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Laundry and ironing service in Dubai - Always stay dressed for to the moment

Ironing is one of the most tedious, time-consuming and frowned-upon domestic chores in any household in Dubai.

Ironing your clothes day by day can definitely turn tiresome and boring job as an understatement. It gets even more exhausting if you are supposed to iron bunch of clothes for the whole family. With the weather easily reaching hellish hot temperatures in Dubai, it just makes it totally unattractive to iron your outfits.

While anyone is good enough in setting up the board and plugging in the iron into the socket, it still requires a certain skill and know-how to be able to iron clothes to the desired perfection. This is really true concerning suits, corporate attire, school uniforms, military uniforms or civil service clothing.

However, bearing in mind that the vast majority of people in this busy metropolis are always on the go and running for time, ironing is something that they cannot think of often, if ever at all. Thus, they do their homework, check sites such as, check what the market has to offer and turn to professional ironing services in Dubai to do the job instead.

Hiring a professional ironing service – Short overview

One of the main advantages of not doing your ironing by yourself is that it saves you time. Imagine the bigger picture of ironing your family’s garments for the entire week – it will take a lot of time and efforts for the task to be completed. The less skilled and impatient you are the worse the story going to develop. Furthermore, many materials are difficult to handle so you need precision and persistence while ironing. With hiring ironing services, you can use the time and energy to work on a project, rest, have fun or even spend valuable time with your friends and family.

On another note, on the contrary to the widely spread opinion - hiring an ironing service is not as expensive and you can seek for more reasonably priced services by requesting quotes from various companies. Some of them have a fixed number of hours calculated as per the block of hours needed for the amount of clothing. Others use the weight of the clothes to determine how much they are going to charge you. In general, these are the main criteria used:

  • A minimum charge
  • Pick-up or delivery costs
  • Priority schedule fee
  • Weight (per kg) cost
  • Volume based pricing
  • Price per item
  • Discounts & Incentives

Ironing companies offer people the luxury of convenience. With most people, especially mothers, being busy with taking the kids to school and rushing to the office, or corporate professionals travelling every second day - ironing services are just a block or a call away. The complete process is as easy as it gets, and you just need to leave the items and collect them at an agreed time or day.

Professional service of good quality – better start-off position

Quality is another feature that makes it worth to outsource your ironing. Most of the companies offering such type of service in Dubai employ skilled professionals who take care, manage and iron your clothing in the best possible way. By doing so, basically you are getting much better quality than what you could have provided if you were to do the ironing on your own.

Nowadays, looking for a reputable ironing company is really easy, and Google or Yahoo! Search can show you tens even hundreds of results in your vicinity.

Additionally, since word of mouth is still ruling the market, you can check popular sites like and find more practical and credible comments, feedback and reviews by people who were in your shoes. Feedback from previous customers also puts major weighting on the decision-making process. The real challenge though, comes when deciding upon the major traits of a professional ironing service. In any case, if the company doesn’t to pick-up and drop-off – the location is paramount in order for you to save money and time.

What you give is what you get – ironing edition

Whether you are up to only few shirts, a whole bulk of family clothing or a high-end suit, a good ironing company should also be able to properly handle different ironing needs. The more diverse their work is the easier they would deal with tough cases. Additionally, choosing an ironing company that charges more due to being more thorough when carrying out the tasks – is much beter than going for the one has lower fees but offers result which is less than satisfying.

Dubai is a busy place to be, and chances are that you may never have the free time to be responsible for your own laundry and ironing. However, not all companies in the industry are all milk and honey. It is even advisable to shop around for the best deal near you but also keep in mind that what you give is what you get back. Most people are doing some common mistakes prevent you from finding a service that you will be lucky to have:

Staying cheap

This is by far the most common mistake that clients in Dubai make. They take their clothing to the cheapest possible service. Now, just to stay on the safe side, cheap can be both smart and practical but the issue lies in the inferior quality you will get. They use the cheapest appliances, buy low quality ingredients and deodorants and do not have a quality or responsibility system applied.

Bumping into an amateur service

This is another common mistake made when choosing laundry and ironing agents . It is up to you to identify a professional ironing service near you in Dubai that will deliver satisfactory results when and how they are needed. A professional service for you means the best service in treating your clothes well. It is obvious that you tend to care for your garments since you decided to go for such a service at all so your clothing must be dried out well, ironed in good heat and stored properly or delivered at the designated time and location. You don’t want your clothes to look worse than after you wore them. This is of huge importance and it will affect your personal confidence and business image so be sure next time always go to a professional.

Good location saves time and time is money

In any case a laundry service must be near your apartment in order you to be able to organize your day properly. No one wants to have to walk for 20 minutes just to get the suits from the laundry. It may also be practical to hire the services of huge company with branches all over Dubai, so you can be sure that wherever you are you can get persistent and constant quality of service. Check what other people have to say on and offer your practical guidelines as well. Many people are in your shoes.

Choosing small companies

Small and local companies may well offer personalized and welcoming service, however most of them probably do not have the capacity to sort out your clothes or they will always try to complete a bulk order from another client first before ending to yours. They also have few employees and limited capacity, limited working hours and may limit you when you need them the most. They are also not available if you are in another part of the city and they rarely have drop-off service offered to their clients. The result – more lost time for you.

Using over-busy services

Avoid making this mistake and do not take your clothes to extra-busy facilities. Chances are that in those places, the resources are too pushed, and it is hard for your garments to get personalized service. Yes, they do offer lower pricing per piece or item due to the bulk work they are doing but both in the short and in the long-run you will get a lower quality service, delays and even some damage that will cost you more than it should have.

Choosing a company with no or low quality storage space

Storage is an important criterium when talking about the quality of ironing and laundry as well. No one wants a dump shirt ready for you to wear at the start of the week. This means that it is up to you to determine and to choose a professional laundry and ironing service near you in Dubai that it ensures proper storage of your clothing and thus providing satisfactory customer service. Always choose places where they have vast and aerated working spaces, where employees have normal working conditions and the whole place is air-conditioned. Definitely avoid services where your shirts can be gone or lost for hours when you go to collect them.

At the end of the day, set your criteria as in everything that you do and relates to you. Make a good market analysis, check quotations, ask for reviews and comments and check sites such as for credible and reliable information, think it through and go for it. Make it easier on yourself and enjoy the free time doing what you like.

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