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Changing Your Personal Trainer – Pros and Cons

With people demanding quick results for everything, is it really wise to change your personal trainer or gym too often?

Let us face it, we are a generation of people who are looking for quick gratification of everything. We want quick results and if they are not coming as quickly as we want, we get impatient and annoyed. This trend in increasingly creeping into all aspects of our lives including the health and fitness.

In our haste to get there, we forget that the journey takes a while and may be arduous. Whether it is a Doctor for an ailment you might be seeing or a nutritionist who might be assisting you with a weight management regime, it requires consistency and diligence for the treatment or the plan to work. Similarly, when we start on a physical exercise and training routine we need to be consistent and give the regime a chance before giving up and changing a personal trainer in Dubai.

What is Consistency?

The literal meaning of the word would be to stick with an adhere with something no matter what the circumstances may be. It also means to be agreeable and compatible and non-self-contradictory. All these meanings combine together when it comes to work out. In order to be consistent, one has to be committed and make an effort to stick to the goal of being physically fit. This also means being committed to your personal trainer and your exercise plan until you are convinced that the benefit you were looking for is not coming. Changing an exercise routine or a personal trainer doesn’t always benefit.

Importance of Consistency

Being consistent with the exercise routine is essential in order to get the full benefit of any exercise routine or for the plan your personal trainer has laid for you to start working and displaying the results. Consistency is all about commitment to a cause and here the cause is your physical fitness and health. This should be reason enough for you to stop procrastinating and finding excuses to put off exercising or to blame your personal trainer instead of yourself. So before you fire your personal trainer you should see if you have been consistent and committed to the plan that was given to you and diligently followed it.

Why People Change Personal Trainers

There are many reasons why people change their personal trainers or exercise routines but the most common reasons that the best personal trainers list out have less to do with the training and more to do with the mindset of the clients.

  1. The most common reason cited by most trainers was the lack of patience of the clients to stick with a routine long enough for the benefits to kick in. Most people want instant results and that does not happen in the fitness industry.

  2. Boredom is another leading cause for change in trainer or training routine. People these days get bored with doing the same thing day in day out. They wish for more variety and when it is not available, they want out.

  3. Chasing the latest fad is another cause. Each day new routines and exercises as well as disciplines are invented or promoted. People get carried away by these new trends and fads and wish to follow them, thus changing their trainers and routine more often than they should.

  4. Believing they know best is another reason for firing the Personal Trainer. People these days have access to a lot of information and most clients think they know more than the experts and try to force their half-baked knowledge and ideas on their trainers. While some can be talked into sense, for others it is impossible leading to a divergence of opinions and a falling out.

  5. Inexperience or lack of interest of the personal trainer can also sometimes lead to a fall out = with the client looking for someone better and more knowledgeable.

While the onus of change lies on the client, it may not always be the fault of the client. But, before changing trainers, a person should always consider the pros and cons of the action.

Pros and Cons of Changing Personal Trainers in Dubai

Ask any personal trainer and they will tell you that there is no benefit in changing your exercise routine or your personal trainer too often. As already explained before, it takes sometime before the benefits of any routine become visible. To give up too soon is detrimental to your physical fitness and here are some reasons why:

  1. Benefits of any action cannot be experienced immediately.
  2. Changing personal trainer or exercise routine without completing the time required can set you back in your goal of achieving the benefits you are looking for.
  3. New routine means starting for scratch again and retraining your body
  4. Personal training is about focusing on the individual and building up a relationship and insight into the client and his/her requirements and all this takes time. If you change your personal trainer too quickly, you will never be able to build that relationship and understanding to gain the maximum benefit that you can derive from the money you are spending on hiring a personal trainer.
  5. Now, every new routine or new personal trainer in Dubai may be ideal for what you need from a workout. Remember what works for your friend may not necessarily work for you. So, do not run after the latest fad without reconsidering all your reasons for a change.

These should be reasons enough for you to reconsider your decision. But, this is just one side of the coin, there are some benefits of changing an exercise routine or a personal trainer. Here are some of them:

  1. A new routine eliminates boredom
  2. A new personal trainer brings in a new perspective and insights into your exercise and goals.
  3. Changing the routine after a while helps to target new areas and benefits.
  4. It is more fun to be doing different exercises than following the same thing over and over again.
  5. May find a better trainer with whom you forge a better relationship than the one before, or find a new routine that suits you more and is more fun for you.

Before firing your personal trainer, it is wise to weigh the arguments for and against before taking action.

Should I Change?

If this is the question that has been bothering you, here is some help for you. There is no hard and fast rule of when and how to change the trainer or training routine but there are certain conditions when you absolutely should change without considering the cons.

  1. If you hesitate to ask your personal trainer questions it is not a good sign. There can only be one reason why you would hesitate to do so and that is you are afraid of the reaction of your trainer. This could mean that your relationship with your trainer is not a comfortable one and you need to change.
  2. If your trainer is treating you like a cash cow. There are some trainers who do this. They treat you like their sole meal ticket and keep pushing you to buy supplements and equipment you may not even need, from them. If you feel that your trainer is doing it without giving any valid reasons for it, it is time to bid him/her good bye.
  3. Just because a personal trainer looks great doesn’t mean they know much more than you do. If you have any doubts that your trainer is not adequately trained or is knowledgeable about the latest develop in the industry, you should start looking around for someone who does.
  4. Lack of variety in the routine is another valid cause for firing your personal trainer. While each personal trainer creates a personalized routine for his/her client, a good personal trainer will not leave it at that. Regular evaluation of your fitness level and an adjustment in the fitness regimen is essential. If your personal trainer makes you stick to the same routine for more than a few weeks without evaluating you again, it is time you show him / her the door.
  5. One of the biggest reasons to say goodbye to your personal trainer is if you are constantly fighting injuries and strained joints or muscles. If this happens regularly, then it is a sign that your personal trainer is not worthy of your trust. No personal trainer will make you workout in such a way as to injure you. In case an injury does happen, they will help you work around it and assist you with the recovery process. If they don’t then they do not deserve to be training you anymore.
  6. Unless a trainer is newly trained, they should be able to show you their successes. If they can’t then they are not worth the money you will spend on them.
  7. If a coach does not pay attention to your nutrition, it is a sign that they do not really care about the outcome. If that is the case, change your trainer.
  8. If the trainer has not been able to explain their final vision to you and create a plan that would last at least three months, you should start looking for someone else to train with.

When you do decide to change your trainer, log in to to look for the best personal trainers in Dubai. With you can easily pick out a persona trainer that is not just qualified but also reliable. You can look through the listed personal trainers at and read the feedbacks and what they have to offer before hiring one.

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