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Nothing ruins your plan to lose weight faster than lack of motivation and proper guidance.

Being fit and healthy is no longer considered as a luxury or as a thing reserved for only some people. Nowadays it is absolutely essential and required if you wish to promote an active and meaningful lifestyle. Maybe everyday life and access to commodities is easier nowadays compared to the past, however, one of its main downsides is that we are less physically active and mobile now than we have ever been in the history of mankind. Living a life of physical comfort doesn’t come with its toll and most our health and fitness is the core of that charge. How? Many people are increasingly and visibly unfit and suffer from a plentitude of lifestyle diseases that can be easily toned down and controlled with just a bit of physical exercise.

However, it is not all blurry as it sounds, mainly because the access to more relevant information made us more mindful of the benefits of exercise and motivating the majority of the population to actively follow some exercise and food regimen and keep fit. This interest on the rise has inspired creation of many different exercise forms and regimens, which may suit your body type and metabolism more or less. Finding your way through this plethora of exercises, plans, regimens and approaches and lose weight can be often overwhelming and make you back off. This is where a fitness trainer comes in the picture. They are professionals whose job is to guide you to choose the exercise plan which fits you best, especially if you are a beginner.

Fitness industry on the rise

Maybe you're not a beginner nor a stranger to the gym – but are you using your time there well? That's a whole another story. More people are actively using the gym and practice various exercises than ever before in history, thanks to a boom in health clubs and workout trends.

In fact, it’s been growing by at least 3-5% every year and as the years go by, researchers and leading companies in the industry are constantly refining and discovering new, better more efficient ways to get fit. Whether you’re a beginner to exercising or an advanced personal trainer searching for ways to stay ahead of the curve, the list of trends below should give you more insight on the best way to reach your health and fitness goals.

Probably the best way to get a PT in Dubai is to check, the leading online services booking hotspot in the UAE. With a wide range of criteria to select, an enormous database of licensed and certified trainers to choose from and an easy-to-use app to manage all of that, it is the most popular way to compare and book a personal trainer from the convenience of your home, safe valuable time and start feeling the benefit of daily workout.

Top exercises to benefit daily workout

1. Lunges Working on maintaining your balance is considered as a crucial part of a well-based exercise routine. Lunges do that the best, by promoting purposeful movement, whilst strengthening your legs and glutes at the same time. Ensure that your upper body is straight aligned, shoulders are laid back and relaxed while your chin is up. Initiate the exercise cycle by putting your feet shoulder-width apart and arms laid down at your sides. Use your right leg and take a step forward with the right knee bent as you do so and stopping when your thigh reaches a position parallel to the ground and then lower your hips until both knees reach a 90-degree angle bending. Make sure the right knee doesn’t extend past the right foot. The front knee should be positioned directly above the ankle while the other knee shouldn’t touch the floor. Switch legs and repeat the cycle. Ideal for fat burn.

2. Crouching Tiger Push-up High plank is your starting position, palms positioned flat on the floor, hands placed shoulder-width apart, legs fully extended, and shoulders stacked above your wrists with the core engaged. You need to bend your elbows and lower the chest in the direction of the floor. Position and maintain your body low, bend the knees, move your hips back in the direction of your heels, and straighten your arms. The correct way to do it is to have your knees hovering a few inches off the floor. Lift the hips toward the ceiling and straighten your legs and start doing it all over the again.

3. Body-weight resistance Building muscle is not reserved for bodybuilders only. By performing resistance exercises, you’re maintaining and increasing the amount of thickness in your bones, commonly known as bone mass and density. Such exercises which use suspension straps and work with your own weigh are easier to squeeze into your daily schedule and give you a wide variety of options for different muscle groups and even in the convenience of your own home. Get rid of love handles fast.

4. Downward Facing Dog Position yourself on your hands and knees and stack your hands under your shoulders and knees under the hips. Spread hands wide and press your index finger and thumb firmly into the mat, then slowly start lifting your tailbone, pressing your butt up and back and slowly draw your hips in the direction of the ceiling. Finally, start straightening up your and pressing your heels gently toward the floor. Perfect for six packs.

5. Glute bridge The glute bridge targets your complete posterior chain, which isn’t only good for you, but will make your booty look perkier as well. Start by lying on the floor with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground, and arms straight at your sides with your palms facing down. Pushing through your heels, raise your hips off the ground by squeezing your core, glutes, and hamstrings. Keep your upper back and shoulders in contact with the ground, while the core down to your knees in order to form a straight line.

Stick to the basics

It is known for a fact that daily exercise is good for optimizing and improving health and the global image of wellbeing. However, with so many possibilities and limitless data available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what works well in your case and what is only commercialized. Do not worry – your personal trainer in Dubai has your back. Personal trainers dedicate many hours every day in helping people achieve their fitness goals and lose weight. And while it's cool to learn what are the best exercises out there, it is good to discuss with trainers what are the personal recommendations for their clients, since they know all the exercise options out there.

What is a personal trainer?

Personal trainers are trained fitness and workout professionals whose guidance and work is very important and crucial when it comes to how to get in shape in Dubai. Daily personal trainer does not only provide a personalized and hands on approach in fitness experience for their clients, but also helps in streamlining the efforts based upon the client’s characteristics and goals. Designing and fostering an exercise tactic that fosters and encourages steady progress until the goal is reached is one of the main pillars of their work. There is a plenitude of available options to book a personal trainer online in Dubai on – the main focal point for online services booking in Dubai and the UAE. Check what people in your shoes have shared and find the professional trainer who matches your schedule.

Spice it up

Core exercises can only improve your wellbeing, give your more energy and stamina and benefit your body, but there’s always room to keep pushing it. If you notice yourself that doing them is just a another walk in the park, focus on progressive overload by making each move more challenging by: * adding 5 more reps * adding more weight * tacking on a jump to moves like squats and lunges

Another way to switch it up? Turn the routine into a time-under-tension workout, completing each move for a set amount of time instead of for a set number of reps.

Finding a Personal Trainer in Dubai

If you are a beginner or recently moved to this bustling metropolis and do not already have a personal trainer, you may find it challenging to discover a good personal trainer near you in Dubai. But keep calm, Dubai has its share of extremely good, well trained and dedicated personal trainers. You just need to know where to find them regardless of the personal trainer cost.

Jump in the search by asking friends and colleagues, particularly those people who are keen on exercising regularly. They will definitely give you heads up to a good physical trainer in the area. Another good option is to start your hunt on the best personal trainer marketplace site

It is a user-friendly platform that gives you the chance to look at each listing in detail. Analyze the reviews provided by real clients, compare prices, sort through the database based on your preferred location and book the personal trainer you feel most suits your needs. You can also access through its app and browse from the convenience of your home.

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