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Relocating Pet and Dog Walking in Dubai

Though Dubai remains one of the top destinations for expats and foreigners to settle down, if you have a pet that you wish to relocate, it is not so easy for you. Dubai is not an extremely pet friendly place and there are many rules and regulations regarding not just bringing in a pet but also where you can take your pet while living in Dubai. It is extremely cumbersome for pet owners to walk their pets or take them out for a run or exercise in a public place. There are few pet friendly places in Dubai where you are allowed to take your pet. There are several communities in Dubai that do not allow pet at all. So if you wish to rent an apartment in any of these communities, you may have to leave your pet behind. It may not sound very friendly for pets, but all is not gloomy if you wish to have a pet in Dubai. There are some parks and beaches which allow pet walking. If you wish to take your dog walking, you have to know these places intimately to avoid getting in trouble and being fined.

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