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How Personal Trainers Can Help You Eat Wiser

Though personal trainers are not nutritionists, still, they can help you eat wiser so that you eat healthy and nutritious food.

Join a gym and you will be fit and healthy, this is what we hear our friends and acquaintances say to us, but this is only half the picture. Even if you have a great exercise routine or a personal trainer to guide your physical training, it will not give you any benefit if you do not eat wise. You may say that you eat healthy and balanced diet, but, it is not about the food you eat as much as what you eat and when you eat. Some of the best personal trainers in Dubai will tell you that exercise contributes only 1/10th of the entire benefit to your health, the rest of the 9/10th comes from the food you eat. This may seem as too much to you, but this is a fact, diet along with exercise gives you the desired results. You cannot ignore one or the other if you wish to be fit and healthy.

Diet and Exercise

The relationship between diet and exercise is a very intimate one. You cannot have one without the other if you wish to remain healthy. Some people, especially people who wish to lose weight, think that just counting calories and cutting down on calorie rich food is the answer to losing weight. It may be true in the short term, but when it comes to the long term, as soon as you resume your regular meals, you are likely to put that weight back on and then some more. Similarly, if you are exercising hard and not following a healthy diet plan, you can exercise all you want and those extra pounds will not come off very easily.

There has to be a balance between what you eat and how you exercise for maximum health benefits. Remember diet controls weight while exercise controls body composition. What you eat will improve how fast your weight changes while the exercise will regulate how quickly you can change your body composition. Weight change can alter your body composition, if you exercise, you are gaining lean muscle mass that will improve your body shape and reduce the fat to muscle ratio in your body. Similarly, if you are eating more and not exercising, you are reducing your lean muscle mass and increasing fatty deposits. Here, even though you may seem to be the same weight, your body composition has changed and that will affect your body shape too. A good personal trainer can explain the relationship between food and exercise to you and help you to reduce weight and shape your body. The reasons why you need to pay attention to both food as well as exercise together are numerous but the top reasons are:

Food is the Fuel for Exercise: We know that the food we eat is used for not just fueling our daily activities but also for repairing and maintaining our body. The amount of food we consume and the type of food we consume has a direct impact on our weight and body shape. We may eat sparingly but pack in too much of carbohydrates and fats in our food, this will surely lead to putting on weight even if you are exercising well. Similarly, eating a diet of protein and not exercising can lead you to lose weight but not the fat in your body. The protein is fuel for muscles and is needed to build, repair and maintain muscle mass. If you continue to eat a high protein diet without exercising the muscles, you will lose weight but it is muscles that you are losing and this will eventually affect your metabolic rate causing you to struggle with maintaining and losing weight.

Blood Sugar Levels: Exercise is one of the best insulin regulator. So, if you are diabetic or prediabetic and need to control your blood sugar levels, you should look towards exercising. Exercise burns off the excess sugar in your blood to prevent your body from becoming insulin resistant causing a number of health problems including diabetes, obesity and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Stronger bones: While taking adequate amount of calcium is important for healthy and strong bones, what is equally important is to exercise, especially in your younger years. The harder you exercise, the stronger your bones become. Continuing exercise will also help in preventing osteoporosis or brittle bones.

Prevents aging: The combination of taking anti-oxidant rich foods and adequate amount of exercise has the best benefit on your appearance. The two combine together to keep you looking younger. While the food helps in fueling cell rejuvenation and keeping the cells healthy, exercise improves blood circulation and assists in delivering the nutrients to the cells. Exercise also improves your skin tone and hair making you look younger.

Better Sleep: When you exercise and eat healthy food, you also tend to sleep well. Research has shown a marked relationship between exercise and better sleep. Those people who exercise regularly have better sleep patterns than people who do not exercise. Also, a light and well-balanced meal in the evening helps you to sleep better.

Mental Health and Wellbeing: right amount of exercise and right type of food provide us with a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing. This helps to ward off mental issues like depression and sadness. There is nothing better to lift up your mood than to exert yourself physically.

Now that the relationship between exercise and food is a little clearer, you should also understand that just eating healthy is not the only thing to keep you healthy. What you eat and when you eat is also just as important in giving you the maximum benefit from the exercise your personal trainer has chalked out for you.

What and When to Eat

Eating right is not the only thing to consider, eating smart is what you should be doing. It may be fashionable to eat unprocessed whole foods, but it may not be giving you the right benefit if you are not eating smart. To eat smart, you have to eat the right food at the right time.

1. What to Eat

Eat Complex Carbs

Some people think that eliminating or reducing carbohydrates or fat from their diet is the answer to all their health problems, but this is not correct. A balanced meal is essential to keep you healthy and active. A balanced includes all the foods from the food pyramid as our body needs different foods for different functions in the body. If you are working out hard and eliminate carbs from your diet, you are basically starving your body of fuel. Instead of eating refined carbs which have a higher glycemic index, look for complex carbs that are lower on the GI. Our body has to use up more energy and time to digest the complex carbs. So eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables is a good idea.

Avoid Highly Processed Foods

Try not to eat highly processed food or refined grains. Eating a whole wheat bread is a far better choice than eating white bread. Instead of buying fruit and vegetable juices, invest in a blender and make your own smoothies and juices. As far as possible use the whole fruit and do not throw away the pulp, that contains fibre and is an important part of your daily diet. Drinking packaged juices has far less health benefit than you believe. It has higher concentration of sugar and little or no fibre. Same for other processed foods, they have little nutritive value and should be avoided. This does not men you should completely give up on it completely, you can indulge yourself once in a while but as long as you are eating healthy 80% of the time, you are on the right track.

Eat Protein

Our body takes a long time to digest proteins, also it expends more energy to digest it hence your food is used more efficiently. Proteins also help to curb hunger pangs as they satisfy hunger and prevent craving. Adding lots of proteins to your meal is a very good idea. If you are a vegetarian, use legumes and other vegetable based proteins in your diet. If you are a non-vegetarian, increase eggs, fish and meat in your diet. Protein also helps to repair and maintain your body so it is essential if you are working out regularly.

2. When to Eat

If you ask your personal trainer, he/she will help you in creating a diet plan for you that will give you the best benefit. The best time to eat is within 45 minutes of exercising. This is when your muscles demand and absorb the most nutrients. So taking a protein rich diet after a session at the gym should be a habit that you need to cultivate. This could be a protein shake or a handful of nuts. Moreover, there are times when your body utilizes certain nutrients more efficiently, if you eat a diet rich in these nutrients at the right time, you can hope to get more benefit from a smaller meal.

Early Mornings

Eat more carbohydrates as the body requires the energy to fuel it throughout the day. It also gives the body more time to absorb and process the carbs. Concentrate on eating up to 50% of your daily carb intake in the morning.


Eat more proteins now that you are done with your quota of the carbohydrates. Fresh salad and some form of protein is what you need to take you through to your next meal.


Eat lean meat or more proteins and fresh fruits and vegetable. Avoid starch and carbohydrates as these will only turn to fat in your body.

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