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Before and after our personal trainer 15 minutes daily routine

Finding the best 15 minutes exercise routine can be daunting, but training focus improves your strength.

You need to exercise, and it is good for your health - you’ve probably heard this even way more than you should have. In such a vibrant city as Dubai, bearing in mind the pressures of everyday life and its globally famous traffic, it can sometimes be hard to find time and personal motivation for fitness. However, when you have personal trainers there to guide you all the way through and motivate you to get the six packs you always wanted to have – the problem turns into a challenge and it is much easier to cope with.

There is a wide variety of options when it comes to styles, classes and level of fitness trainers available across Dubai, and while personal training is often the most practical plan – it is also the most effective when it comes to the results you want to achieve. Interestingly enough, one of the basic reasons why someone should get a personal trainer in Dubai is that they are trained in teaching others how to exercise and how reach the level you always wanted. Nutrition and lifestyle do play an essential role in the overall results, still if you don’t get the exercise done as they should be then you will never achieve your goals.

How to start? Well, for starters check, the most popular and busiest online services booking hotspot and compare and book a personal trainer directly from your home. With so many advices, practical tips, possibilities and exercises, how to get in shape in Dubai has never been easier. Check some of them below:

Bench burpee and a push-up combo

Start by facing a bench and standing close to it. Start jumping in the air as high as possible and when you go downwards and land, move right away into a push-up position by putting your hands on the bench while keeping the feet on the ground behind you. Do a full push-up and jump back the first position. For a more intensive effect, simply use the floor instead of the bench. This exercise offers a full-body workout with cardiovascular and strength training component, ideal to get rid of love handles.

Leg lift cross crunch

Start by laying on your back, then extend one leg straight off the floor, while keeping the other knee bent and your hands at temples. Next step is to lift the straight leg up and move the opposite elbow across in a crunch motion touch to the already bent knee, keeping your hands at the temple. This exercise activates way more muscles in your core and anterior flexor chain than a regular crunch or leg lift, hence it is perfect for weight loss.

Pledge plank

You can put your upper body in a straight-arm plank position and in a straight line from your ankles to your head. Continue by pushing your supporting hand towards the floor and taking your other hand in the direction of the opposite shoulder, like a shoulder tap. Be sure to keep your hips perfectly still and brace the core, which will create the needed tension throughout the body. Adding dynamic movement that will demand more efforts to create extra stability throughout your core and glutes is the best way to progress a plank.

Body weight squats

Put your feet hip-width apart with your toes pointing forward. Set an arch to your back, keep your shoulders pulled back, raise your chest and slowly start to bend your knees like in a going to sit on a chair movement. Be sure to position your knees behind the vertical plane of your toes and stand out your bottom to maintain the right position and tension. Keep up squatting until you feel you cannot hold the arch in your lower back no more. Then slowly begin brining yourself back to a straight leg position. This is a great alternative for a leg press, and it addresses all of the musculature of the lower body, a good way to burn more calories and build muscle mass.

Kettlebell deadlifts

Position your feet hip-width apart, knees with a slight bend and your back straight with the core braced. Begin by taking your hips backwards and grab a moderate to heavy kettlebell placed between your feet on the floor. Grip the handle firmly and imagine yourself breaking the handle in half to create engagement of the lats. This will serve as a support for your lower back. Then, push the hips forward so you end up in a tall standing position, actively engage your glutes at the top of the movement. When looking down at your shins, they should be at a 90-degree angle to the floor at all times.

These are only some of the ideas you can find at The website is really practical and user-friendly, and it can help you a lot when it comes to benefit of 15 minutes workout routine and how it is to work with a daily personal trainer in dubai. You can find tons of interesting tips, tricks and advices that you can use in your daily exercising plan.

Something about foods and diet

Diet and exercise should never walk alone, like health and fitness. You cannot have one without the other if you want to stay in shape, get the results you wanted and have energy. Simple calories count and cutting down on calorie rich food will not do the trick. Similarly, if you are exercising hard and sweat a lot and not adhere to a matching diet plan - those extra pounds will not come off very easily regardless how much you exercise. Some general rules may help you a lot in the beginning:

  • Eat frequent yet and small meals spread as evenly as possible throughout the day.
  • Do not skip breakfast because it decreases the daily energy levels needed to start the day with.
  • Get enough quality sleep. Whatever you do – sleep well.
  • Limit alcohol consumption. Drinking alcohol kicks fat storing into top speed.

How to find a great personal trainer in Dubai

Fat burn by working with a personal trainer to can be an incredible experience even for a 15 minutes workout plan. In just a few months, by attending regular exercise sessions, listening to tailored guidance, healthy eating suggestions, and following a passionate partner who pushes you every step of the way while providing awesome and professional support along the way - you can achieve the get-into-shape goals you’ve been chasing for so long and lose weight. Still, not all personal trainers are the same nor they have the same knowledge. Some come equipped with different sort of knowledge and are registered dietitians or nutritional specialists, while some carry personal training certifications and worked in sport organizations. Some simply work with individuals of various experience levels and ages. In order to find the best personal trainer, you’ll want to compare and book a personal trainer after you search for local trainers in your area who are:

  • Certified in personal training
  • Experienced in working clients with fitness goals in the same range as yours
  • Well versed in a set of exercises or a particular type of exercise you are interested in
  • Reasonably priced

To check personal trainer cost and find professionals who meet your needs, start your search on - the main online services marketplace in the UAE and the region. Search for trainers who are popular in your area and read clients’ reviews, go through the list of accredited trainers, check their credentials, do your homework, get in touch, discuss your needs and get quotations. Analyze price quotes before choosing a particular personal trainer. The site offers genuine and credible reviews, comments and guidelines on how to choose the right personal trainer for your goals and you can even immediately book a particular one online and just wait for the day to come to start working on your new self.

What is the secret ingredient of personal trainers?

There’s no secret ingredient. Just the right knowledge and years of experience doing this. It all comes down to these several things they assist you in:

  • Priorities – Everything in life is all about priorities - getting a six pack is no exception. Most people can reach a basic looking good level following a balanced diet, exercising heavily and remaining consistent. However, going to the next level and getting shredded and fit is a different story.
  • Work ethic – Achieving success in anything entails a strong work ethic. Pushing from an average to a shredded level needs a lot of hard work.
  • Ability to suffer – The main challenge for people in their pursuit for a six pack lies in the willingness/ability to endure the exercise associated symptoms.
  • Knowing 'Why' – People have to know the value of their sacrifice. Why it’s worth going out on the corniche every night to do your cardio, as opposed to having a beer at Zero Gravity beach bar on Friday night.
  • Precise consistency – Regardless if it is about gaining muscle or losing fat, consistency is the key for achieving extreme and visible results. No perfect plan works without consistent implementation.

Finally, nothing can be done without the will and readiness to improve oneself. Having a professional who will guide you through all of it and show you the way you need to walk can only be beneficial and help you to lose weight and get in shape in Dubai.

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