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Outdoor workout in Dubai with a personal trainer - 5 top exercises

Being fit and burn fat with outdoor workout is a crucial move for living an active and meaningful life.

It is a digital age we live in and, unfortunately, we have been less physically active and mobile in the past 20 years than we have ever been in the history of mankind. The life of physical comfort comes with its own set of problems and most of it is related to our health and fitness. Our ancestors all over various parts of the world knew the benefits of physical exercise and were constantly active and moving. Back then, only a handful of machines and certainly no television, computer or smart devices dominated their lives, making both living as well as working a lot more physically demanding than what we have to do right now.

However, a large number of people are increasingly unfit and suffer some lifestyle diseases due to lacking physical exercise. Moreover, ripped and defined bodies are promoted as a certain standard through social media so more and more people start slowly but steadily changing their habits and introduce daily exercising in their lives – either alone or with the help of a daily personal trainer.

Even for the seasoned gym rats in Dubai, exercising is something they enjoy and love doing, however, spending too much time in the gym only can become a bit boring and uncreative.

One of the best ways to blast fat, diversify your training and make it much more interesting is to train outdoors, where there’s plenty of room to jog, sprint, climb, throw, and challenge your inner athlete. Training outside also provides a change of surroundings from a sweaty, bustling gym to a technology-free environment - not to mention a far more demanding terrain.

Get out of the gym

This will boost the quantity of calories you burn by hitting muscles you'd never tackle on your beloved machines in the dusty gym. Give it a sweat outside and take those fat burning moves to the beach and beyond using a mix of exercises and challenge your creativity while enjoying the scenery at some of the best outdoor area to workout in Dubai.

Thankfully, we are now more aware of the benefits of exercise and a large number of people are taking active interest in following some exercise regimen or the other to keep fit. The increased interest has inspired creation of many different exercise forms and regimens, each of which is touted as the best. If you are a beginner, this plethora of exercise regimens will confuse you and make it difficult for you to choose the one that is the most beneficial for you. It is where a personal trainer can bring in some magical dust and guide you to choose the right exercise plan for your lifestyle and metabolism. Here are the best 5 exercise for man to lose fat:

1. Perpetuum squats A never-ending series of squats. Period. First get done with a set of ten regular squats, followed by ten jump squats, ten of those knees to chest jumps and wrap it all up with ten tiptoe squats. Spread your feet a bit wider than hip-width apart, with toes pointed slightly out. Keeping your chest in an upright position and core tight, start bending your knees and sitting your hips back, clasping hands in front of chest or press through your heels to jump as high as possible off the ground, trying to swing your arms behind you. Be sure to land softly and right away lower into position for your next squat. For an extra challenge, mix the intensity and volume level from 1-10 or the other way around. The key to successful squatting is to keep a straight back and not pressing up on your legs with your hands and keeping your hands on your collarbones.

2. Bunch of press-ups One of the most playful exercises. Start with completing one press-up, then walk forwards around five meters. Then do two press-ups and walk back to your original spot to do three press-ups, and so on. Your goal should be to each roughly 15 reps, but you can modify your target number as you see motivated and ready. This workout works even better with a partner. Face your partner, both complete one press-up, then simply swap your initial positions and do two press-ups, continuing in the same fashion.

3. Cardio Quicky A bit of something intended to leave you breathless. Begin with mountain climbers for roughly a minute. When the minute is up, run for 20 meters and perform ten burpees. Go back running to your starting point and immediately do another minute of mountain climbers. When done with those, run back to your position and complete nine burpees. Repeat this order of exercises until you get down to one burpee. Mark the time how long it took you to complete this whole set and start working on cutting down time.

4.Uphill rally Uphill rally – just find a hilly area and at the bottom going up, start running to the right, initially by moving your right leg to the far-right side. Then simply follow it up with your left one, placing it behind your right leg in the form of a grapevine. Continue by putting the right leg out to the right side again, but this time follow it up with the left one and putting it in front of the right leg. Continue with this alternation scheme, increasing your pace at the same time and swinging your hips as you go.

5. Bar-barian Hang on a pull-up bar in the chin-up position (with your palms facing you) and do three chin-ups. Stay gripped to the bar, then release your left hand and change the grip so your palm is facing away from you, then wrap up another set of three reps. Continue by changing the grip on the right hand and make them both facing away and complete three reps in this position. Change the grip of the left one again and complete three reps, and finally change the grip of the right one back facing you back to the starting position and do the final three pulls.

Starting with a personal trainer in Dubai

If you are in the first stage of starting with exercising and you definitely haven’t worked with a personal trainer in Dubai, you may find it challenging to match your schedule, needs and requirements with a good personal trainer. But rest assured, Dubai has its share of extremely good, well trained and dedicated personal trainers. You just need to focus your search to the right places. One good place to start is to ask friends and acquaintances, especially those people who exercise regularly. They will definitely give you some priceless details on how to get a personal trainer in Dubai.

In case, you still do not find one, the next best thing for you to do is look online for physical trainers. The best place to start your search online is the most famous online services marketplace site You can easily list the results by several different criteria, including personal trainer cost, check reviews and get insightful info by people who were once in your shoes. You can also book your choice directly within the platform with a click of a button.

Benefits of exercising with a personal trainer

A personal trainer’s main mission is to show people how to help people exercise properly and assist them along the way. They are also well-versed in health and nutrition and how to plan a healthy dietary strategy aimed at reaching the desired goals for the clients.

Faster results – Working with a fitness professional makes losing weight faster by leading you through the pre-set routine and ensuring that you are spending the designated and required time and efforts on each set of exercises. • More visible results – Since the personal trainer knows how the body works, they can deliver better results than when you are working on your own using a trial and error method. • Increased fat loss – This is the ultimate goal of any person. A personal trainer teaches you the right exercises that will help you to reduce the fat in the body and make it leaner. • Gaining muscle mass – the more the muscle mass one has the leaner the body. A well-muscled body not only looks good but also helps you to maintain a healthy weight. A personal trainer can guide you to increase your muscle mass better than you would do on your own. • Avoiding injury - One of the greatest risks of exercising is injury. A lot of people do not know the proper technique or the amount of exercise they should do and end up injuring themselves. Personal trainers focus their attention to guide you to follow the proper technique, do not over stress your body and avoid injury. • Preventing and overcoming plateaus - The biggest problem a lot of people experience is reaching a stagnant point beyond which it is seemingly impossible to progress. The Personal Trainers know how to overcome and avoid plateaus so that you progress continues in the desired direction. • Motivating - people working by themselves often give up shortly after they start of when desired result is not easily achieved. A personal trainer is there to guide and motivate you, making it much harder to lose motivation and give up.

Whatever your goal might be, losing weight, staying in shape, getting positive vibes or improve your health and stamina, then a personal trainer is a must for you. If you are looking for a well-rated and experienced personal trainer with excellent references in Dubai, you should definitely check out, the most famous online hotspot in Dubai for services booking. You can browse through the listings, compare and book a personal trainer, qualifications and rates before you decide on one that fits your requirements the most. All the personal trainers listed with are duly verified and licensed professionals who are trained and approved to work as personal trainer in Dubai.

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