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Cleaning service in Dubai and Sharjah – How to find a trustworthy partner

In recent years, hiring a trustworthy cleaning service in Dubai and Sharjah has proved a tough scenario for many people.

We all do agree that there is no feeling than the one of just entering your apartment when coming back from work to a clean home - turned spotless just for you. In this upbeat city of ours, 9-5 attitude has long been old news and lazy weekends doing nothing are literally impossible when you have so many things to do at home, let alone when you have kids making additional chaos on the way. Now, just try and visualise having the chance to relax and take the weekend off from house work.

Imagine being able to simply hire or visit sites like and book a professional service that will take care of the things you really don’t have time to do or things that take too much of that precious free time that you can rather spend with your family or just with yourself. Sounds good, right? Let’s go get it. In most cases, though, it doesn’t work that easy.

Everyone who had a long day of work and then come home just to realize that a mountain of household chores is just around the corner, the thought of hiring a professional cleaning service in Dubai has crossed his/her mind. With that being said, the reality check shows that this still may be a thought that could be easily pushed aside in your head or even totally rejected by general misconceptions of what online booking cleaning service is like.

Theft cases make good headline stories

Having so many tourists and businessmen pouring in from various countries and leaving their mark in Dubai and Sharjah, the cleaning services business has been blooming, and new companies pop up on the market like mushrooms in a field. With many expats choosing it as a place of residence and also making their way through this metropolis, finding a trustworthy cleaning service and partner is not an easy task.

As in everything in life, good stories spread like fires, but it is the bad ones who make it to the headlines and spread even faster. Just like hearing reports on plane crashes makes people to be more afraid of flying regardless of the fact that air travel is the safest type of transport and virtually all flights make it safe and sound to their final destination – bad examples and bad stories always tend to create certain attitudes and opinions about what kind of cleaning service to book near you.

Unfortunately, a positive story about a cleaning agency or a maid who showed and went above and beyond the regular assignments and duties is simply not as exciting and doesn’t reach social media or the news headlines.

Where there’s smoke…there’s usually a fire

On the other hand, where there’s smoke often there’s also a fire, and many cases of house cleaners stealing the clients and the home owners did happen because no one was cautioned and vigilant about it and left too much open space in his own backyard.

So, the main question to be asked is how to find a trustworthy cleaning service in Dubai and Sharjah, what to do before they come and how to turn it into a partnership relationship you can rely on? And the answer is not a simple one. The main things you should find in your cleaning partner are the following:

  • Good cleaning service puts your needs before theirs and understands that it is your home that is in question – your personal habitat and sanctuary and that everything connected with it is important to you. It's where you feel secure, relaxed, safe and it is where you can be yourself. They should do their best to protect you and your home and maintain clean and healthy environment while not disturbing the relation and intimacy you have within your home.
  • Complying with and promoting highest standards in their work speaks volume about the service provider and makes it way easier to earn your trust. Using appropriately marked vehicles, top-tier equipment and well-qualified staff will show respect for your home, your family and your things and by cleaning your home with careful attention to detail they will meet your high expectations.
  • Small things like smoking or eating in your home, using separate tools and equipment for different surfaces, implementing liability and compensation policies and implementing quality control procedures are definitely a good step ahead towards establishing a good level of trust between you and them
  • Professional cleaning service in Dubai always goes to great lengths when hiring and continually training only the best residential housekeepers and performs deep background checks to ensure top level of performance.

Always do your homework – leave nothing to chance

However, concerns about theft and stealing valuables are on the of the list of reasons not to hire a professional cleaning service in Dubai and Sharjah. Choosing a cleaning company which is followed by a good word of mouth, has good reviews and maintains an excellent reputation in the community and an extended history of service can be helpful in dismissing these fears away. Check credible sources of comments and feedback, read as much as you can and find out more on sites like so you can easily find credible and trustworthy companies with proven record.

In any case, whether or not you have a feeling, or you catch your cleaning service employees doing inappropriate things or even stealing from you, stay positively alert and vigilant and do not leave everything to someone else’s goodwill.

Ask an expert and all of them will agree about one rule concerning theft prevention which is to eliminate the chance and the prospect to steal. Most people will not go into depth and open drawers and secret places strategically looking for something to steal but rather will go for something visible that they will help themselves with.

So, be sure to be aware of your belongings and their location, do not offer easy access to things which are of great and sentimental value to you and put away jewellery, cash, particular electronic devices of higher value and other small valuables before your cleaning appointment. Always check them before and after your professional cleaners leave the apartment, and report if you have anything missing immediately to their manager. In every regard, it never harms to err on exercising more cautious approach.

Go for quality – stealing is not the only problem

Remember, you are giving access to your home to people you hardly know. Theft can and unfortunately, does happen in the cleaning service business. However, theft is sometimes not even the major problem. Inadequate cleaning, irresponsible staff, too little attention to details, irregularity and wrong tools and cleaning products are just to name a few. Any one of these issues could happen if you don't do your homework before hiring a cleaning service in Dubai.

Furthermore, we all do generally agree that relieving ourselves form housework by inviting any service person into our home to work instead of us requires a small compromise of privacy. However, the vast majority of cleaning services companies employ tested and experienced professionals whose primary goal is to clean well and quickly with giving little, if any, attention to your personal items.

Finally, check familiar and professional websites with many followers such as and follow the main checklist of what makes a good and trustworthy partner when booking your cleaning service:

  • Word of mouth is king – check reviews, recommendation, comments, grades, likes, dislikes, bans, blacklisting, rewards, marks, professional membership, accreditation and affiliation – no one wants to be in a bad company but everyone wants to be part of the strong ones.
  • Evaluate both local and international – very often local providers offer better quality and lower pricing due to better market understanding and business segmentation. International players stand for standards implementation and security but often do not stand for quality
  • Inquire about cleaning products – investing in top tier products means investing in top tier quality and it is a proof of the respect the company has towards your home
  • Check company staff culture and employee background – companies that promote extensive background checks, offer competitive salaries, cater for their employees, offer good and fair working conditions, foster accountability for actions and offer promote bonding, continuous training and skills upgrade, insurance and worker’s compensation and stand to their financial liability are always good to work with
  • Employee work longevity – it shows that the staff is consisted of experienced cleaners, and that the company treats the employees well which will show in their quality work.
  • Cheaper is not always better – in most cases we do get what we paid for and when it comes to taking care of your home making financial compromises of great difference is not a good idea.

Finally, in a vibrant city as Dubai, the cleaning services industry is more than dynamic, and we have to be aware that trust goes both ways. The best advice is to do your homework, give it a chance and always stay vigilant. Check websites such as and share your experience as well and enjoy the free time you saved from house cleaning.

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