Why Partner with Us A name that you can trust upon when it comes to providing quality services.

Be it cleaning your house or baby-sitting, be it gardening or taking your pet for a stroll, we connect hundreds of customers to the best service providers at the best possible rate. The customer has to just request for a service and we do the rest.

We list down all the service providers for the requested service along with their rates and then the customer can choose from the options according to his convenience and budget. The customer then books the service with us and pays for it online. But our work does not end here, for we enable the customer to keep a track of the service requested by monitoring it through our smart app. Hence, we provide a user friendly customer experience leaving the customer completely satiated.

Our company is based on a disruptive model of business. Our aim is to provide services not only to the higher strata of the society but also to cater to the needs of the often overlooked segment i.e. the not so rich class of the society. We believe in providing seamless services at a price which is affordable by all the sections of the society. Hence, we are trying to turn non-consumers into consumers. We do not own any service providing agency nor do we directly give the customer the services asked, instead we connect the consumers who need services to the ones who are willing to provide those. Simply put, we connect the requester to the provider. Lets try to understand it with few existing examples.

Uber, the much feted transport company does not own any cars nor does it hire any drivers, instead it connects the consumers who need a ride to the drivers who can provide those at a price which can be afforded by the general public. Similarly, Airbnb- the worlds largest accommodation provider do not own any real estate properties. They just connect the ones looking for accommodation to the hotels/rest-houses/home-stays offering the accommodation. In a similar way, we try to connect the consumers who need services like cleaning, gardening, baby-sitting, pet-strolling or child care to the agencies providing these services.

Smart Connections


The benefits of partnering and getting agencies registered with us are umpteen. The success of a company is measured on the basis of the number of customers it has. If the company is in the good books of a large number of people, there are high chances of it staying in the market for a long time. And we give the companies this chance to increase their customer base. If a company registers with us, it gets a free market campaigning. The very fact that the name of the agency is on our website, increases its visibility by hundred folds. The customers can reach out to them with just a click of a button. Getting new customers then just becomes a cake walk. The company can save a lot of effort on branding and marketing if it partners with us. In addition to it, the company gets an access to a cloud platform where it can manage resources, maintain the database of its customers, keep a track record of the customer history and record the needs and wants of a customer. Even the payment process through [] becomes an effortless online task with the track of all the transactions safely recorded. We also provide a mobile App to the employees to help the customers in monitoring them. As a result, the customer remains contented and the chances of him turning into a loyal and permanent one increase by leaps and bounds. Thus, a happy customer will no longer remain a myth but become a reality. All in all we at aim to provide the company with a captivating platform from where it can attract customers, manage their booking and provide them with a great customer experience enabling the firm to build up a brand name for itself.

Thus, we give the companies a golden chance to showcase themselves to a larger set of audience without the hassle of complex marketing plans and agendas. We help them to carve a niche and create a brand name, for free! Join hands with us and we promise to deliver beyond your expectations and guarantee to take you to the top of the ladder of success.

The zenith will no longer seem untouchable instead flying high would then just become a habit.

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