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Doing laundry in autumn in Dubai – Probable dos and don’ts

Many still are in denial that autumn is upon us in Dubai, but your clothes can’t be. Doing laundry neither.

A short drop in average temps and getting back at work full speed means that you at least need to start thinking about more diverse clothing as well as layering. And layering at work also involves getting your bin of autumn clothes out from the drawers and back into your closet again.

Autumn brings fresh laundry challenges

Although it is always hot in Dubai, don’t cut or postpone on treating your clothes this autumn. The leather, suede, and jeans pieces require extra special care. And please don’t be surprised if your pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks ends up on your shirt. With some different festivals and religious holidays such as Diwali or Halloween coming up on the calendar, it happens to the best of us. And because stained shirts are no stranger to us, we may even have tips for the most common food stains as well. The more delicious the Arab cuisine is – the more we are going to eat and need high-quality laundry as well.

Things to not forget

But with a little groundwork, making the transition from incredibly hot to a slightly cooler and warm weather can be a little easier. If we opt-in for doing the laundry ourselves we can start with few things that are usually top on the list but also often forgotten:

Duvets: Laundering or dry cleaning the duvet can come in several ways, however, nowadays many brands offer the option to be machine washed. Definitely check the label on your duvet for specifics. Mattress pads: It is relatively the same as with duvets. The more you use them the more often you need to take care of them. Pillows: We usually wash the sheets and the bedding on a weekly basis, but we often forget the pillows which also need proper washing. The general autumn cleaning is a perfect time to give them a good cleaning as well. Care labels know the best about what type of laundry you should choose. Curtains: It is so great having the chance to open the windows after temps go down a little bit. But with desert winds howling through the Dubai skyscrapers, tons of dust and dirt cause the curtains to be washed more regularly.

Indoor drying clothes manual

Experts agree that if you follow certain drying clothes indoors tips you can make the whole process way easier than it does. You can also always check popular hotspots for online services booking companies such as and read more about the laundry process, check some useful tips and tricks by people who are doing the same thing and find options for booking a professional approach.

  • Furthermore, give weighty items like larger towels or jeans an extra spin cycle in the machine before hanging out to dry in order to remove as much surplus water and moisture as possible. Be sure to also select the fastest spin cycle for all your laundry – you will make a real difference to drying hours.
  • Shake out wet garments before hanging on a rack or line. Turn them couple of time during drying to prevent stiffening.
  • Another practical manner of preventing stiffening when drying indoors is to just add half a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle. If you accidentally notice a faint smell of vinegar, counteract this by adding a little bit of a preferred essential oil to the wash.

  • If exposure to direct sunshine is scarce, find the warmest spots in your home for your clothes; bathrooms and kitchens are ideal. Or place your drying rack in front of the AC vent unit. Rotate the laundry while drying on the rack or line to better expose the damp parts and increase air flow.

On another note…professional is professional

Having and utilizing a personal washing machine and dry your clothes at home can be very convenient – certainly it is not considered as a luxury but rather a standard for one’s home, particularly in Dubai. When explaining it simply all you need to do is toss in a load when you have the time. Still, in a bustling metropolis as Dubai, today’s world is busier than ever, and the vast majority of people, both locals and expats alike, are looking for a more convenient solution. There are many sites you can visit such as where you can find practical guidelines and credible comments by people who found their preferable service in town.

Do not get fooled easily, doing the laundry is a requires of you to invest a lot of efforts and especially time, yet in most cases, you fail to get the best results. If your intention is to get rid of these time-consuming complications and you want to get only the best results, then booking a laundry service near you in Dubai is the best recommendation a wise person can give you. By outsourcing your laundry works you get several benefits which will increase as you define your priorities on the go.

Definitely the most important perk of choosing professional laundry services near you instead of doing it by yourself. You just need to find a proper laundry service that picks up your dirty clothes straight from your home and it delivers it back after they are done. Focusing on laundry hours, most people completely ignore the amount of time consumed by ironing and folding. Laundry services do all of this in one go giving you extra time for yourself.

Doing the laundry at home is rarely satisfactory because a proper manner of doing it is reserved for professionals. Sometimes we may even damage our clothes due to failing to clean it properly. Laundry professionals know all about cleaning, choose the right method and detergents to take care of clothes, and they take necessary steps accordingly. They use proper tools and machines that can do the roll polish, regular ironing or other required procedures with meticulousness.

Like in most things in life, taking good care increases the longevity of the product. By choosing a professional to handle your clothes you will have increased longevity of your clothes, greater comfort and less worrying about what to wear in the morning. This is especially important for high-end pieces of clothing which need professional care to serve you longer.

The price of service is a common concern and it varies depending on many factors so before making a decision, a good advice would be to get in touch with several laundry services and check their rate. Don’t decide with the price as the main criterium, because a very cheap offer likely bids limited options, but the most expensive is not necessarily any better than the competitors of similar background. Check and find out more about all the important things before reaching a decision.

Now, on another note, the cooler and often damp autumnal weather makes outdoor laundry days a little bit of a challenge right now. Try not to be tempted to cut time by using a tumble dryer! With our range of drying racks and lines, you can make smart use of all that ‘invisible’ indoor space to help you keep on top of all that drying and save money on electricity! Here we run through some effective drying clothes indoors tips to help you this autumn.

In any case a laundry service must be near your apartment in order you to be able to organize your day properly. No one wants to have to walk for 20 minutes just to get the suits from the laundry. It may also be practical to hire the services of huge company with branches all over Dubai, so you can be sure that wherever you are you can get persistent and constant quality of service. Check what other people have to say on and offer your practical guidelines as well. Many people are in your shoes.

Choosing small companies

Small and local companies may well offer personalized and welcoming service, however most of them probably do not have the capacity to sort out your clothes or they will always try to complete a bulk order from another client first before ending to yours. They also have few employees and limited capacity, limited working hours and may limit you when you need them the most. They are also not available if you are in another part of the city and they rarely have drop-off service offered to their clients. The result – more lost time for you.

Using over-busy services

Avoid making this mistake and do not take your clothes to extra-busy facilities. Chances are that in those places, the resources are too pushed, and it is hard for your garments to get personalized service. Yes, they do offer lower pricing per piece or item due to the bulk work they are doing but both in the short and in the long-run you will get a lower quality service, delays and even some damage that will cost you more than it should have.

Finally, think all these options through. Depending on your time, errands, family size and location, you can even combine home laundry with a professional one as per your schedule. You know the best. Get the best of the information offered and go for it.

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