden area under the shadows. Each dog is engaged and taken care of according to their size and temperament and all dogs are stimulated to run around as much as possible. They have a pool for hot weather and price does not change per duration of stay, however, all dogs must have undergone a kennel cough vaccination before being welcomed.

My Second Home My Second Home is a famous a doggy resort and one of Dubai’s largest. Play areas offer climate-controlled conditions and the dog park comes equipped with a pool and play equipment, while dogs are separated according to size and temperament. Staff is consisted of carefully chosen professionals who are avid dog lovers. You can read more and learn about proper dog care and etiquette on, Dubai’s leading online services booking site. You can also book a pet sitter directly and plan your time accordingly, so your dog doesn’t miss a walk anymore.

Bark Park This is the first outdoor park designed specifically for dogs. Located in Al Awir it has rapidly become a famous meeting point for dog owners and their pooches to enjoy While it's not a typical 'walking spot', this dog park is an excellent way for your buddy to let off some steam and socialize.

Walking your dog: How to do it well

Regardless whether your pet is a purebred or mixed breed, its genetic traits drive him to act in a certain way and pursue an activity. Most modern-day dogs don’t get the chance or the freedom to do what their breed instincts tell them to do or what it comes naturally so dog walking is crucial for their well-being and socialization and the best way to develop it is when your pet is still a puppy.

As soon as its immune system is strong enough to protect them from communicable disease, they are ready for walks with you, a pet walker or other family members. Just buy them a secure-fitting collar or harness and ID tag and get them used to wearing it before you start with walking session. Some puppies have no issues with wearing a collar, while others do, so make sure you get your pooch used to it at the right time.

  • Pick your leash - Leashes out there come in many features, forms and sizes and with different pros and cons. Select the one that you think would be most suitable both for you and your pooch.
  • Choose a comfy collar - As for collars, most dogs do quite well with a nylon or leather collar. You can pick a style, color that you like and looks good on your dog. Most importantly, you should make sure it fits your dog comfortably and fall down on its shoulders.
  • If you use clicker training - take your clicker along during walks and use it when your puppy is walking along nicely. Clicker training is a positive reinforcement technique that is very helpful for training your puppy all sorts of behaviors.
  • Let your dog sniff around for mental stimulation - Dog walks are way more than just physical exercise for the dog. It is the only time they get to go out and explore the world each day. Be sure to allow them a little extra time to sniff around.

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