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Muscle gain made easy with a personal trainer

Hiring a personal trainer helps to guide your efforts towards building muscles and a great body shape.

Truth Behind Ripped Bodies, Endurance and Stamina

If you are fascinated by the rippling muscles on the ultra-ripped bodies you see on television and movies, you ought to know that these bodies did not get to be like they are without time, effort and extra money. Just going to a gym and using all the equipment does not give you the sculpted body of the movie and TV stars nor the phenomenal stamina displayed by top athletes and sports persons. Behind all these gorgeous people with amazing bodies are fitness trainers and to be more precise – personal trainers. There is a growing trend in Dubai too for body building and sculpting as well as gaining muscle mass. These goals can be achieved more quickly and effectively when you hire a personal trainer in Dubai.

With the number of obese and overweight people increasing by the day, it is no wonder that more and more people are looking towards physical training, Gyms and fitness studios to induce weight loss and build up stamina. You too can hire a personal trainer in Dubai easily through it is an aggregator of various service providers in and around Dubai. You can look for all kinds of service providers and help through the website including personal trainers in Dubai.

Who is a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is a trained fitness and exercise professional who provides physical training to individuals or to small groups. They provide a more personal and hands on training and fitness experience for people. The personal trainers help to streamline the exercise routines for their clients based upon the client’s preferences and goals. They create an exercise plan that can promise steady progress until the goal is reached.

Though people may argue that they can get the same benefits in a gym without having to shell out a lot of money on a personal trainer, experience shows that the fitness trainers in the gym do not have time for a one to one interaction or to pay attention to individual members and their unique problems. They will assist you to a degree, but not be there with you all the time while you are going through your routine in the gym. So, if you have specific goals in mind and wish to accomplish them in a specific period of time, it is best to go with a personal trainer rather than be a part of the crowd in a gym.

Duties of a Personal Trainer

Each personal trainer brings his or her own set of skills and style to the sessions, they may vary in their choice of exercises, disciplines and approach, but there are many things that most have in common. There are certain duties and responsibilities that all personal trainers have and which they cannot ignore if they wish to have a successful career. These include:

  1. Evaluate: The first duty of a personal trainer is to evaluate the client and determine if the client is capable of achieving the physical goals he or she is aiming for. They also need to keep in mind all the risk factors that may have an impact on the training. This would include an extensive interview with the client and going through their medical history and in case of any problems contacting their personal doctors before proceeding.
  2. Gather Information: It is essential for a personal trainer to know all the relevant general information about a client including their age, height, weight and daily routine to evaluate their activity level and their diet. Small details do matter and a personal trainer needs to know the liquid intake as well as sleeping and travelling habits of the client.
  3. Assessment of Fitness Level: The personal trainers perform a fitness assessment which includes looking at the body structure, determining the BMR and the body fat level, muscle strength and tone before taking on a client or designing a routine.
  4. Diet and Nutrition: The personal trainer is responsible for the diet and nutrition of the client as well. He has to prepare a dietary chart for the client to follow. This is done keeping in mind the daily calorie requirement, recovery from exercise and the goals of the client in mind.
  5. Exercise Routine: the most important duty of a personal trainer is to design a scalable exercise routine for the client that provides the maximum benefit to the client and helps him or her reach their goal. The exercise routine has to be designed keeping in mind the fitness level. It needs to be well designed to prevent monotony and provide a full body workout. This also includes the schedule for each exercise session keeping in mind the recovery time.
  6. Set achievable goals: A personal trainer should set the pace for the client. These goals should be target oriented and achievable without stretching too far. They should match with the pace of the client and the trainer should be able to alter them looking at the progress the client is making.
  7. Maintaining Record: The personal trainer has to maintain the record of the progress of the client at each step. This involves taking the weight and testing the stamina and evaluating the health, fitness, muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness, BMR and the muscle to fat ratio form time to time and maintaining a record to see the progress that has been made over the period of time.
  8. Preventing Injuries: A personal trainer has to be careful to not stress the client or cause injury. It also means to prevent the client from doing any exercise or changing the routine without consulting the trainer first. The trainer has to maintain a strict vigil on technique to prevent strain and injury.
  9. Information: The trainer has to be informed about the latest developments in the field and also should be able to answer all of the clients’ queries and clear their doubts. They should also be able to provide guides and resources to the clients regarding, exercise, fitness and health.

Muscle Building With a Personal Trainer

When you hire a personal trainer to help you reach your body building and exercise goals, the personal trainer in accordance with his duties helps you to plan and create a routine which will benefit you the most. The routine consists of a range of exercises and also a diet and nutrition plan in accordance with your body goals. Since the fitness trainers have the knowledge, they can help you build muscles in the most safe and quick way. A trainer helps you in the following way:

  • Step 1. The personal trainer creates a personalized program for you keeping in mind your goals, requirements and capabilities. This includes an exercise schedule, exercise routine and diet and nutrition plan.
  • Step 2. Tests the program out with you and observes how you react to it. If need be, he might change and tweak the program based on your feedback about how your body is reacting to the program.
  • Step 3. Keeping track of your progress from day to day and week to week.
  • Step 4. Changing the program and intensity so that there is no monotony or plateaus. Avoiding stagnancy is an important thing and personal trainers are trained to avoid it.
  • Step 5. Motivating you so that you do not despair when you do not see visible results. Personal trainers become your friends and guides and help you to overcome the problems that you may face.
  • Step 6. Helping you focus so you do not lose site of the goal and continue with your efforts.
  • Step 7. Celebrating your triumph with you at reaching each goal.

Only with a personal trainer you can expect individual attention. If you feel that hiring a personal trainer just for yourself is too expensive, look for friends or acquaintance with similar body goals. Get a small group of maximum 5 individuals together to share the costs as well as the benefits of the services of a personal trainer.

In Parting

Remember your personal trainer can only design and implement the training sessions for you. The rest depends upon you. How well you follow the routine and whether you are diligent about your appointments. Also, what you eat also depends upon you. The trainer can only give you a chart and tell you what is good for you but what you eat and how much you eat is in your hands.

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