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Getting rid of bed bugs – the ultimate guide

Bedbug infestation may be a challenge in Dubai with its temperate environment being perfect for them to thrive.

We all know that there are so many places and corners inside a household that are extremely suitable and provide perfect breeding conditions for our buggy friends. However, there are some practical steps you can take to either prevent or alleviate the intensity of having bed bugs invading your home. Yet, even with some top-notch measures—bed bugs will stay true to their cause and still find a way into your room.

They are quite elusive, and they typically find a hideout in narrow cracks and crevices all over your apartment. Basically, anything with the size of an average business card can be observed as an ideal hiding spot for a bed bug. It is also important to point out that these guys are not always found or living in your bed. They may hide in any hole or crevice that has the necessary temperatures they require to breed and live.

Just the mere discovery that your home has been infected with bed bugs is enough to give anyone some chills. They are pretty notorious for simply penetrating a home, spreading in an instant, and triggering a deep infestation. Finally, the sad truth is that when bed bugs accommodate themselves in and around your bed, they turn to you to keep them alive.

Where can you find them

Bedbugs may enter your home unnoticed through parts of your luggage, clothes, even used beds or couches among other items. Their flattened bodies make it easy for them to fit into tiny spaces making it pretty challenging to firstly locate them and then exterminate them. They do not have nests like ants or bees, but usually live in group habitats in and around their hiding places. Initial hiding places typically include mattresses, some parts of furniture, box springs and bed frames where they have easy access to people to feed themselves in the night.

Bed bugs in Dubai are a rather common sight due to the matching weather conditions which give them excellent setting for them to breed. Many people face these challenges and often some pretty unconventional steps may provide a solution. You may check, the largest and most popular services aggregator in the UAE and the region and find out more information about bed bug treatment in Dubai and share some thoughts with other people.

Bed bugs prevention

Truth be told, it is not easy to repel bed bugs. Getting rid of bed bugs starts with cleaning up the spaces where bedbugs usually live. Among other things, this should cover the following: * Wash sheets, linens, draperies, and clothes in hot water and dry them on the highest setting. Place items that cannot be washed such as stuffed animals, shoes, or any other items directly in the dryer and run it on high for at least 30 minutes. * Use a rigid brush and scrub mattress seams in order to remove bedbugs and their eggs before you do the vacuuming. * Vacuum your bed surroundings regularly. After vacuuming, throw away the cleaner bag and dispose of any residues. * Enclose the mattress and box springs with a zippered cover to keep bedbugs from entering or escaping since they can live for over a year without food. * Repair cracks on walls or wallpaper to get rid of places bedbugs can use as hideouts. * Deal with any clutter around your bed.

Cover power outlets Be sure to cover them since bed bugs hide in power outlets to escape extermination. They basically climb into the outlet holes and stay in hiding until it is safe to move to another location. In severe cases of infestation, they can even move through electrical outlets and walls, easily spreading to other parts of your home or business.

Use vacuum-sealed bags to store your clothes Place any seasonal pieces of clothing and fabrics in vacuum sealed bags and remove the air from the bags before storing them. This will not only give you more space for storing but will prevent clothes such as your sweaters and blankets from being infested by bed bugs.

Use dry-cleaning services Be a frequent visitor to dry cleaning services in Dubai. Among other benefits, dry cleaning is an excellent exterminator of bed bugs.

Check your pets for bed bugs Like in human bedding, bed bugs can be attracted to our furry friend’s bedding where they can also find suitable settings to lay their eggs and feed. Therefore, ensure that the area where your pet sleeps is bug free and check the area around it. Whenever possible, wash the pet bed on the highest heat and dryer settings.

Cut back on clutter The more clutter you have, the harder it is to deal with an infestation. Eliminate clutter near the walls since they are particularly attractive areas for bed bugs. Donate, recycle or dispose of clothes or objects you no longer really need and only take up space in your apartment.

Prevention while travelling The best way to control bed bugs is to basically stop them from entering your home from another place. Here's how:

  • Use luggage racks for packing and unpacking suitcases rather than just putting it on the bed or floor.
  • Check and make a peek on the mattress and headboard before jumping into bed.
  • When you arrive back home, unpack everything directly into the washing machine. Wash all items showing bed bug stains, then turn the dryer on because the heat kills the bugs.
  • Always inspect and vacuum your suitcases. Maybe you did not have bed bugs for years in your apartment, but they have to arrive from somewhere. Luggage is on of the most common places from where they do.

Hiring a professional pest control service

Pest control in Dubai is an excellent way to move from prevention to providing solution to already infested areas. Although there are tons of available products, substances and chemicals to the job on your own, hiring a bed bugs control expert is the best way to get rid of bed bugs and be sure they won’t come back. Here are some basic tips if doing so:

  • Always know your opponent before starting the battle – be sure that you are really dealing with bed bugs and not some other pests
  • Hire a pest control professional with experience in bed bug control. Controlling bed bugs is different than taking care of other pests.
  • Be wary of exterminators who come uninvited and offer you a free inspection because you may end being pressured into immediate and costly treatments.
  • Deal with a qualified and licensed pest control company in Dubai. Discuss your issues with people who are in your shoes, read more and engage with professionals. Check, the largest meeting point for services industry in town and find credible content and information and even directly book your new pest control specialist.
  • Ask friends and neighbours for recommendations regarding pest control companies and particularly for bed bugs and how satisfied they were with the service provided.
  • Get offers from several companies. Find out more details about their training, references, chemicals used and general approach in dealing with bed bugs.
  • Don’t use price as the only criterium for choosing a company. Quality control is paramount factor. No one wants to have bed bugs knocking on the front door a week later.
  • Before you officially book, get details regarding the level of infestation, how they plan on dealing with it and how many times they plan to visit to solve the problem. A reputable company will firstly conduct an inspection of your property before providing a quotation or initiating any pesticide application. It should also provide you with you a written inspection report, and a plan for further infestation prevention.
  • Discover whether the pest control company provides liability insurance policy to cover any possible damage that may occur to your home or furniture while providing the treatment.
  • If you get an insurance policy in writing, check exactly what it covers, its duration, your obligations and what you need to do to continue with pest control, prevention, and management.

Other tips for preventing bed bugs

Be cautious when buying second-hand items — Previously used clothes, mattresses, luggage, as well as furniture can host bed bugs and lead to an infestation in your household. Avoid buying or using second-hand items and, if you do, always inspect and clean them thoroughly, before carrying them into your home.

Watch for bed bugs in shared laundry rooms — Generally, washing on high temp kills bed bugs. Still, it’s sometimes possible for shared laundry rooms and laundromats to be a home to bed bugs that are more resistant and are hiding. Inspect your clothes and linens after washing, just so you can have your peace of mind.

Ask for your apartment’s bed bug policies — If you rent an apartment, your hands a bit tied when it comes to initial prevention, however, you should be aware of the applied policies before you move in. Ask your landlord or property management company for a copy of the bed bugs control policies.

At the end of the day, it is your home and your living environment so stay alert and vigilant, change your habits and inspect everything. You can always turn to professional pest control in Dubai and book a specialist on – the largest online services booking platform in the region and get the job done without a hassle.

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