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Keeping a Sofa and Other Upholstered Furniture Looking Great Always

Regular cleaning of upholstery will save you expensive deep cleaning routines. Learn a few tricks to keep it looking great.

There is hardly a home in Dubai where you will not find a few upholstered pieces of furniture. In nothing else, a sofa set is a must in every household. Keeping it clean and looking as good as new is a near impossible task. There is so much a piece of furniture has to endure - dirt, grime, spots and spills as well as your pet’s hair, if you have any at home. This necessitates having your sofa or upholstered furniture cleaned by a professional. Upholstery cleaning in Dubai does not come cheap and also involves a disruption in your routine. But, with a few tips and tricks, you can keep your sofa clean and save yourself the expense of getting it professionally deep cleaned more often than necessary.

Tricks To Keep Your Upholstery Looking Like New Longer

It does not take much to perform a regular cleaning of your upholstered furniture. But I believe in taking precautions to avoid getting it too dirty in the first place. So here are a few tips that will keep your furniture looking like new avoiding the cost of dry cleaning or wet cleaning the sofa.

Weekly vacuuming

Take out that vacuum cleaner and give your sofa a rough and tough roll out. Let the vacuum cleaner suck up the debris from the side of the sofa. Dust, dust mites, dog and cat hair, it all vanishes within seconds from the sofas with regular weekly vacuuming. Remember to get into the folds and crevices where the debris hides.

Readjust the cushions

Keep rotating your sofa cushions. Fluff or pump them up every day and especially after every siting session. This will keep your cushions in shape. Also give them a toss once in a while to do away with those loose dust particles that may have set in. A bit of sunlight and a good shakeup generally does the trick of freshening it up.

Cover it up

Consider putting covers on the sofas when not in use. You can also put covers on the sofa arm rests to keep it from getting stained with sweat and grime. A cover will keep your upholstery protected from dust and grime. Get cushions which have separate covers and have fiber fills in them. That way, you can machine wash the covers and the cushions and keep them clean.
Pets woes If you have dogs or cats at home, it’s best to cover the sofa with a throw in case they are in a habit of sleeping on it. If that’s not an option, do a weekly cleaning with a lint roller to remove pet hair. You can also clean up hair by donning rubber gloves and running your hands over the upholstery and then plunge your gloved hands into hot water and let the hairs float off. Getting a professional vacuum cleaner and blasting your sofa with it will also help in removing all that pet hair, dander and dust.

Stain removal

Sofas invariably get stains of spilt coffee, tea or soft drinks. The spots accumulate dust over time and leave ugly marks on your sofa. You can hide these stains with throws and rugs, or cushions. But it’s best to clean the stain as soon as possible. Get working as soon as the spill happens. Blot the liquid with absorbent towels as much as possible and then clean the area with warm water and detergent soap. Please check the cleaning instruction on your furniture before you clean and persistent stains. Use only recommended products. If you are unsure, do call a professional upholstery cleaning service to deal with it as soon as possible.

Homemade stain removers

Instead of using expensive commercial stain removers, you can use every day items from your kitchen to remove stains from your sofa. Baking soda is excellent to clean spills and stains. Borax mixed in warm water is great for removing juice, wine and dark chocolate stains. Clean sofa with a cloth dipped in boiling hot water in case one spills tea or coffee. Some stains can also be removed through application of surgical spirit that you can easily from a chemist’s shop. For removing blood stains, clean the area with cold water or hot water till the stain is faint and then clean with a mild detergent. To remove the yellow colour of turmeric, use lemon juice or white vinegar. Lipstick can be removed with some nail polish remover (acetone) or turpentine diluted in water (1:1) and just wipe it away. Sometimes, these remedies may not work and you may have to get a upholstery cleaning service to help you out. There are many professional upholstery cleaning services in Dubai that provide both wet cleaning as well as dry cleaning of sofas. You could hire one to come and deal with the spills and stains through the website that lists the best upholstery cleaning services in Dubai.

Love the leather

Leather sofa requires more care than a cloth one but it is easier to clean. Simply wipe your leather sofa with a damp cloth to remove the grime. You may occasionally apply hide-food or saddle soap to prevent the leather from drying out and to protect against stains. You can also clean the material with mild soap and warm water. Do not soak the leather and avoid liquid detergent-based cleansers. Natural leather cleaners with beeswax are recommended over petroleum-based products. To remove mildew or mould clean the area with a cloth soaked in vinegar. For thorough cleaning, buy leather soap and conditioner from home improvement centers. Some experts recommend saddle soap. However, there are those who disagree. Saddle soap is used mainly for saddles (thus the name), and it does not do well for indoor use as it is harsh on the material. But is you wish to use the soap, here is how - Wipe the soap all over the leather with a rag. Make sure to rub out the stains that you may have missed earlier. Rub thoroughly but with a gentle hand and then wipe off the soap with water and let it dry at once. Switch on the fan if required or else your sofa will have spots all over it. Throughout the cleaning process, ensure that you do not over wet the sofa and do not leave liquid over the surface of the leather or it will result in ugly stains. Be very careful with use of water while sitting on a leather sofa. Water can be the biggest enemy of a leather sofa. Immediately wipe off any spilt water or it will leave a permanent stain which will be tough to remove.

Removing pills and balling fabric

Those annoying little balls of cloth that form on sofas make them look frayed and old, are called pilings. This typically happens with fabric that is cross-woven and is caused when excess fibre is pushed to the surface when sitting on the sofa or brushing it. However, it is easy to cut away these pilings. Simply use a shaver or a razor – preferably the ones they use at barber shops – to cut away the piling and baling. Then, just vacuum away the debris from the ones that you have removed. Once excess fiber has been lifted, the pilling will stop and the fabric would look as good as new.

Remove creases and wrinkles

This applies mostly for sofas with slipcovers. These covers are loose fit and are more prone to creasing and wrinkling as compared to upholstered sofas. Just use a mild iron to ease out the crease. Set the iron between warm to medium and run on the surface. But ensure that you do not directly iron the sofa fabric. Put a handkerchief or cloth over the fabric and then iron. You can also use a Hair-Dryer or steam clean with a hand held steamer. If either is not available a water mist sprayer in lieu of a hand held steamer will also do. Simply run them through the wrinkled area adequately and voila, the wrinkles will be gone. If using modern irons with a steam function, use them against the back of the slipcovers.

Preventing sunlight damage

There’s no dearth of sunlight in Dubai. Despite all its disinfectant benefits, sunlight can prove to be bad for your cloth and upholstered sofa sets. The sun can cause the colour to fade and make the sofa look dull and old. You’ll notice discolouration where the sunlight touches too often on the furniture. So, it’s best to keep your sofas out of sunlight to prevent discolouration of the fabric. In case your room is too bright, then use throw covers on the upholstery over the areas where direct sunlight hits it.

Though regular care and cleaning can prevent too frequent deep cleaning of your upholstered furniture, you should get a professional upholstery cleaning service to come and clean it at least once a year. This can really work wonders for refreshing the upholstery and keeps it looking great much longer. Log in to to look for an upholstery cleaning expert. You can compare services and prices of various listed services and pick one that gives you the best value for your money. Keep reading the blogs for more interesting information on housekeeping and other domestic services.

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