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Upholstery and mattress cleaning in Dubai – Best practices

Mattresses and upholstery easily absorb dirt, food particles, dust and bacteria which can harm our health.

Regardless of having children or pets, being a sociable person, hosting friends and family often or simply spending your free time at home a lot, you are well aware your upholstered furniture is constantly under fire. Starting from dust, food crumbs, pollen, various particles, germs, stains and even up to wholes – this list is long and cannot be ignored. Basically, in those homes that have carpets, up to 80% of the all the dust and dirt brought into your apartment may be later stuck in your upholstered draperies and furniture. However, we rarely want to accept the fact of owning a dirty furniture and the risk it poses for our health and for the wellbeing of everyone in the home.

We all agree there's nothing like new upholstery set to freshen up your apartment and get it ready for the summer season. A few pieces of enjoyable and flirty fabric can absolutely give and breathe in new life into a well-worn piece of furniture you don’t want to get rid of, but how long it will keep its shine and spark is entirely up to you.

Young couples, fresh homeowners or new residents are very eager to immerse and put their creativity in use and turn super ambitious to decorate their new home and create a pleasant and enjoyable space for themselves. Furniture is the first thing everyone buys, the walls get new and cheery paint and all this screams serenity until the kids make their celeb-star entry. Bright furniture is not bright anymore, carpets seem to have more food and even flavour than the pantry in the kitchen and there is less and less time and energy for thorough cleaning – which is one of the main reasons why more and more people turn to hiring professional upholstery cleaning in Dubai. There are quite a lot of comments and guidelines on sites like which can throw enough light while looking for the best service in town.

Although we really do our best to clean the upholstery and to take thorough care, regular cleaning is often really not enough for removing all the sand particles and dirt hiding deep within the gaps. Even worse, since every home in Dubai is airconditioned and due to the sandy environment, these dirties easily socialize and create fungus and bacteria, then leading to many health problems such as bad odour and even allergy related problems.

Experts do agree than such materials require a more professional help to be included. While renting a mattress and upholstery cleaning machine definitely tilts on the cheaper side, it requires some set of skills and knowledge that not everyone has and above all - time. But as with many aspects of living in a bustling metropolis as Dubai, who can find the time for cleaning in their hectic schedules? Therefore, hiring reliable mattress and upholstery cleaning professionals would is the best option.

Benefits gained prove well worth the extra costs

  • Fresher and cleaner air - Professional upholstery cleaning services in Dubai use special industrial vacuum cleaners for sand, dust and stain removal. A very big number of cleaning solutions which are available in the stores can be toxic and dangerous, while the professional cleaning companies use eco-friendly cleaning products and take all the necessary precautions and use the right and the safe cleaning techniques that will make have the right effect.
  • Better upholstery protection – Professional upholstery services employ professionals who know how to properly clean each type of upholstery fabric because if a wrong or not matching cleaning product is applied to a specific type of fabric, it can cause blemish, ruin your furniture or tear it down.
  • It brings back the old good shine and revives the material - Apart from stain and deep dirt removal, it can easily restore your upholstery to its original beauty. Using a proper professional deep cleaning service regularly can and will extend the durability of your upholstery and will cut you costs in the long run. You can read more about the benefits of hiring a professional upholstery cleaning service near you in Dubai on and check credible comments on personal experiences of people like yourself.

Preventative measures to make the job easier

  • Vacuums are not intended just for floors and those somewhat intimidating attachments they come with can actually give a new life to your furniture and extend its durability. Most vacuum cleaners have an upholstery attachment intended for vacuuming soft furnishings which preferably should be done on a weekly basis. The angle-tipped crevice add-on is an awesome helper when it comes to reaching sneaky areas where dirt and oils - the evidence of daily use, like to settle such as tufted areas, fabric folds and creases.
  • Once a month preferably, we should take the cushions outdoor and get rid of dust by beating them by hand. This acts as a good prevention from dust settling more permanently into the fibres. When replacing cushions and mattresses, we should rotate and flip them in order to ensure even wear.
  • Better self-control and tidiness is the best cure for the longevity of the furniture. If no food, drink and pets get their place on the furniture, you'll avoid worry and your job will be much easier. However, we should also take care with other less obvious sources of stains such newsprint inks that can bleed easily onto fabric. First-aid for stains
  • Want to make the job easier? Get to it swiftly before it has time to set is one of the main rules of treating a spill. A blotting gesture with a paper towel or clean white fabric is the right recipe. Rubbing most often smudges the spill into a larger stain so we should blot and work from the outside of the spot towards the centre and we should blot dry.
  • If blotting is not enough and the stain is as stubborn as in the beginning - a cleaning solution is needed, so taking into consideration the manufacturer's care label is of the essence. Directions and guidelines give you information regarding types of products intended for the cleaning of that particular fabric: W for water-based cleaners, S for solvents, WS for either, and X for none of the above - in which case, vacuuming is your only option. Generalizing and using one type of solution for different materials can lead to damaging your upholstery and investing your efforts in vain.

Mattress cleaning – a challenge for itself

No matter how well you take care of your home or clean your upholstery, you may be overlooking one vital area that really affects your indoor air quality - your mattress.

Scientifically observed and proven, every night we make about half a litre of sweat and our bodies shed nearly a whole gram of skin residue. Hence, our mattress can easily become household to dust mites, bugs, bacteria and fungal spores and thus a stable ground for allergies and diseases which can weaken your immune system. This is also really important when it comes to expats coming to Dubai and are exposed to new types of allergens and bacteria which can cause health troubles. Many people in deed share their thoughts and experience on websites like Visit it and share yours too.

Your mattress and air quality

There are numerous sources of indoor air pollution. Starting with smoke, paint and glue, your home's air quality can also be very easily affected by biological contaminants in the air. This includes many types of dust mites, bugs, pollen, mould, pet dander, viruses and bacteria.

When you contemplate and realize just how much skin residue, sweat, and oil your own body produces every night while you sleep, it's not hard at all to figure out why your mattress can be a major source of contaminants in the air you breathe every day.

Mattress cleaning itself

Cleaning a mattress thoroughly usually takes some time but it definitely can help protect your health.

Vacuuming. The first step is thorough vacuuming the mattress to remove skin debris that accumulate over time. An upholstery attachment should do the trick in avoiding depositing any new contaminants on the mattress. Deodorizing. It is likely that your mattress has a good amount of sweat and dust in it. Just like your own body, so too does your mattress start to develop its own aroma after a while. Deodorizing the mattress neutralizes any odours it may have developed. Cleaning and stain removal. Stains from sweat, blood, puke, and other bodily fluids can cause serious stains on your mattress as they move right through your sheets so dry cleaning is also advised from time to time. Steam cleaning. When it comes to certain allergies or rougher stains, professional steam cleaning is an extra effort that can protect your health.

How often to clean your mattress?

Most of us either fail to perceive or ignore everything that is living in our mattress or fail to give it any thought at all after putting the sheets in the laundry machine. Some experts state that the linen itself should be washed at least once a week to minimize the amount of oil, sweat and skin debris, while the pillows should be cleaned at least twice a year.

When it comes to the mattress itself, we should aim for a minimum of once per season. Finally, there are many people in your shoes asking themselves the same questions. Check popular sites such as for a better insight into the matter, share your comments, learn something new and start implementing from day one.

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