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How to become a personal trainer in Dubai

Now is perhaps the best time to become a personal trainer in Dubai. Read on to learn what you require.

Physical Exercise: The Growing Trend

Now that we are living more sedentary lives and few of us have the desire to really get up and exert ourselves, it is but natural that problems like obesity, low stamina, diabetes, etc. have become to plague a greater percentage of the population than ever before. Over the past couple of decades, people have started to realize the benefits of physical exercise. This has given rise to the growing culture of gym going and working out. With more and more people becoming conscious of their body image, health and stamina, physical training is fast becoming a very viable occupation for people who wish to help others reach optimum physical goals. In Dubai too, with the influx of a huge migrant population, this trend of being physically fit is catching on. There has been a plethora of gyms and studios that have opened up and are attracting a sizeable clientele. This growing trend has opened up a big opportunity for fitness trainers in Dubai.

Not everyone likes to or can work out in a group. There are people who have special requirements and goals such as fitness or weight loss or building stamina. Such people require more attention than regular people and generally prefer to have a trainer personally train them, in their own time and space. A personal trainer can have a one to one relationship with the clients and can help them achieve their fitness goals.

A personal trainer is a physical trainer who works with one client at a time. They devote a certain amount of time helping the client on a one to one basis either at a gym or studio or at the client’s home or some other specially designated place. A personal trainer provides a more personal session to his/her client. If you wish to become a personal trainer in Dubai, you need to read this article by the team to know whether you are qualified to practice as a personal trainer in Dubai.

Qualities of a Good Personal Trainer

Enrolling into a course that will lead you towards you end goal of becoming a physical or personal trainer is the easiest part. But before you do that you need to know whether you are cut out to be a personal trainer or not. There are certain qualities that are essential for any personal trainer. These are: 1. Perfecting the Technique: One of the biggest challenges for a personal trainer is to get the technique right for their client. This helps in avoiding undue stress and injury. So, evaluate whether you know the techniques yourself before attempting to correct your clients. Also, think hard whether you are patient enough to keep repeating same or similar instruction over and over again with different clients or the same client. if you do not have that patience to keep rectifying the technique then you are not completely cut out to be a personal trainer. 2. People’s Person: Are you someone who forms a connection or a bond with people? Do people like and trust you? If the answer to the questions are yes, then you can be a good personal trainer. Gaining the trust of your clients and developing a relationship with them is essential in one to one training. If you are uncomfortable about interacting with people then think again before enrolling 3. Meticulous Record Keeping: A personal trainer has to keep track of their client’s progress. This involves being detailed about the basics. Keep a record of the weight, stamina and progress of the clients over a period of time to understand the needs and adjust the exercise routine for each client. So if you are meticulous and have an eye for detail, you are well on your way to being a good physical trainer. 4. Knowledge of Physiology: A personal trainer has to know the human physiology well to be able to create routines that will physically benefit your clients. This is especially true of those who have a medical condition or need a specialized type of exercise for a specific purpose such as muscle building, stamina or for professional athletes. 5. Knowledge of First Aid: Personal trainers should know how to treat minor injuries, sprains, etc. They should be able to provide instant help and relief in case of a physical mishap. 6. Love Being Physically Fit: This is a requirement that cannot be emphasized enough. Personal trainers should serve as role models for their clients, providing them with a living example of what can be achieved with determination and correct technique and guidance. 7. Patience: Working with people can be trying. Some people are quick learners and great to get along with while others may be slow to learn or hard to motivate. Some may be good natured and others can be the most ill-tempered people you can come across. Whatever your client does or says, you need to be extremely patient and tolerant. 8. Knowing the Latest: Personal trainers need to be abreast with the latest developments in their industry so that they can pass on the benefits to their clients. Whether it is new routines, new forms of exercise or new foods and supplements, a personal trainer has to know all that is happening in their field to be a good and effective trainer. 9. Creative: Like most other occupation, the line of physical training requires that you be a little creative. This helps to keep the routines fresh and interesting for the clients and beats monotony. It also helps to design unique routines that eventually help your reputation as a personal trainer. 10. Flexible Time: personal trainers have to adjust their working hours according to their clients. Most people either like to work out before going to work or after returning from work. This would mean working early mornings and late evenings and even nights. 11. So, if you have ticked most of the above qualities that are essential for a personal trainer, then you can congratulate yourself and enroll in a course that will help you achieve your goal.

Qualifications for a Personal Trainer

In order to practice as a fitness trainer or a personal trainer, you need to have a certificate or a diploma from a recognized institute. Most courses for physical training require the candidates to be above the age of 18 years and with some knowledge of human physiology and CPR. It is desirable that you have at least secondary level education to qualify for a course.

Earlier, it was easy for anyone to declare themselves as physical trainers and start practicing as personal trainer in Dubai. Looking at the growing problem of unqualified and inexperienced fitness trainers setting up shops in Dubai, the government decided to regulate the industry. Now, in order to practice as a fitness trainer or a personal trainer in Dubai a person needs to have a license. Only those people can apply for licenses who are properly qualified. Also, people who are coming into Dubai to look for work as fitness trainers, need to apply for a proper work permit.

Guidelines now require a REP (Register of Exercise Professions) or equivalent recognized qualification. An additional requirement is that the physical trainer has to be affiliated to a licensed company or entity to be able to practice as a fitness trainer. The license is issued by the UAE General Authority of Youth Sports and Affairs. Unlicensed physical trainers cannot get an insurance to cover them for damages or malpractice. Also unlicensed physical trainers are likely to be prosecuted and deported.

All foreigners wishing to practice as fitness trainers in Dubai need to have a work visa like all other professionals with accreditation to and proper qualification from a relevant authority or federation.

There are a number of courses from Training Providers across the globe that are recognized by the REP. All these courses allow you to apply for a work visa and practice as a trainer in Dubai. There are two categories one defines the entry level qualifications and the other is for continuing professional development.

The entire list of accredited institutes is available on the REP website. But the process is fairly easy and pain free for most qualified professionals. It only takes a few days to get the requisite license and permits.


If you believe that you have the qualifications and the determination to work as a physical trainer in Dubai, then there are plenty of opportunities for you. There are many disciplines in personal trainings. From Pilates, to weight lifting to strength and stamina training to Yoga there are many streams one can choose in which to provide personal training. Most personal trainers pick a specialty for themselves and working towards getting a higher certification in that one discipline. It to focus the energy on one thing and become an expert in it. This helps in creating a better client base and also in getting a better pay. The clients are more confident if they know you are highly qualified and are willing to pay more for your expertise. Keep reading blogs for more interesting posts on personal training. Whether you are a someone hoping to find the perfect personal trainer or you are a personal trainer wishing to connect to a large number of clients quickly, will help you to connect with the best in the industry quickly and easily.

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