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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- Chapter 1: House Chores

Tringg..The alarm clock rings and brings her back from the world of beautiful dreams to the dreaded reality.

She negates, fights, keeps her eyes shut tightly refusing to wake up but gives in to the thought of the list of a gamut of household chores that lie ahead her and finally decides to wake up. With her eyes half open she looks around to see her husband sound asleep and the soft expressions on her kid’s face whom she adores more than anything in the world. She then looks at herself in the mirror of the washroom and becomes slightly worried about the dark circles around her eyes that have started making her look a bit older than her age.

Meet Natasha, a software consultant by profession, married to an investment banker who loves her more than anyone in the world and blessed with a cute little son who will soon be turning five in a month. Like thousands of other working women in Dubai, who start their morning in the same way as Natasha for five out of the seven days of the week, Natasha was an independent woman with a cheerful personality. She is lucky to have been married to a doting husband who never tried to hamper her dreams and let her work even after her delivering their first child. Natasha had been the gold medalist of her college and knowing how important it is for her to keep her career going, her husband always supported her in pursuing her goals.

After finishing her personal chores, Natasha rushes into the kitchen by 6:30 AM and keeps water for boiling on the stove for making tea and simultaneously starts chopping vegetables for today’s cooking. Meanwhile, the bell rings and she hurries to take the packets of milk from the milkman and puts them on boil on the other burner of the stove. While she is still cutting the vegetables, she hears the cranky sound of her son who has now woken up and needs his mother. Juggling between cooking and boiling, she takes the stairs and greets her son with a good morning smile. She then takes him to the bathroom, makes him brush his teeth, takes out his uniform for the school and asks him to take bath. Meanwhile she smells something and hurriedly moves back to the kitchen only to find out that the milk that she had kept for boiling had spilled. Already she had so many tasks in her plate, now lies another one of wiping the milk off the shelf and cleaning the stove. How great would it be if she had someone who can assist her in her daily chores, she wonders! She then tries to quickly finish the chopping and in her hurry, cuts her finger. Gush came the blood flowing and again she thinks, how badly she needed someone to take care of the mundane tasks and let her concentrate on the major ones like getting his son ready for school. She pushes the thought into the back of her mind and starts preparing breakfast for all the members of the family. The entire course took her more than an hour and she gets the shock of her life when she sees the time in her watch. It is already 8 AM and her son’s school bus will come to pick him up at 8:15 AM.

She then gets her son ready and brings him to the dining table for the breakfast. She gives him the breakfast that she had prepared but could not give him the essential glass of milk due to the spilling fiasco that happened before. Cursing herself for being careless she sees her son off for school and goes up to her room. The moment she enters her room, she sees her husband who has not taken a single sip of his tea and is busy reading the newspaper as if the entire responsibility of the affairs of Dubai lies on his shoulder. She reminds him about his tea only to find out that the tea is not warm enough and her husband does not like his tea any less than burning hot. She again goes to the kitchen to warm his husband’s tea and in her mind thinks how late will she get for her office today. Only if she had some help at home, her entire morning could have been different. Once done with all the chores, she goes to take a bath and gets ready for the office.

Already running late, she packs the lunch for her husband and herself and then hurries to the car after licking the gate. During her drive to the office all she could think was how monotonous her life is becoming. Daily she follows the same routine of doing household chores and then office and then again household chores again the next day. Her chain of thoughts is broken by the sudden brakes of the car because she has already reached her office. The first half of the office goes very smooth but the second half as usual goes in a hurry because Natasha always tries to go home early because she had numerous chores lined up for her. Daily she would make some excuse or the other to leave the office early and this was hampering her growth in the office because unlike her colleagues who did not have to do anything after going to their house, she had the responsibility of the evening cooking and giving some time to her son.

After reaching home, she gives the evening milk to her son and sends him out to play despite wanting to play with him herself. She could not afford to spend time with her son because she had to prepare for the dinner. By the time she is done feeding the entire family and then wrapping up small tasks of the kitchen, it is already 11 and it is time for her to retire to sleep only to follow the same routine the following day.

The above sequence of events are most common in the lives of many women of Dubai who are stranded between their household chores and office. These women work non- stop and still do not get time for their own self. All these women like Natasha spend the maximum amount of time in doing the mundane household tasks which could otherwise be spent with the family or in pursuing a hobby. The solution to the problem of many women like Natasha lies in hiring a maid.

A maid is not only a helping hand but is the one on whom one can rely. By hiring a maid, Natasha would need not bother about sacrificing her sleep and waking up early to do the kitchen chores. She could then enjoy the morning tea with her husband and can get her son ready for school on time. She would not have to make excuses in the office to go home early to complete the chores, instead the maid would already do all of those. She could then spend as much time as she wants with her kid in the evening and can also take up swimming classes, the one thing which she has been delaying for a long time now.

A woman is the nurturer of the house and if she remains happy, the entire house is filled with positivity and contentment. We at help4u.today can help women like Natasha in selecting and hiring the maid according to their needs and requirements. We provide you with a plethora of options from which you can choose the maid of your choice and book the maid through our online payment systems. Once the booking is done, you will receive a message about the confirmation and the very next day, the maid will be at your door step. Gone are the days when the entire life of a woman would go in managing the house and the office leaving her with no time for self? We strive to bring about this change in the lives of women and help them in living their life in a better and a more satisfied way. We aim to bring comfort in the life of the comfort provider of the house so that she can relax and live her life in the manner that she has always dreamt of – carefree and stress-free.

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