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What does it take to become a dog walker?

Starting a dog walking business or being a dog walker is not everyone’s cup of tea.

It demands sheer hard work and skill to ace this profession and not everyone is able to excel in this field. One needs to have that commitment and drive to keep going and only then he/ she will be able to succeed. But if one loves dog and is passionate about it, then dog walking can prove out to be the best suited option. Every profession demands certain abilities in the ones getting involved in it which can help them in climbing the ladder of success. In this article we will talk about certain things, abilities and capabilities that a dog walker working in Dubai should be aware of and how he/ she can utilize them to prove his/ her mettle in the field of dog- walking.

  • Deciding the goals: The first and the foremost thing that every potential dog walker needs to decide is his/ her goals and what does he/ she seek out from this profession and exactly what are the needs. One has to determine his/ her monthly expenditure and further how much income does one need to make out of the profession. Having a clear picture of such goals will help the dog walker in striving to do better and learn from other dog walkers. Deciding the goals will surely make the dog walker give his/ her hundred percent in doing the job.
  • Business Plan: Having a business plan in place will definitely provide the dog walker an edge over the others. Before making dog walking a full- time business, one should have a proper knowledge of how a business runs and the different kinds of things which are involved in running a business. One should even have a knowledge of accounting and marketing and also know how to engage into contracts. Once can either learn these by getting him/ herself enrolled in a short time course or by learning through books. But, trust me having the knowledge of these little things is the only differentiating factor which separates one from the crowd.
  • Knowing your limits: Another important thing which every dog walker should keep in mind is his/ her limit to which he/ she can be pushed. One cannot become the king of the business in just one day. It needs patience and perseverance and the zeal to make it big over a period of time and not overnight. Hence, one should not stretch too much and also know about the kind of dogs he/ she is comfortable with. Just as every dog is not comfortable with every one, in the same way every dog walker cannot handle all types of dogs. Therefore, one should know about the breeds of dog that one is comfortable with and then only take the plunge of getting involved with the client.
  • Knowledge about Dogs: Being a dog walker is synonymous to knowing in and out about the nature and behavior of the dogs. One cannot be a successful dog walker if one is not aware of the temperament of the different breeds of the dogs and how different kinds of dogs react in different circumstances. Every breed of dog has different kind of socializing tendency and being a dog walker who will always be responsible for handling the dog in the society, one needs to have a thorough understanding of the same. Along with the behavior a dog can also be understood by its body postures and the activities that it does and hence, a sound knowledge of reading through the pattern of behavior becomes a must for a good dog walker.
  • Being responsible for your Safety: The profession of a dog walker is the one wherein the person involved needs to be around the dogs all the time and one cannot judge when the dog may turn aggressive right from the beginning. Hence, a dog walker must keep on practicing safety by doing mock drills of the unwarranted situations and having a solution already in place in case of the occurrence of such emergencies. Every breed of dog has a peculiar kind of area where they are most comfortable in and certain areas where they tend to turn aggressive. Therefore, knowing about such places which are safe along with arming oneself with a full canister of citronella spray always can prove out to be the life- saving safety measures for a dog walker.
  • Being clear about your boundaries: Before taking the deep plunge into the profession of dog walking, one should be clear about the kind of work that he/ she wants to do. If one wants to walk only the dogs, then one should strictly make it clear to the clients not to approach him/ her for pet- sitting or other such jobs. The expectation should be set prior to making any commitment to the client so that in the future the client does not ask for undue favors. It is always wise to clearly set the boundaries and then stick to them.
  • Pre- empting the bad situations: An efficient dog walker is the one who can sense any forthcoming bad situation and be prepared for it. Since a dog walker has to constantly deal with dogs, there may be times when a dog can go out of control or when it gets scared or when it tends to bite someone. A dog walker should be capable enough to read a dog’s body language and take actions accordingly. If he/ she has sensed that the dog is not in a good temperament or is getting irritated then he/ should be cautious enough to not take the dog to a crowded place where it can hurt anyone. One should always be aware of the surroundings and be constantly watching them and plan the course of action accordingly.
  • Publicizing your own business: One literally needs to blow out one’s own trumpet when it comes to publicizing one’s business and the same applies for the publicity of a dog walking business. All the efforts of starting a business and setting it in place go in vain if people do not know about it and hence, it becomes pivotal to make people aware about the kind of services you are offering in the market. Hence, the solution lies in registering your business with websites like wherein one can get the desired visibility and the chances of increasing the customer base. We at strive to connect you with the right kind of customers and can help in growing your business.
  • Starting out small: One is always eager to start big when getting into a new profession. But it is advisable to start with walking only one or two dogs when one is new and then gradually moving on to a larger number when one knows about the behavior of most of the breeds of the dogs. Starting small does not mean you cannot expand your business but it aims at the quality expansion of the business that is expanding only when one has a thorough knowledge of the breeds of the dogs involved.

Thus, we saw that entering into the profession of walking the dogs is not a cake walk but demands sincere passion and a result- oriented approach. Given the availability of the numerous kind of dog walkers in Dubai, one needs to keep in mind the above mentioned capabilities and should have the knowledge of these abilities, if one wants to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Entering into the business of dog walking is easy but it takes a good deal of experience and patience to build a good image in front of the clients. Hence, by having a clear understanding of your goals and by keeping patience without degrading the quality of the work, one can achieve success in the long run. If one has the passion and the ability, if one loves the dogs as one would love his/ her kid, then excelling in the profession of dog walking would not be difficult for him/ her, instead it would prove out to be the best career option. Dog walking can surely turn out to be as rewarding as any other business in Dubai, if it is given the kind of dedication and professionalism it demands. If one is well- organized and is in tune with the canine ways, then no one can stop him/ her from reaching the pinnacle of success.

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