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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- 11: The end results from all the cleaning – A Christmas Party

Natasha is an expatwoman and her entire house had a new look and there was no better way to flaunt it than throw a party.

The Idea of the Party

Natasha’s house was oozing freshness and newness from every nook and corner. Her entire house now looked like a dream home and why would not it look that way when all the members of the family had given it their blood and sweat. All of them had worked together on redecorating it in a manner that they loved and now the fruits are lovely. Natasha could not help admire their work and now that her house was redone she wanted to flaunt it to all her family members and friends. She wanted all of them to see their hard work and appreciate it. As they say ‘Admiration is one big motivation for women’ and so was it for Natasha who wanted to be admired and glorified.

Natasha her husband and her son had spent a great deal of quality time together and now they felt that they should socialize with people and what better occasion than Christmas to invite everyone to their place for a get together. Hence, they decided to throw a Christmas party for all their friends and family members staying in Dubai. Throwing a party would give them an opportunity to spend some great moments with all their acquaintances and would also multiply the festival fervor.

Setting the date

Christmas is one of the busiest seasons in Dubai and given the holiday season most people tend to go for vacation during the time period. Furthermore, the ones present in town also have some event or the other scheduled and hence, tend to be busy. Thus, finding the right date for the party which otherwise is a mundane task becomes one of the most important tasks while organizing a Christmas Party. Natasha and her husband knew how busy people tend to get during Christmas and were aware of the importance of deciding on the date. So, they chose to fix the dinner three days prior to Christmas that is on 22nd of December else the turnout of people might be less. So they sent invitation cards with the date mentioned to all their friends and family members and even called each one of them to confirm their availability. They knew that the larger the gathering, the more happening the party would turn out to be and hence, made this wise decision of keeping the party few days before Christmas Eve to make their party a grand success.

Setting the Course of the food and finding the Vendors

Natasha as many expatwoman, knew that the party will be grand and hence, she and her husband decided that they will be outsourcing the catering to external vendors. Last time when Natasha had organized her son’s birthday party, the only complaint that she received from her guests was that she did not spend enough time with them. With every responsibility on her shoulder Natasha had to keep a check on all the things and hence, remained occupied in monitoring the maid or other tasks. This time she wanted to taste the flavor of the party herself and wanted to completely enjoy and spend time with all the guests and therefore, they decided to outsource the main job of the party that is catering to external vendors. They also decided to hire additional help from who would help them to clean the after party mess.

Food is a key part of any event and can easily ruin or make the success of the party. Therefore, the decision of hiring the caterer was one of the most critical decisions on which the success of the party would solely rely. Another important decision to take was the kind of cuisine that they would be serving to the guests. They had a plethora of options to choose from and in the end decided to go for the ‘Mexican and the Lebanese’ cuisine. The starters would be served along with the drinks and both the vegetarian and non- vegetarian options would be available. Natasha’s husband called up the famous vendors who would cater Mexican and Lebanese food and briefed them about their requirements. Both he and Natasha would visit them the next day to taste their food and then finalize on the caterer.

Deciding on the theme of the party

Even though for majority of the people, food tends to take all the importance while hosting a party but for Natasha equally important was the decision of the theme of the party. It would be the theme only according to which her house would be decorated and she wanted it to look like a complete dream home which everyone craves about. She wanted the decorations to be extra ordinary and hence, for her it was the theme that could either make or break her party. She wanted to do all the decorations according to the theme herself and thus, had to take this decision very carefully. After a lot of thinking, she came up with the idea of the Hawaiian Christmas Theme and decided to give all the Christmas decorations an extra twist. She thought of decorating the Christmas tree with shells and the small umbrellas which would give a feel of sitting near a beach. She even decided to add garlands made from silk flowers leis to the tree and everywhere around. The dinner table buffet will be decorated with the garlands and the leis and coastal fruits would be kept in the middle of the table to give it the look of a shack. She would get her son dressed as a Hawaiian Santa and she knew how happy her son would be to be dressed as Santa and giving away gifts to everyone. She now had to think of some Hawaiian theme games and also decided to ask everyone to dress up according to the theme. They would then be selecting the best dressed person from all the guests who would receive a special gift from Santa.

The order for the Cake

The next thing which definitely needs to be taken care is the cake. They had to order a cake which would be large enough to be distributed amongst the grand gathering. So Natasha decided to order for a 3 storied cake which would be in red color in the form of a Santa. She decided the flavor to be red velvet which would complement the theme and would be good in taste as well. She knew that she would have to place the order for the cake as early as possible because it was going to be a large cake. She also decided to make sure that they get the cake on the last day only and that too in the evening so that it remains fresh and not become stale.

Keeping all the above things in mind, Natasha decided to continue planning for her party and was eagerly waiting for the final day. She wanted everything to be perfect right from the decorations to the food and from the dressing to the party games. She and her husband would leave no stone unturned to make this party a huge success and the one of a kind which everyone would remember. Natasha’s main emphasis would be on the decorations which would bring out her house in the best light. She wanted everyone to admire her decorations and the whole themed party idea was just to facilitate that. A lot of work needed to done she thought to herself. Planning and organizing a themed party in Dubai and that too in one of the busiest seasons of the year was not everyone’s cup of tea but she surely knew how to handle the commotion surrounding the organization of an event and definitely knows how to come out of it successfully.

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