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Interviewing a Babysitter in Dubai - Right questions to ask!

Finding a babysitter is not every one’s cup of tea but is a requirement which almost all of us have. A babysitter not only helps you in getting some time free from your baby but also gives you the much needed break from your daily schedule. A babysitter can be a boon to a working woman who had to quit her job after delivering the baby or a stay at home mother who needs to spend some quality time with her husband. In short it is one of the most common requirements of these days but the question arises as to how do you find the perfect babysitter and on what basis do you judge whether the babysitter that you are interviewing is capable enough to perform her job. As always, we have a solution for this problem as well. We have gathered a list of questions that will facilitate your hiring a babysitter. The questions revolve around a gamut of topics which will definitely help you in knowing the in and out of the babysitter.

Questions to ask to find the right babysitting candidate

First of all, the process will become quite easier if you act like a boss and treat the entire interviewing process as a business process. You need to bring in the same level of sincerity as you would bring in a business meeting or while recruiting a new employee. Below are the simplest of questions that you need to ask the potential babysitter.


The first set of questions revolve around the experience and training of the babysitter. You would always want your babysitter to have some kind of prior experience before she ends up in your house. A totally new babysitter will be a gamble as there are equal chances of her turning out to be a good one or a bad one and you definitely would not want your kids to be her guinea pigs.

  • How long have you been babysitting kids? This will surely give you a brief about her past experience and make you more comfortable if she has some real good previous experience.
  • Do you have any formal child care training or are willing to further your education in the sphere of child care? This question will bring forth if the potential babysitter has taken any formal training or has just learnt from experience. Experience no doubt plays a significant role in the learning of a babysitter but having a formal training has its different edge.
  • How old were the kids that you had watched previously and how many kids can you watch for at one time? This is one of the most crucial questions that can help you in narrowing down to the right babysitter who is capable of handling the number of kids as per your requirements and also gives you a check about the right age of the kid that the babysitter is capable of looking after.
  • Have you taken any emergency training like in first- aid or in CPR? These trainings come very handy in case of accidents. If the babysitter is properly trained and knows how to give first aid, she can be totally relied upon even if the baby is not within the reach of the parents. Since babysitting is a job involving kids who are unknowingly quite prone to accidents, having a nanny with certain first- aid trainings would definitely be an add- on.
  • What would you do in case of an emergency or if my child injures himself? Even if the potential babysitter has no formal first- aid trainings but is able to answer this question well, one of the major concerns of the safety of the kids is taken care off. If the babysitter is able to manage the kid properly in case of an injury, he/ she is surely an option to be considered.

Approach on handling the kids

Once we are done with the basic back- ground check of the babysitter, we next move on to a more practical set of questions involving the approach of the nanny in different spheres.

  • How would you discipline a child? If the babysitter is able to answer this question, that means he/ she has a good potential. Even if the babysitter is not able to give you an answer according to your requirements, you can let him/her know the kind of discipline that you believe in and would want to be fostered in your kid.
  • How have you dealt with a difficult situation previously? Give an example for the same. Every babysitter has some or the other time come across a difficult situation and the experience that comes with handling a difficult situation definitely gives one a better understanding of handling the kids in a more effective manner.
  • What is the one quality that children like in you the most? The answer to this question would bring out the best quality of the babysitter and would even help you in judging the babysitter better.
  • Tell us about some of the rules that you have followed in the other households and have worked out well for you. These rules will help you in getting to know about the technique of working of the babysitter and would even help you in listing down your house- hold rules also in front of the nanny. Also ask about some of the rules which have not worked out well and the rules with which the babysitter is not comfortable with. You can also discuss your strategies if they are different from the babysitter’s rules and explicitly ask if the babysitter can incorporate them.
  • What will be the daily routine of my child? Deciding the daily activities of the child are a major task of the babysitter and a list of these activities would help you in making the decision of choosing the babysitter quickly. If the babysitter is able to manage the daily routine of the child properly, then half the task of handling the child is taken care of.

General Background Check

In addition to the above mentioned tactics and strategies, there are certain generic questions which need to be asked in order to complete the interview process.

  • What makes you ideal for this job and why? A babysitter should be able to justify his/her plus points and what makes him/ her the best candidate for the job. If the babysitter is confident about his/ her qualities and knows how to make the best use of these, he/ she will be able to prove his/ her worth better.
  • Why did you leave your previous job? This question will give you a hint about the general behavior of the babysitter and the normal know- how of the potential issues that could come up.
  • How long the association will be and if the babysitter has any future plans of marriage, job etc. This will give you a generic estimation of the time for which the babysitter will surely be associated with you and post which you will have to look for someone else. Also, it will prepare you mentally for the duration for which the babysitter will be available to you and whether or not you can rely on her for a longer time or not.
  • Are there any health problems that you are suffering from which could break your normal schedule of babysitting? Health concerns are the most significant aspect of the working hours of a babysitter. If a babysitter is suffering from some health problems, he/ she might take leaves on a sick day and might not be able to give you full working hours on certain days.
  • What is the salary that you are expecting? This is the most crucial question which would turn out be a major deciding factor on whether you want to hire the babysitter or not. The salary that the babysitters demand varies hugely from the no. of hours that they will be working for you to the kind of chores that they are expected to do. If the salary is in your budget and the babysitter agrees on the kind of chores that you expect, then the chances of the babysitter being hired by you increase by multiple folds.

We saw that interviewing a babysitter is not a walk in the park but is a task that needs to be done with full responsibility and sincerity. If the right questions are asked, they help you in giving a better idea about the expectations of the babysitter and also helps in checking if the babysitter fits into your needs. With the list of the above questions, we aim to make your job of finding a babysitter easier that would definitely help you finding the right fit.

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