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Pest Control – Get Rid of Unwanted Visitors in Your Dubai Home

Proper pest control at regular intervals, as well as preventative measures can keep your home pest free.

We have already done a series of blog posts about pests and how to keep your home pest free in Dubai. You can read about them on blogs. But just taking preventative action often does not work, especially if the home is already infested. This requires a more proactive approach of banishing the already resident pesky pests from your home. If the infestation is light you may be able to take measures to rid your home of the pests yourself, but often when the infestation is severe, then you may need to call in the pest busters – the pest control professionals.

Importance of Pest Control in Dubai

Now we know Dubai has a hot climate which is ideal for pest to breed. Most pests carry disease causing germs and this is the main reason why you should be concerned if you see these in your home. Some pests can cause severe allergic reactions in sensitive people. So, if you have someone who is prone to allergies, a pest could mean disaster – often leading to serious reactions that could lead to hospitalization and even death. Moreover, a house that is infested with creepy crawlies and insects of all kinds is not hygienic. To have a clean and hygienic home you need to get rid of the pests that sneak into your homes. There are some pests that can cause damage to the property and its structure compromising the security of the very home you live in. The biggest culprits are the rats, silver fish, termites, etc. They can eat through your valuables and food causing contamination as well as financial loss. Hence, it is in your own interest to prevent and control the pests that inhabit your home.

Common Pests Found in Dubai Homes

Before we talk about pest control, we need to know the enemy we are dealing with and understand the extant of damage and loss it can cause us. Only then will we truly appreciate the pest control services we hire and justify the cost of the service to ourselves. So, here are some of the most common pests found in Dubai:

  • Bed Bugs: these pesky little critters sneak into your house so quietly that you never know they are there until they start to attack you. They can live an d thrive in not just the bed and bedding but also in the sofas and other upholstered furniture in your home. They feed off you and thrive on your blood. Though they rarely cause disease, they can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause allergic itching in sensitive people.

  • Ants: Most of us ignore these little creatures and start worrying about them only when they start building nests and getting into the food. But ants are more than just an annoyance, some ants can be really nasty and their bites can sting. There are a few species of ants that can burrow through the wood to make their colonies there. So, even though you may consider them harmless, they need to be removed from the house before they drive you and your family out of it.

  • Cockroaches: We all know about the cockroaches and the germs they carry. When looking for food, they are extremely aggressive and can contaminate it with disease causing germs. These pesky creatures are very hard to kill, some species can even survive nuclear blasts, so you know you are dealing with a tough enemy.

  • Termites: Now these are the critter you certainly do not want in your home. They not only leave ugly trails all over you walls and furniture, they actually can cause severe damage if not checked in time. They burrow into the wood, cause it to rot and feed and live in there. And they will not stop only at wood any organic thing attracts them. So you need to be quick about catching them and getting out of your home as fast as possible

  • Fleas: You may think that fleas only inhabit homes that have animals as pets, but this is not entirely true. Even if you have no pets in your house, they can catch a ride on you or your clothes and quietly enter you house and then feed on your blood and colonize your home. Fleas can be dormant for years and then, when the time is right they will come out to prey on their victims. Besides their bites being extremely uncomfortable, fleas are also carriers of diseases, most notably Lyme’s disease. In most cases, you will need professional pest control services in Dubai to deal with these tough to control pests.

  • Flies: Now these are ubiquitous and the most disgusting of all pests you can find in Dubai. Not only will they sit on anything, they will vomit on your food and then suck it back up leaving behind microbes and germs that can cause serious diseases. You certainly do not want these disgusting creatures in your home.

  • Silver Fish: This tiny insect thrives on starches such as those found in carpet, clothing, paper, etc. Since it feeds off and lives on these, it can severely damage expensive furnishings and books. Their presence in your house is certainly not welcome not only because of the damage they cause to the property but also because they can contaminate the food and cause diseases.

  • Mosquitoes: We know all about these terrible biters. They are annoying when buzzing around you and unbearable when they start biting and sucking off your blood. They also carry disease causing microbes and can cause serious health conditions including malaria. Mosquitoes can be a serious problem in the summers and need to be eliminated as soon as possible. Spiders: Besides the annoying cobwebs that you need to constantly keep removing, spiders can also cause skin rashes and other serious problems. In order to keep your home clean you need to banish them from your home.

  • Rats & Mice: Now these are the ones that all of us are very familiar with. They cause more damage than any other pest and also carry diseases. Rats can chew through clothes, furniture, food and cause more damage than any other pest. You need to get rid of them really fast as they multiply very quickly and if you are not careful your house will soon be over run by them.

Besides these more common pests, there are others that may make themselves at home in your space occasionally. These can include dangerous animals like snakes or harmless ones like the lizards. Whether it is small or big, dangerous or harmless, no one enjoys sharing their home with unwanted guests so the best thing to do is find a way to get rid of them as soon as possible, before they breed in your home and become difficult to eliminate.

Banishing Pests From Your Home

Now that we have established the fact that a pest has no place in your home, we need to find the best ways to keep them out of our house. In case they have already invaded it, then the need is to banish them as quickly and completely as possible. When the problem is mild and the infestation is not too severe, pests like mosquitoes, rats, flies, termites and ants can be eliminated on your own. There are many different types of products available that can kill these pests and regular use can help to rid your home of the problem completely. There are many different remedies that are available in the market for pest control by home users. These include sprays, traps, pellets, powders, etc. Most of these are highly effecting when the problem is mild.

If your home has been neglected too long or you failed to notice the problem until it became very severe, then you will need a professional pest control service in Dubai. Most pest control services use specialized formulas to treat your home and get rid of the problem. They come with guarantees that vary from treatment to treatment and can extend up to two years in some cases and for certain pests.

Calling in a professional pest control service is essential for treating termites, white ants, spiders, fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs, etc. These infestations are hard to treat on your own as it requires specialized treatment and a thorough knowledge of breeding patterns and life cycles of the pests to effectively deal with them.

Often prevention is better than cure and the same is true for pest control too. Even if the pest invasion is not extreme, it still makes sense to call in the specialized pest control services to fumigate your house and rid it of all the pesky pests that are hiding in unseen holes, cracks and crevasses of your home.

There are many efficient pest control services in Dubai. You can take a quick look at the website to find a pest control service near you and get a quote for your home.

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