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Six packs and deadlift - Final guide from personal trainer

We can all exercise alone, yet good intentions won’t get us off the sofa - a personal trainer in Dubai will.

Six packs reality check

All of us crave for six-pack abs. Here, there, everywhere, men and women alike. The main issue however, is not everyone knows what it really takes to have them.

There are tons of online articles, bestselling books, even hymns dedicated to the struggle of the sculpted six pack. Maybe because they are positioned in the centre of the body and cover the focal point where people are averagely drawn to, but nothing especially in the fitness world can be popular as some really defined abdominals.

Let’s face it, too many people have fashioned a sort of a mystique around effective stomach exercises and what it takes to really show off with a beach gawping, six pack. Why? Well, simply because, all the stomach muscles in the world are more or less useless at impressing people unless they can be seen.

A lot of enthusiasts spend tons of hours doing crunches and never end up with a six pack. That’s because working out on your own isn’t going to get it.

Just visiting the gym and working yourself off does not give you the sculpted body of the movie and TV stars nor the inexhaustible energy demonstrated by top athletes. To get a six pack you have to lower your body fat below 14%, be constantly disciplined and do all the exercises correctly. Behind all those stunning individuals in showbusiness and movie stars with amazing bodies are dedicated fitness trainers and to be more precise – personal trainers.

Dubai is not an exception to this global trend. There is an increasing popularity of fitness in Dubai especially body building and sculpting as well as putting on muscle mass. Such aims and desires can be accomplished much more quickly and successfully if you are working with a personal trainer in Dubai. One of the easiest ways to do this is to jump to – the most popular and most visited services aggregator website in the UAE and the region and check what are options are on the table, check reviews, read some credible content, do your homework, get yourself in the Dubai fitness challenge and book with a daily personal trainer.

Benefits of working with a personal trainer in Dubai

Faster and more visible results Working with a personal trainer to guide you through a fitness plan will help to make sure you are doing the proper types of exercise for your body type and make sure you achieve the best results possible for the amount of time you put in.

Goal setting Marking the goal is step one to achieving it. Whatever your aim is, if you have a goal set in mind you can create a plan to achieve it. A daily personal trainer assists with goals, keeps up to realistic time frames and motivates you along the way to success.

Lose fat and gain muscle Many people set more complex goals when exercising, the most common being to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Being it hard to achieve strength training and weight loss - a PT in Dubai can help you find the right exercises to achieve all of your goals and how to get a six pack.

Implement the right deadlift technique – Lower chances of injury A fitness trainer in Dubai insists on correct form and technique during your workout both for better results and so you don’t injure yourself. Sometimes just a slight alteration to form or technique will lead to a sudden twinge or pain. Follow our how to deadlift step by step guide to avoid any complications.

We suggest to use the barbell to perform an conventional deadlift, however you can opt for dumbbell for a deadlift variation.

Fosters life-long habit for exercising A professional trainer will always set exercise as a priority in your life. They are a good motivation to overcome obstacles and help you set more and more small, achievable goals.

Go above and beyond Very often when we work out, we reach a plateau in our routine, making it rather hard to push through and stay motivated. Working out with a personal trainer can help you go around it and keep up the good work.

Develop good habits Having someone reminding you to keep on going, stay disciplined and cheering you to continue, over time will succeed in changing your attitude. Establishing new habits needs continuous practice and absolute self-control. Doing this all by yourself can be really a challenge, but with a personal trainer or in an organized and encouraging environment this is much easier. The Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) which took place from 26 October to 24 November 2018, as a platform to keep the city moving with a month-long calendar of exciting events was in line with this idea.

Personalized approach The whole idea of a personalized fitness time in Dubai is having a professional who will get to know you, understand what your body is capable of, find out what supports and delays your progress and will find a way around your objections without hindering your motivation.

Accountability When you’re all alone in this endeavour, and you’re exhausted, and you’ve got tons of tasks to complete, it’s rather easy to skip a session. A personal trainer doesn’t accept those excuses and will remind you of your objectives and keep you accountable for your actions.

Mental health matters Experience has shown that physical exercise can do wonders with mental health issues and it is a recommended practice by many health professionals. Personal trainer cost is completely unimportant when you have another shoulder to lean on and a buddy to help with your exercise and motivation. They are quite fun as well.

Flexible schedule A very important one, especially in Dubai. Regardless of whenever you find the gap in your schedule so you can exercise - a personal trainer can be quite flexible in terms of hours and will easily tailor fitness hours to suit yours.

What is a personal trainer?

Personal trainers are known as trained fitness and exercise professionals who are very often crucial in providing fitness training to individuals or to small groups. They not only provide a personalised and hands on approach in fitness experience for their clients, but they help in streamlining the efforts based upon the client’s characteristics and goals. Creating an exercise strategy that fosters and encourages steady progress until the goal is reached is one of the main pillars of their work. There is a plenitude of available options on – the main focal point for online services booking in Dubai and the UAE. Check what people in your shoes have shared and find the professional trainer who matches your schedule.

What is the secret ingredient of personal trainers?

There’s no secret ingredient. Just the right knowledge and years of experience doing this. It all comes down to these several things they assist you in:

  • Priorities – Everything in life is all about priorities - getting a six pack is no exception. A typical person who starts at 20-25% body fat, will reach 13-14% fairly easily. Most people can reach that following a balanced diet, exercising heavily and remaining consistent. However, going from 13-14% to 8-9% needed to have a good full set of abs is a different story and requires more time and effort.
  • Work ethic – Achieving success in anything entails a strong work ethic. Pushing from 13-14% body fat down to below 10%, needs a lot of hard work. Training just three days a week or skipping cardio won’t cut it any longer.
  • Ability to suffer – The main challenge for people in their pursuit for a six pack lies in the willingness/ability to endure the symptoms that go along such as hard dieting and a rigorous training schedule, tiredness, fatigue, hunger and serious cravings.
  • Knowing 'Why' – People have to know the value of their sacrifice. Why it’s worth going out on the corniche every night to do your cardio, as opposed to having a beer at Barasti beach bar on Friday night.
  • Precise consistency – Regardless if it is about gaining muscle or losing fat, consistency is the key for achieving extreme and visible results. No perfect plan works without consistent implementation.

Finding a personal fitness trainer in Dubai

Don’t worry, Dubai is no exception when it comes to ambitious, skilled, well qualified and enthusiastic personal trainers. You just need to do your fitness trainer Dubai homework task. One initially good idea to start is to ask friends, colleagues and associates, especially those who are fans of regular exercising. They are definitely a good source and a head start to reach out to a good physical trainer. Another option for a fitness quest is a personal trainer gathering site such as This platform offers a credible list of qualified physical trainers. You can browse through the available options, share your comments and opinion and directly book a professional trainer from the comfort of your home.

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