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5 exercises to get rid of love handles with a trainer

We all want to be active and lead a healthy life and lose love hands while being stuck in dealing with daily errands.

Keeping the looks is the main goal for many people, however, the majority of people face some difficulties in getting rid of their love handles. Despite working hard and doing all kinds of exercises and adapting their diet and introducing new nutritional concepts, love handles show a rough character and act stubborn and so they do not respond to it.

Why is this a problem? Well, although it depends on your body type and genes, still even small amounts of love handles affect the posture and make a great figure look unappealing. You’ve tried tons of sit-ups, intensive cardio, and various dumbbell side bends to burn more calories, but it seems all of them do not work well to get rid of that stubborn belly fat on your sides. The trick to weight loss, according to fitness experts, is a multi-sided attack and complex approach - consisted of diet, metabolism improvements and specific targeted exercises with a personal trainer in Dubai. There is a vast choice of comments, ideas and guidelines on popular sites such as You can easily share your thoughts, learn something new and even directly book a fitness trainer from the convenience of your home.

First things first-understanding your metabolism

Improving and speeding up your metabolism is crucial in lose your love handles which are principally made of fat. A bit of scientific approach shows that the stress hormones such as cortisol and glucagon, are to be blamed for burning this fat. These hormones are mainly released when under stress, intense exercise and low carb diets. So, the answer is right in front of you - you can combine the exercise plan which fits your lifestyle and body type with the low carbohydrate high protein diets. This shall shift the body to a stage when it will produce more cortisol and glucagon, to burn away the fat as a way to produce more sugar needed for energy.

You should eat three meals regularly and do not eat anything in meantime and in case you develop hunger pangs, your body will release cortisol and glucagon and will deal with extra fat. However, be sure to avoid having snack frequently as this will stop or slow down the release of the hormones. As with all exercise and dietary plans, be sure of what you can handle and what fitness level suits you and take into consideration any medical conditions before starting any high-intensity physical activity.

Let’s exercise

Enough with the dietary part – now let’s get back to exercise to lose weight. Having a daily personal trainer in Dubai is probably one of the best options for getting a fast body sculpture. Working with one, not only helps you to do all exercises correctly, burn stomach fat fast and with the right muscle target, but it also helps you to stay dedicated and motivated in order to achieve your goals. Here are some of the best fat-burning exercises recommended for best results in getting rid of your love handles:

Oblique Press and Reach

Kneel on the left knee with the right foot flat out in front of you. With the abdominal muscles firmly tight you can grab a weight in your right hand and bent at a 90-degree angle with your fist in the air.

You can then extend your arm straight into the air while bending your torso down to the left side and putting your left fingertips to the ground. Three sets of 12-15 on each side are more than enough for starters.

Side plank crunch

Put your right elbow on the ground, your right foot a bit in front of your left. Tighten up your throughout and pull the right knee back towards chest and crunch the left elbow toward it. Then bring it all back to side plank position. Three sets of 10-12 reps should do the trick.

Crouching tiger push-up

Begin in a push-up position and do a pushup. Then, bend your knees off the floor, and press back so your knees are directly below your ribs. Your arms should be pressing through the shoulders and if done correctly - your quads and shoulders it where you will it initially.

From that position, you need to slowly roll your spine forward in a somewhat wave motion until you are back in your starting plank position. 10-12 slow and controlled reps in three sets are perfect to do the job.

Plank up-downs

Get into the well-known plank position, with your arms out straight directly beneath your shoulders. You should be able to pull your abs tight into your spine and squeeze your butt. Then, firstly only with one arm, try and lower down onto the forearm, then repeat the same with the other arm. Move one arm at a time, and fully extended the plank while keeping the core tightened up. Eight reps on each side are more than enough or count for 30-45 seconds for easier reference.

Pass the Ball

Bicycle crunches turned up a notch is a simpler explanation for this exercise. You start of lying flat on the ground, your abs tightly pulled up to your spine while your is back flat on the floor. You can pick the chest up, then pull the right knee into them and grab a ball in your hand. Pass the ball underneath your knee into the other hand and crunch up. It is important to rotate your legs and be sure you’re crunching up every time in reps for 30-45 seconds long.

The more you dig deep into this, more best fat-burning exercises and approaches you will bump into. However, not all of them are suitable for your body type and metabolism. Personal trainer cost is nothing when compared to the professional guidance and expertise you are going to get – leading to faster and more visible results. You can even take the Dubai fitness challenge as a motivation. This all-encompassing strategy to help make Dubai the most active city in the world by being active every day for just 30 minutes is an awesome incentive, which combined with the right approach by your personal trainer and the suitable diet will help you remove love handles and burn stomach fast.

Let’s talk about other approaches

You will all agree that love handles are one of the most serious reasons why people turn to faintness exercises and hire a daily personal trainer in Dubai. How? Well, by following a healthy diet and conducting regular cardio exercise regimen you will sculpt your body and burn fat like never before.

What often happens is that after thousands of crunches without some visible effect that frustration finally leads people to book with a fitness pro. Strangely enough, most people are convinced that doing tons of crunches will get rid of love handles, but it is a general misconception.

When done correctly, crunches do wonders for toning muscles, however, love handles do not have even a bit of muscle. They're fat, and to burn it you need a demanding cardiovascular and dietary program.

Experts recommend roughly around 30 to 45 minutes of various cardio exercises three to four times a week, strength training (counting in the exercises mentioned previously) couple of times a week, and a day of general rest every week for rebuilding muscle base. Keep challenging different muscle groups and change the intensity level of training programs to burn vast amounts of fat.

You can also try some of the suggestion at – the leading online services booking platform in the UAE and the region where you can find guidelines and ideas by people who are struggling with similar challenges. You can share your own as well and try to find the best approach.

Something about foods and diet

  • Eat regularly. Skipping meals boosts cortisol levels, so 3-4 meals spread as evenly as possible throughout the day is highly recommended.
  • Do NOT skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast creates more stress hormones and that is not a good idea to start the day with.
  • Get enough quality sleep. High cortisol leads to craving for fatty and sugary foods, tempting your resolution and guiding you off track.
  • Reduce alcohol intake. Drinking alcohol kicks fat storing into top speed. Preferably, having one to two drinks couple of times a week is the max for fat loss.

The psychology behind it

The emotional approach and readiness are something that is of utmost importance when cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Knowing “why" you are making such sacrifices or efforts makes the journey entertaining, and consequently, sustainable. Having passion means working with purpose, while working without purpose can easily turn into punishment. Finding such a passion needs more psychological approach than we think.

Finally, you can always count on – the meeting point for booking various services in Dubai. Check the blog, read from people in your shoes, do your home work and check the market and see what your preferred fitness regime and schedule is and book a fitness trainer near you in just a few clicks. The results are well worth the risk.

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