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The PT tip: 5 outdoor fat burning abs exercises

Tons of people spend quite some time exercising outdoors and never burn fat with abs workout as desired.

Feeling fit and healthy is absolutely crucial in order to live an active and meaningful life. People generations ago were aware of all the benefits of physical exercise and lived their lives while constantly on the move. In a time when machines were scarce and television, computer or smart devices was nowhere to be seen, living as well as entertaining demanded way more working than we have to do right now.

Nowadays, life is much simpler and there are only few of us who have to endure hard physical labor every day, but still we struggle with how to get in shape in Dubai and spend incredible amount of time trying to find out how to lose weight. We are less physically active and mobile now than we have ever been before in history and we spend 5-10 times more time closed in offices rather than spending it out in nature. The modern life of physical comfort comes with its price tag and most of it concerns our health and wellbeing. Numerous studies have shown how large portion of us are unfit and suffer from a variety of modern lifestyle conditions which can be easily avoided and dealt with by introducing more outdoor physical exercise in our lives.

Choosing an Exercise Plan

Choosing an exercise plan should happen by accident. Simply deciding which plan works for you and start on it the next day is not how it should work. Neither it will deliver the results you hoped for. If you really want to get the maximum out of your exercising and sweating, the best idea is to get a personal trainer in Dubai, follow the advice he/she will give you and give in your best to achieve results. The exercise plan you follow has to match your body type, stamina, physical condition, medical history, exercise goals and your character, for it to be successful and keep you alert and motivated. When you hire a daily personal trainer, he/she will take into consideration all the above aspects and will create an exercise plan for you that will help you burn fat with abs workout.

Six Pack Abs Workout

Everyone craves for six-pack abs and fat loss. Here in Dubai, there, everywhere, men and women alike.

The main question arises when people realize that what it really takes to reach that level is not the what they thought in the beginning. Sticking to workout sessions by force to gain muscle mass, without a daily fitness trainer and doing too much exercise can in fact inhibit or limit your progress. Why? Well, when you reach the plateau (and everyone does at some point) the intensity, the approach and the focus of the exercise will become more important than the rough volume.

This is not some rocket science, it is a well-based effort by professionals whose job is to make your exercising a success. There are a lot of ideas, advices and available options on, the leading online services booking website in Dubai and the region. You can directly check how much the personal trainer cost and compare the offers so you can directly book from the convenience of your home or office.

The top 5 exercise to get perfect abs

Knee Tuck Put your hands on an elevated surface similar to higher ground, a low wall or a park bench somewhere along the corniche and position your palms directly below your shoulders. Step your feet back and join them together forming a neat line from ears to ankles. Draw your abs in and brace, thus forming a natural curve in your lower back and then draw inward through your torso and continue by pushing your left knee forward into a tuck and allowing the lower back to round upward slightly. Make a short pause and deeply contract your ab muscles. You have just completed one rep. Bring back your left foot and complete the move with your right one. Burn more calories than ever with this simple exercise.

Hot Potato Position your body in a laying position on your right side with legs straight on the floor. Your feet should be placed ahead of your hips while your hands under your head. Then, start lifting your left leg up to the ceiling, then lowering it down ahead of your right foot. Keep it moving like that up and down for five to seven times. Next step is to raise the left leg straight up again, then start lowering it towards the floor behind the right foot and keep the up and down movement for 5-7 times again before you switch sides and repeat the exercise. Perfect to lose fat.

Bicycle Position yourself laying on the floor on your back with your palms behind your head and your knees pulled in towards your chest. Imagine how a bicycle ride would look like and try to perform it from that position by fully extending one leg while keeping the other bent in. Then, twist the abdomen toward the bent leg and then switch, straightening the bent leg and bringing the straightened leg in towards you. Now twist again in the direction of the newly bent knee and hold the same position for 3-5 seconds. With this exercise, you will get rid of love handles in no time.

Alternating Side Plank Alternating side planks transforms the regular side plank into an energetic move that creates enormous rotational power and solid deep-core muscles. It starts by laying on the side and then placing the forearm on the ground, perpendicular to your body. Keep your torso and the whole body straight, glutes squeezed, and pull back your shoulders. Be sure not to sag your hips. Twist your body toward the ground, switch arms, and do it all over again facing the other way.

Lunge with Rotation Stand feet hip-width apart and with your arms straight out. Take a 5- to 15-pound dumbbell and hold it firmly with both hands. Then, take a big step forward with your left foot and twist your torso to the left while bracing your abs. Your knees will bend, and you should lower your body until both of your legs form 90-degree angles. Twist back to center, push yourself off your left foot, and stand back up again before starting this all over again on the other leg.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we belong to a generation of people who crave for a quick gratification of almost everything. We want quick rides, fast food, short breaks, fast consumable goods and fast results and if they do not arrive as quickly as we wanted, we get all impatient and annoyed. It is a trend that marks our lives and it also spreads to our sport and fitness activities. It is a wrong approach in its essence and although it is widely spread in society, we should be aware that nothing comes for granted, nothing happens without a real effort invested into it and good results won’t come if you do not know what you are heading. A personal trainer in Dubai will surely know.

There are a lot of experts and certified personal trainers in Dubai and the UAE and you can easily check, cross check your schedule, read comments and reviews, compare and book a personal trainer directly with a click of a button.

Benefits of working with a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are trained and most often certified professionals who are well-versed in health and nutrition with developed skills aimed and helping their clients reach their desired goals. This is how a personal trainer can help you in burning fat:

Quicker and better results – With a personal trainer you can lose weight faster and they will guide you through your routine, they know how the body works and you can achieve better results by focusing on what works for you. • Muscle Mass –A well-toned body not only looks attractive but above all it helps you to maintain a healthy weight. A personal trainer’s main task is to show you the patch to increasing your muscle mass. • Avoid Injury: One of the greatest risks of exercising is injury. A lot of people do not know the proper technique or over stress their body. A personal trainer would know all of this and keep you safe from injuries. • Prevents Plateaus: One of the most serious issues passionate people face is reaching a standstill point with little or no progress. Personal Trainers have the proper know-how to teach you how to overcome and avoid plateaus in the future. • Motivation: people working hard on fat burning exercises can often give up when desired result is not achieved. Having a professional to push you through every day serves as an awesome motivator.

If fat burning is what you are passionate about, then hiring a personal trainer in Dubai is a must for you. Top-notch personal trainers with excellent references in Dubai can always be found on This popular meeting point covers some of the best personal trainers in Dubai so you can easily go through the data, compare services, availability, qualifications and rates before you decide on one that fits your schedule and lifestyle the most. All the personal trainers listed with are duly verified and licensed professionals who are trained and approved to work as personal trainer in Dubai.

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