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8 traits your dog walker must have or don't hire him

Dog walking although sounds very simple, demands more than the passion we share for the dogs.

A dog walker is someone who will essentially be responsible for taking care of the daily needs of your dog. He will be taking your dog out for a stroll when you are not around and will handle his requirements in your absence. Dog walking requires more than passion and love, in addition to certain qualities and attributes in the dog walker without which he is not considered to be an appropriate one. In this article, we will discuss about the crucial traits which every dog walker should possess.

  • Bonding and engaging with the dog: The first and foremost trait for a dog walker should be his/ her ability to gel with the dog. Dogs have an affinity towards high- pitched voice and a good dog walker always tries to communicate with the dog in a high pitched voice. The dogs find this kind of a voice very welcoming. Also, a good dog walker makes frequent eye contact with the dog and hence, develops a connection with it. Engaging with the dog and making frequent conversation with it will remove the inhibitions of the dog and it will also take equal interest in the dog walker. A real good dog walker loves dogs like his/ her kids and is totally obsessed with them and hence, handles them with that extra care and love. He/ she also understands dog’s behavior and acts according to that. For example, the dog walker knows how the dog would react in other dog’s company and accordingly takes him in the area. He/ she also knows in which area is the dog most comfortable for playing and takes him there only for walk. The dog walker even keeps a count of the games that the dog loves to play and gets engaged with it by playing those games. In all these ways he/ she tries to be friendly with the dog and manages to make a close bond with the dog.
  • First aid training: A good dog walker is always trained on first-aid or CPR trainings and knows what to do in case of an emergency. He/ she knows how to handle the dog in case of an injury or an accident and what should be the immediate steps in such cases. Although such trainings will not ensure that the dog would come out to be healthy after such situations, but these definitely increase the odds of the dog to be safe and secure. It has been found that if the dog walker has some knowledge of the first- aid that needs to be given to the dog, the chances of it surviving the emergency increase by multiple folds. Also, some kind of a medical training also makes sure that the dog walker is able to administer oral or topical medications for the dog and hence, helps in maintaining the overall health of the dog. Thus, we see that a working knowledge of handling emergency or any other medical situation can go a long way.
  • Pet- Sitter Insurance: It is yet another crucial aspect while choosing a dog- walker. A dog walker should definitely have an insurance as it shows his/ her seriousness towards the business. It proves that the dog walker is sincere enough to care for his pets and get him/ herself insured. Getting insurance helps in two folds. Firstly it helps the dog in case some accident or injury happens while the dog is being watched by the dog walker. Also, it ensures the safety of the dog as in case of an emergency all the cost of getting the pet back to normal is borne by the insurance company. So, the insurance helps the dog walker in proving his/ her sincerity towards the work while it also helps the clients as they can be totally carefree about their dog once it is with the dog walker.
  • Trustworthy: Trust in your dog walker is something that amounts to be most important. If you cannot trust your dog walker you will never be carefree whenever you send your dog out with him/ her alone. Hence, developing trust is a must for a dog walker if he/ she wants to be in the good books of the client. For a client, his/ her dog is like a child and hence, a dog walker should be capable enough to build the trust so that if the client is not in the town, he/ she can still leave the dog with the dog walker and be tension free.
  • Patient: A dog is an animal with no common sense and hence, can be difficult to handle at times. In such circumstances patience is the only key to succeed for a dog walker. A dog walker needs to be as patient with a dog as with a small kid. There will be times when the dog will misbehave and become uncooperative. In such situations, a dog walker should not lose his/ her patience but should be able to maintain a cool temperament. Also, the dog walker should be sensitive to the needs of the dog and should be able to keep the dog under his/ her control even when the dog is being moody and non- cooperative.
  • Experience: Next, comes the kind of experience that the dog walker has. If a dog walker is totally new and has not received any formal training in pet care, then it is not advisable to hire him/ her. Knowing the prior experience of a dog walker is a good way to judge his/ her capability. It is not necessary for a dog walker to have worked for 8-10 years but he/ she should have a decent experience that can make the client trust him/ her. It is not the years of experience that count but it is the relevant experience in the years that matters. An experienced dog walker will surely come out with better solutions for the problems and will definitely be able to keep calm and handle the emergency situations.
  • Flexibility: Given the busy schedule of most of the working couples in Dubai, the people can never be sure when will they be home and when not and hence, it becomes difficult to fix one time for the dog walker. If the dog walker is flexible, then the couple can remain carefree in regards to their dog. If they have an important client meeting or are stuck in some late night party, they can be assured that their dog will be taken care off. • Consistency: Consistency is yet another important trait which people tend to look for in a dog walker. The dog walker should be made aware of the rules of the house before being hired and he/ she should be consistent enough to follow the rules and not break them, come what may. For example even if the dog is getting cranky, he should not be allowed to pluck the flowers of the neighbor’s garden, if the owner does not like it. It is up to the dog walker to handle the dog in his/ her own way but remain nothing less than consistent in terms of the rules laid down by the client.

All in all we can say that hiring a dog walker has become more of a necessity in Emirates. Not everyone has time at their disposal to take care of their dogs in the way they should be taken care of. Hence, by hiring a dog walker one can become carefree in terms of the handling of their pet. But a dog walker should be the one who does not take his/ her work lightly and understands that a dog is an important member of the family and needs to be taken care of very gently. All the above mentioned traits should be checked before making the final appointment to the dog walker and only after the owner of the dog is confirmed that the dog walker has most of these qualities, he should hire the dog walker. Given the scarcity of the well trained dog walker in Dubai, it becomes very difficult for someone to directly recruit. To solve this problem, we at provide you with the opportunity of choosing from a gamut of dog walker options and selecting the one that best fits your needs. Choosing a dog walker was never such an easy task as it is these days with us.

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