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If the gym is not your thing, why not opting a go-anywhere training plan to build the body you want.

Whatever you reasons for avoiding the gym might be – they are all a perfectly valid inspiration to shift your workout away from the gym – but if that isn’t enough, consider that many large scale statistics on a global level report reduced levels of stress and anger from training outside, other more scientific studies linked it with increased energy.

Apart from fresh air and oxygen prompting the release of feelgood hormone serotonin, there are other benefits. Five to 30 minutes of sun exposure at least twice a week will improve your body’s vitamin D levels, helping you build stronger bones and a more robust immune system.

Of course, dumbbells and squat racks can be hard to find outdoors, but that’s no obstacle. However, with the right guidance from a personal trainer, you can mimic any workout you’d do in the gym outside and target the corresponding muscle group necessary to tone your body and lose weight.

If the main question in your heads where to find a fitness trainer near me? Then, the best place to get a personal trainer in Dubai is definitely – the most visited online marketplace for services. It features loads of professionals, tips, tricks, guidelines and reviews. You can set your own criteria, check personal trainer cost, analyze the area near you, compare and book a personal trainer from the convenience of your home. Discuss your plans, preferences and wishes, listen to his initial advise and benefit of daily workout and lose weight.

Best outdoor exercising ideas

Mobility training

It’s widely known as the new stretching. And the good news is using a select handful of dynamic movements won’t just improve your range of motion – it’ll get your circulation going and challenge your co-ordination. Forget doing an hour of yoga on the beach in Dubai, just borrow a variation on the classic sun salutation. Think of this as a slow-motion burpee that engages almost every muscle while providing a fantastic stretch. Start with your feet just wider than shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forwards. Squat down by bending at the knees and hips and place your hands between your feet. Move your left foot backwards so you’re in a lunge position. Move your right foot back to assume a press-up position with your body in a straight line. From here, drop your hips to the floor while keeping your arms straight. This position is the traditional yoga “cobra”. Hold the cobra position for a second, then raise your hips, do one press-up, and reverse the whole move until you’re standing up. Do one rep, take one breath, then repeat for two, three and four reps and breaths. Rest for a minute, then repeat. Get rid of love handles in a pinch.

Pulling Power

Build back strength and improve posture with just a pull-up bar. Do the active hangs to warm up your shoulders, then do three to five sets of each pulling exercise, with 90 seconds of rest in between. As you improve, you can add an extra rep to each session, or reduce the amount of time you rest by ten seconds. Most people do some vertical pulling in their workout, but horizontal pulls are important for hitting the muscles from other angles and are slightly less high intensity. This workout improves the strength and stability of the muscles that retract and depress the shoulder blade. All that means healthier, more robust shoulders.

Hollow dish hold

The great thing about this is the carry-over it gives you for other moves. It’s what gymnasts use as a starting point for learning tougher moves – so it’ll make you better at pull-ups and other moves like hanging leg raises. Do the following drill for a few weeks and you’ll not only notice that your midsection is firmer, you’ll feel stronger when you do pull-up bar exercises too. Lie flat on your back and squeeze your abdominal muscles tight while pushing your lower back into the ground. Raise your arms, shoulders and legs off the ground, keeping your arms above your head and in line with your body. Aim for a ten-second hold, increasing the time as you improve. Also ideal to build your six packs.


Do two to three sets of the pike press-ups, going to near-failure on each set – try to add more reps each week. Add eight to ten reps of straight bar dips for three sets with a 60-second rest in between, then finish with 50 press-ups in as few sets as possible. Focus on diamond press-ups for your triceps, pec press-ups for chest or handstand press-ups to work your shoulders. Very effective to burn fat.

Shrimp squat

Grab your right foot with your right hand and hold it against your glutes. Put your left arm out in front of you to help with balance and weight distribution. Using your left one, squat downwards until your right knee touches the ground. Keep your bodyweight forwards over the left foot. Push hard into the ground to stand back up.

5 Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

  1. Outdoor exercise is an excellent way to remain physically engaged in constantly shifting conditions. Cardio machines do an amazing job in the gym, but just repeating the same movements over and over again is an easy to get an overuse injury. On the other hand, walking, climbing or running on terrain constantly changing landscapes helps your body in adapting to a changing environment.
  2. Dealing with the wind as a natural resistance when cycling or running can help you burn more calories, as you have to put in more efforts to overcome the resistance. Also, a good tailwind can help you achieve a higher speed, which triggers the larger type II muscle fibers accountable for strength and definition.
  3. Exercising outdoors is an awesome way how to get in shape in Dubai and cut in costs at the same time. There are many benefits of going to a gym or fitness studio, but if you are tight on the budget side, exercising outdoors is one option to save a few dollars.
  4. Jogging in your local park, running on a trail or on the beach or simply enjoying the corniche are all quite handy ways to meet your neighbors. These activities not only enhance your physical health but assist you in creating bond with your community and having a number of positive relationships works great as mental health stimulus as well.
  5. Going outdoors is an awesome way to turn your exercise time into quality family time. Spending some time with your kids at the playground, going for a hike, riding bikes near the beach or playing a sport are just couple of ideas about how to be active with your kids. Playing at a park will not going to be as attractive as gym workout but chasing your kids around and climbing the playground equipment is definitely an efficient way to start sweating in no time.

There are a lot of benefits of outdoor exercising, with or without a daily personal trainer. However, relying on his/her knowledge and experience will definitely help you in toning your boy faster and achieve the results you envisioned for yourself. You can start by doing your homework and checking what is available on the market and whether you can match your schedule with the trainer’s. Check and set your criteria, location and analyze the references and reviews of other people in your shoes and book a personal trainer online in Dubai without a hassle.

You can always get back to the gym

When the weather turns iffy, getting to the gym can help you stay on track with your workouts, especially if you get involved in a variety of activities.

To make the most out of your time at the gym, don't just do the same machines each time you go, but take advantage of all your gym has to offer:

  • Swimming: Sone of the best no impact sport activities and great for a full body workout.
  • Fitness classes: It adds on the energy you gather from other people while exercising with other people. That often does not happen when working out by yourself.
  • Hire a personal trainer: Fall is the perfect time to hire a pro and get your workouts on the right track from day one.
  • Workout with a buddy: If you feel intimidated or don't like working out by yourself, bribe a friend into working out with you. Knowing you have to show up will keep you motivated.
  • Keep it interesting: If you tend to gravitate to certain cardio machines, you can always change things up with interval training, which is a great way to burn calories and get in shape.

Finally, get that motivation flowing, ask around the neighborhood, get ready and choose a personal trainer in Dubai and start working on the body you have always wanted. Drop by on – the most famous online meeting hotspot in Dubai and the UAE and directly book a personal trainer online from your home.

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