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Laundry services in Dubai – The future of laundry operations

Looking back at its growth serves better than a crystal ball that reveals the future of laundry services.

Laundry has never been a particularly thrilling activity, but one which has important consequences which are hard to ignore. Apart from being one of the most widely used and time saving services for people around the world, it also accounts for a more than a quarter of all water consumed by an average household and it is also responsible for dismissing large quantities of polluting detergent into the water systems and thus becoming one of the main pollutants in urban areas.

Evolution of laundry services

It has evolved much thorough the decades and professionals working in the field and their end users had to adapt to market conditions while keeping the service alive and in their advantage. With the rapid changes in business operations in the last decades and the digitalization of services everything is becoming digitally outsourced and mobile. Even if it comes as a surprise, the laundry industry in Dubai is no exception. Driven by mobile technology advances, better customer outreach and digitalization businesses that have the goal to deliver even superior convenience to their customers are popping up up all over the Emirates. Many people choose to follow the trend and share their experiences on popular digital platforms such as which aim in connecting customers with companies which are shifting from traditional to digital business architectures.

Starting from tens of nuances of casual clothing trends and moving to the establishment of people-in-pajamas working from home mood, dressing for work culture has drastically changed through the years. This urge to be more buttoned down caused a very serious effect on an industry which is not always the first choice of business planners and investors: laundry and dry-cleaning services.

These laundry on-demand business models generally flow down the same course and follow the same path. The vast majority of them offer a smooth user interface – mobile apps in most cases – thus enabling customers to swiftly and effortlessly select options that deliver the convenience needed while saving the time as the most precious resource, have pre-set and upgradable back-end systems that are robust enough to lever and automate daily operations and register as many providers (unique users) as possible.

Stages of progression – evolve while learning and adapting to market conditions

Pause for a moment and imagine the progression and the opportunities it provides for laundry services near you in a bustling city as Dubai. Not so long ago, going to the laundromat with a rather heavy bag or a laundry basket and coins or tokens rattling in pockets was the main trend. Customers had to cater for parking by themselves, preferably in the proximity of the laundromat entrance. Then just add on the wait for washing and drying and you end up spending a couple hours every week taking care of your laundry.

Drop-off services came as a much-needed upgrade and provided greater convenience, but they lacked same-day service which was hardly available for the largest part of the city. Laundry pick-up and delivery options followed suit and made our life much easier, but scheduling posed a challenge due to the need of being available during drop-off and pick-up time windows.

Now the laundry industry in Dubai is boldly marching into the technology era. Professional laundry services have leveraged mobile technology promote greater degree of on-demand plenitude of options to the general public. Needless to say, that millennials a are also rejoicing as they now can schedule their laundry job, order food, call a Careem car, or book anything anywhere with only a few taps on their device – without even lifting their look from the screen. Strangely enough it really works, and you can check sites such as for more practical insights on booking various services online while enjoying in the commodity of your home.

Benefits of having old-style laundry services overrun by innovation

Combining services

While there is an ongoing trend to slide away from dry cleaning, there are still a great number of people, who do not have an available laundry setup in their home or apartment building at disposal. Laundry and dry-cleaning services can just include self-serve machines in their offer, thus increasing the profit margin and expand the variety of services offered and increase the customer base.

Gathering customer preferences information – promoting personalized service

Though this resonates a little aggressive, collecting practical information from regular customers to personalize their experience offers a unique approach and presents a better focus and customer awareness image for the company. From the time they generally need a service, to what services they usually book, to what types of garments they usually bring in, fashioning a personal experience for a customer adds a touch of class and rarely rivalled dedication.

Going mobile and online

Nowadays, virtually everything a person needs or wants can be bought, obtained, rented, serviced, ordered, reserved, booked or shipped and delivered with the touch of a button on our smartphones or tablets. If food and appliances can be delivered, pizza ordered, and even complete business being operated and controlled via mobile apps. What stops professional laundry and dry-cleaning services in Dubai from tasting a small portion of this innovation? Well, judging by the latest developments, nothing indeed.

Laundry and dry-cleaning services can boost their image and stay up-to-date on third-party web or mobile platforms such as that act as a liaison service between end customers and service providers thus providing stable and secure environment for businesses to grow and customers to have increased satisfaction by spending less time completing the activity.

Remotely doesn’t mean hard to reach

Remote access technology and applications promoted by laundry service providers offer residents the possibility to monitor the status of their booked service through any online device and this provides them an access to real-time information about washers and dryers availability regardless if it is in the buildings or the compounds common premises or if it is in the nearby laundry store before even making the trip, hence cutting the time and improve planning as a principal way to avoid crowding and waiting.

Location sells. Mobility even more. Period.

The average consumer always goes for the convenience of location. Even though most services can now be accessed and managed through mobile web and apps, dealing and having a conveniently located store is crucial for the success of the business, especially if it is located in densely populated areas in a bustling city like Dubai. Hold on to such an example and innovate it with a digital mobility platform and make it available all over the city. Reach to more customers easily and make the whole city “a convenient location”. With many companies using a well-established and competitive courier and delivery service operational environment, taking the laundry service all in and available all over the city and easily managed through an app is definitely good for business.

Understanding consumer behaviour

Consumers are pragmatically attracted to businesses that promote and deliver a full cycle approach. Book it simply, pay for it even faster, get it picked-up and delivered at your doorstep, choose a detergent or your preference while receive notifications about every step of the process. This is what most customers are looking for and this transparent approach by professional on-demand laundry businesses in Dubai is the turning point that changed consumer behaviour in recent years.

With just a short push of a button, we can now send our clothes whirling and entrepreneurs have successfully developed and launched mobile apps through which we can request the pickup of dirty clothes by providing location, determining an appropriate pickup and drop-off time. The comfort of getting one’s clothes washed with the help digital devices has turned these options into an increasingly popular way of managing people’s chores in a huge way. Often called as “Careem for the laundry industry”, the on demand operability has integrated so well with this industry that traditional laundry is getting redefined as time goes by.

From washing garments at home, to popular public coin or token operated wash machines, and from going to a dry cleaner store, to just tapping your smartphone, now it is easier than before to get clothes ready when we need. Feel free to check popular platforms such as, get acquainted with how innovative businesses in Dubai operate and read credible comments by people who were in your shoes and used these services as well.

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