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Personal Trainer and Picking the Right Exercise Regimen for Yourself

You want to be fit and taker up an exercise routine, hire a personal trainer. A personal trainer in Dubai will help you choose the best regimen for yourself.

Being fit and healthy is absolutely essential if you wish to live an active and meaningful life. Our ancestors knew the benefits of physical exercise and were constantly on the move. Those days, there were few machines and no television, computer or smart devices, making both living as well as entertaining a lot more work than we have to do right now. Now, life is easier and there are few of us who have to endure hard physical labor in our daily life. We are less physically active and mobile now than we have ever been in the history of mankind. The life of physical comfort comes with its own set of problems and most of it is related to our health and fitness. A large number of us are unfit and suffer from a variety of lifestyle diseases which can be easily avoided and controlled with physical exercise.

Thankfully, we are now more aware of the benefits of exercise and a large number of people are taking active interest in following some exercise regimen or the other to keep fit. The increased interest has inspired creation of many different exercise forms and regimens, each of which is touted as the best. If you are a beginner, this plethora of exercise regimens will confuse you and make it difficult for you to choose the one that is the most beneficial for you. This is where a personal trainer can help you. Personal Trainers are professionals who can guide you to choose the exercise plan.

Choosing an Exercise Plan

Choosing an exercise plan is not an arbitrary thing. You cannot just decide which plan is best for you and start on it the next day. If you really want the best benefit from exercising, it is best to follow the advice of your personal trainer in Dubai. An exercise plan has to be chosen according to your body type, physical condition, medical history, exercise goals and your own area of interest, for it to be successful. When working with a physical trainer, he/she will take into consideration all the above factors and more before picking out an exercise plan for you.

Finding a Physical Trainer in Dubai

If you are a first timer and do not already have a personal trainer, you may find it difficult to locate a good personal trainer. But rest assured, Dubai has its share of extremely good, well trained and dedicated personal trainers. You just need to know where to find them. One good place to start is to ask friends and acquaintances, especially those people who exercise regularly. They will definitely give you heads on to a good physical trainer. In case, you still do not find one, the next best thing for you to do is look online for physical trainers. One good place to start your search is a personal trainer marketplace site such as This site has a listing of many qualified physical trainers. You can browse through the online physical trainer marketplace and look at each listing in detail. You can read the reviews given by actual clients, compare prices, sort through the list based on location and pick the physical trainer you feel most suits your needs. You can access through its app as well as its website and browse at your leisure.

The Right Exercise Plan

If you ask a good physical trainer which exercise routine or plan is best, they will probably tell you that there is no such exercise plan. Yes, that is right, there is no best plan only what works for you. So, do not get dazzled by those tall promises of instant weight loss or 2 week sculpted body routine. It may work for some but it sure doesn’t work for all. The best exercise plan is one that you can continue with without causing injuries and becoming bored.

So, when you start talking with a personal trainer about the best exercise plan, you should reconsider your choice of words and replace the word “best” with the word “right”. The plan that is right for you is the plan that is best for you.

Finding the right exercise plan requires a detailed look into your own life style and medical history. While the idea of weight training may seem attractive to you, it may not be exactly right for you as you may have a medical condition or a physical problem that may get aggravated. Or you may like the idea of cross country running but your lifestyle is such that you cannot take out the time required on a regular basis to stick with your plan. Thus, before you start looking for the right plan, you need to discover yourself and your own needs.

When working with a personal trainer, he/she will either give you a questionnaire to fill up or interview you in depth to find out exactly what it is you are really looking for. This exercise is extremely important for the personal trainer to understand the client and his/her needs. While assessing you the personal trainer will look at the following:

1. Body Type

It is a fact that different body types react differently to the different exercise routines. The three main body types are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. In layman’s terms these are hourglass, athletic and straight body types. Each body type has its own peculiarities.

Endomorphs: People with hourglass body type are most likely to put on muscles as well as fat. This body shape is characterized by equal proportioned hips and shoulders with a narrow waist creating the typical hourglass figure. Endo morphs need exercises that will help to work out all partso of their body.

Mesomorphs: People with athletic bodies have wider shoulders and narrower hips. These people find it easy to gain muscle mass and rarely ever gain fat. They are the lucky ones who can pick up any exercise regimen and it will work for them.

Ectomorphs: People who have straight bodies have their shoulders and hips the same width and the waist is not well defined as in the endomorphs. People with straight bodies have difficulty in gaining both muscles and fat and need to build up the muscle mass so need exercises that will help to build up muscles.

2. Fitness Goal

The next thing that has to be clarified is your fitness goal. What you wish to achieve from your regimen. Some people may wish to lose weight, others to gain muscles, yet others to sculpt their body and some may just be doing it because their Doctor recommended it. You exercise plan will depend upon your personal exercise goals.

3. Medical history and Body Condition

Your medical history is extremely important when picking up the right exercise type for you. Some exercises may not be suitable for some medical conditions and this needs to be considered at the time of creating an exercise plan. Your personal trainer in Dubai will make sure that he assesses your body condition and recovery time too. Each exercise routine pushes your body to its physical limit. They body needs to recover after an intense exercise routine. Some people with medical condition like diabetes may find that they need more recovery time than others.

4. Lifestyle

This is one of the most important factors as people often pick out exercise routines which they find impossible to follow due to their own lifestyle. The type of life you lead and the amount of time you can spare each day is an extremely important factor in preventing dropouts and inability to continue.

5. Age

Your age is another thing that may prevent you from doing certain types of exercises or following a particular regimen you may have set your heart upon. Typically, the younger you are when you start the better it is. But the older people shouldn’t despair as there are many exercise regimens that are designed just for the older people and help to keep them fit and healthy.

6. Fitness Level

If you live a sedentary lifestyle with little or no physical exertion each day, then your fitness level would be that of a beginner even if you have exercised in the past. Also, a person who has never followed an exercise plan before but is physically active may have to reconsider the exercises they think they can do. A physical trainer will look into your fitness level before recommending an exercise plan for you. You may have to start at the lowest level and work your way up gradually to a higher level.

7. Preferences

Last but not the least, your exercise plan should include your preferences too. Talk over the reasons why you would prefer one exercise regimen over another with your physical trainer. If your trainer is suggesting something you are not very keen on, discuss it and look for an alternative that you think you enjoy doing.

In conclusion, exercise should not be something that you have to be forced into doing. It should be fun and something that you look forward to. Some people prefer exercising alone, while others are motivated when working in a group. Discover yourself and find what ticks for you and follow that regimen. It may take some work, but the benefits are certainly worth it.

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