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Weight Loss - Personal Trainer Delivers Results

Though the reasons for weight gain are many, one of the most common one is our sedentary lifestyle.

Modern Lifestyle and Growing Problem of Weight Control and Obesity

The problem of excess body weight is becoming a global problem and Dubai too is not immune to the problem of obesity and excess weight. Walk down any street and you will see many people who are carrying more weight on their frame than they should be. For years, it has been observed that over indulgence in rich food and a lack of enough physical exercise can lead to weight gain. Our modern diet mostly consists of refined carbohydrates that are extremely calorie rich. When we eat this calorie rich food, we should also indulge in physical exercise that is equivalent to the amount of calories we are eating to prevent it from turning into fat and being stored in our body.

Our Modern lifestyle has little room for physical activity. Most of our work is sedentary. We have labour saving devices that discourage activity. This means that we are not getting enough exercise to build our muscles and burn off what we are eating. There are other factors that also contribute to weight gain. Let us look at them.

Causes of Obesity and Weight gain

Though it is true that our intake of food is directly responsible for our weight, but this is not the only cause. There are many other factors that can affect body weight in an individual. These are: 1. Genetics – our genes play a very important role in our body weight. Children with fat or overweight parents are more likely to become fat or obese. There is ample scientific proof to substantiate the fact. But this doesn’t mean that all children of obese or overweight parents will become fat. A lot depends upon the environment too. But the fact remains they are predisposed to becoming fat. 2. Type of Food – the amount of food and the type of food we eat determines how much weight we put on. Food rich in refined carbohydrates and fats will contribute to increased weight. Eating healthy and avoiding highly refined or junk food can prevent weight gain. 3. Amount of Food Intake: besides what you eat, how much you eat also contributes to your body weight. Eating too much food or overeating will surely lead to weight gain. 4. Physical Activity – As already discussed the lack of physical activity is another contributing factor to increase in body weight. 5. Medicines – there are certain medicines that cause the body to accumulate fat contributing to increase in weight. 6. Diseases – certain diseases such as hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome, type 1 Diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome cause weight gain despite a healthy lifestyle. 7. Psychological Factors – These also have a marked influence on body weight. Stress, strain, depression, boredom and anger cause us to put on weight. 8. Physical Factors – Physical disability can cause impaired movement and reduced physical activity that again leads to accumulation of body fat. Conditions like arthritis can cause impaired movements.

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Problems Associated With Excess Body Weight

Being overweight comes with its own problems. Most of these are associated with health but there are many psychological problems too. Health professionals agree that the greater the body weight the higher the risk. These risks could include: 1. Cardio Vascular Problems: People who are overweight have greater chances of developing cardio vascular diseases. This could lead to an increased chance of stroke and heart attacks. 2. High Blood Pressure: People who are obese and overweight suffer from high blood pressure. This can lead to strokes and heart disease. 3. Diabetes: One of the leading causes of type 2 diabetes is excess body weight. Overweight people are at higher risk of developing insulin resistance than people with normal weight. Diabetes can cause aging, heart disease, nerve damage and even blindness. 4. Cancer: Overweight people are more likely to have certain types of cancer, which include cancer of the ovary, breast, colon, gall-bladder, cervix and uterus in women and colorectal and prostate cancer in men. 5. Gall Stones: Gall stones are common amongst people who are overweight. 6. Osteoarthritis : Constantly carrying extra weight can affect the joints especially that of the knees, ankles, hips and lower back. 7. Gout: gout is caused by excess uric acid in the blood. Higher instances of gout is observed in overweight people. 8. Sleep Apnea: This is a serious problem that can lead to stress and even heart failure. In this disease the person stops breathing for a while sleeping. It causes disturbed sleep and exhaustion. 9. Psychological Problems: Obese people often suffer from psychological problems as well. These could include low self-image, depression, rage, and lack of confidence.

Weight Reduction

Reducing weight can help in limiting the damage caused by excess weight and in some cases even reverse it. The simplest way to reduce weight is to watch what you eat and to exercise properly so that you burn off the calories that you consume. But this is easier said than done. There are hundreds of diets and thousands of people giving often conflicting advice. What to do and who to believe is a huge problem. Moreover, it is advised by health professionals that one should lose weight slowly and steadily until the desired weight is achieved and then to maintain the weight. Fad diets and too sudden a weight loss can often be counterproductive and may actually lead to more problems. The best way to do it yourself is to : 1. Eat healthy: include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Cut out the sugar and carbohydrates. 2. Add Proteins: Include more proteins in your daily diet. Proteins make you feel fuller and control urges to eat. 3. Physical Activity: Increase your physical activity by including an exercise routine to your schedule.

Losing Weight With a Personal Trainer

Most experts agree that increasing the physical activity and including a gym session into your work day can have a huge impact on the body shape and health. Going to a gym on a regular basis will, by itself, give you a lot of benefit, but if you wish to lose weight in a healthy manner without stressing your body out much, you need proper guidance for not only your exercise routine but also what you eat. This is where a personal trainer can be of immense benefit to someone who wishes to lose weight and keep it off.

Benefits of Working With a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a trained professional who has learned how to help people exercise properly. They are also trained in health and nutrition and how to plan a healthy diet that will help their clients reach their desired goals. This is how a personal trainer can help you reduce weight:

  1. Quicker Results – With a personal trainer you can lose weight faster and they will guide you through your routine and ensure that you are spending the stipulated time on each set of exercises.
  2. Better Results – Since the personal trainer knows how the body works, they can deliver better results than when you are working on your own using a trial and error method.
  3. Fat Loss – This is the ultimate goal of any person. A personal trainer teaches you the right exercises that will help you to reduce the fat in the body and make it leaner.
  4. Muscle Mass – the more the muscle mass one has the leaner the body. A well muscled body not only looks good but also helps you to maintain a healthy weight. A personal trainer can guide you to increase your muscle mass better than you would do on your own.
  5. Avoid Injury: One of the greatest risks of exercising is injury. A lot of people do not know the proper technique or the amount of exercise they should do and end up injuring themselves. When working with a personal trainer, they make sure that you follow the right technique, do not over stress your body and avoid injury.
  6. Prevents Plateaus: The biggest problem a lot of people experience is reaching a stagnant point beyond which it is seemingly impossible to progress. The Personal Trainers know how to overcome and avoid plateaus so that you progress continues in the desired direction.
  7. Motivation: people working on their own often give up when desired result is not achieved. With a personal trainer to guide and motivate, it is hard to give up.

If you seriously wish to lose weight then a personal trainer is a must for you. If you are looking for a good personal trainer with excellent references in Dubai, you should check out Some of the best personal trainers in Dubai are listed with You can browse through the listings, compare services, qualifications and rates before you decide on one that fits your requirements the most. All the personal trainers listed with are duly verified and licensed professionals who are trained and approved to work as personal trainer in Dubai.

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