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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- 14: The New Year Vacation – Thanks to the maid

The Christmas was celebrated with full pomp and show and it was time for the New Year family vacation now.

The post- Christmas party fever

The festivity around Christmas was completely high and it could not have been a better Christmas for Natasha and her family than the one just spent. The family had a blend of both the family time and the social gathering. They enjoyed the company of their friends but also took a great deal of time out to be spent just between the three of them. The vacations were soon to be over and all of them wanted to bring about a perfect ending to them, hence they decided to go for a weekend trip to a nearby resort in Dubai. The only thing which Natasha was concerned about was the after cleaning that she might have to do once they return from the trip. But soon did she realize that she need not bother about the after cleaning and can hand over the responsibility of the cleaning to her maid and can carefree go for the holiday.

The pre planning for the weekend

Natasha’s husband had booked a luxurious resort for the family weekend trip which had a swimming pool, a tennis court, a kid’s play room to name a few luxuries. He had very evidently kept in mind his son while deciding on the place and made sure that there was a kid’s play area wherever they go. He had even kept her wife’s interest in mind and made sure that the resort had a spa there which Natasha loved. All the reservations were made and the entire family was all set to go for a vacation. Natasha was busy packing her clothes and even asked her son to take out his favorite clothes from the closet. She had already kept a hat to protect herself from the sun along with the sun glasses. She had kept everyone’s swimming costumes as well. Her husband had done his packing one day before and was glad to have finished off the task earlier than all. They had also kept some toys and story books for their son which would keep him involved in case he gets bored. The best thing about the resort was that it had two swimming pools of different heights- one for kids and the other for adults. Natasha and her son were extremely happy to know about this and had already started making plans of swimming.

The only thing left to do was to explain the maids her duties. Natasha had thoughtfully prepared a list of the tasks that the maid would need to perform in their absence. She had carefully told the maid to keep on updating the task list as she finished each task. The maid listened to her and understood all the tasks that needed to be done in their absence. Deep in her mind even Natasha was a little carefree as she was leaving her house in the responsible hands of her maid. This time she need not worry about the mess that would be created when the house would be left unattended by her but was happy going for the weekend getaway with the members of her family. She had craved for such a family vacation from so long and now it was time that she enjoyed the tome with her family without having to worry her house. She could now have as much fun as she wanted and that too freely.

The arrival at the resort

Early in the morning Natasha along with her husband and her son left for the resort. The moment they reached the resort, they were awestruck by its beauty. Having found such a beautiful location and that too so near to Dubai was a dream come true for them. It was an ideal spot for a dream vacation. The reached their room and found it to be amazingly beautiful. The room was a suite and had a seating area, a dining area and a bar in addition to the sleeping area. All three of them just lied down on the bed as they were completely exhausted from the travel and decided to take a nap before exploring the resort in the evening.

Meanwhile the maid had started doing her tasks. She had cleaned the bedroom from every nook and corner and had even opened the windows in the morning for the fresh air to come in the house. She had then cleaned up Natasha’s son’s room and had arranged his clothes properly in the closet. Next she had to arrange the toys and story books in his room and also had to change the bed sheet in all the rooms. Natasha’s maid remembered Natasha’s instructions to keep on updating the task list in the app and was continuously doing so. Natasha also kept on monitoring the status of the tasks as and when she found time and every time she saw a task completed, she felt happier about her decision to select and hire the maid from who had relieved her from a big burden. Every time she thought about how carefree she is while on a vacation, she felt lucky to have found such a maid in a city like Dubai.

The wonderful time in the resort

All of them decided to go for swimming in the evening and Natasha’s son was most excited about the plan. He had immediately changed into his swimming costumes and was waiting for his parents to get ready and then they would go for swimming. All three of them went for swimming, their son in the smaller pool for the kids and both of them in the larger one. Natasha’s husband taught their son the few basics about swimming so that he could enjoy his time in the pool and to their surprise their son had learnt all the things immediately. Both of them were impressed by his grasping power and were happy with their decision of enrolling him in the swimming classes. Both of them were happy to see their son enjoy and that made them enjoy their time in the pool all the more. All of them were so tired from the swimming that they decided to change over and head straight for the dinner. The dinner buffet was sumptuous and all of them over ate. The food was beyond excellence and none of them wanted to stop eating. After the dinner they retired into their room and slept.

The next morning Natasha went for the spa and her son and her husband went to play table tennis. Natasha’s husband taught their son the initial strokes with the racket and both of them had a great time playing. Next they went to the kid’s play area where Natasha’s husband read his son a few stories of his interest in addition to playing the games. The father and the son had a great time bonding with each other as otherwise they do not get much time to spend with each other. Meanwhile Natasha was done with the spa and was in the best of her moods. All of them had a lovely time in the resort and none of them wanted to go back home. But every good thing comes to an end, and so was their vacation.

When they finally retreated to their home, Natasha was simply impressed with the work of her maid. Her maid had kept the house so neatly that Natasha did not even feel the need to do anything after coming home. All she did was relax and retire to her bedroom and thought about all the beautiful memories that they had made during the weekend getaway.

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