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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- Chapter 2: The maid got ill

Hiring a maid for all her household chores was one of the best decisions that Natasha had taken in a while.

After going through the same series of events daily Natasha firmly decided that having a domestic help at home would not only give her comfort but would also give her time for her own self which she has been missing from quite some time now. She wanted to pursue swimming which she could now easily do, her performance in the office will not be compromised as she will not always be in a hurry to go back home and also she would now be able to spend quality time with her son and her husband. Basking in the glory of these thoughts, Natasha felt a kind of inner happiness. She was on top of the world. But along with being happy she also realized that while hiring a maid she will not only have to pay for her Visa and take care of her accommodation, she will also have to get her maid insured. Being a responsible citizen of Dubai, Natasha was very well aware of the benefits that insurance brings with it. She knew that along with health insurance, there are other insurance schemes which provide additional insurance in case of unwarranted circumstances. Natasha being aware of the usefulness of the various kinds of insurance, decided to get her maid insured.

The very fist day

The very first day her maid arrived in her house was quite comfortable for her. She taught the maid the basic essential works that she needs to do. She briefed her about the routine of every member of the family so that the maid can be acquainted with her work. Even when she was not in the house, she would update the app provided by with the task and the very same moment the maid would get to know about it. The maid would then finish off the task and accordingly update the app. Thus, the co- ordination between Natasha and her maid was in full- swing and Natasha had become quite comfortable with her.

Finally time to go shopping again!

Natasha would now throw parties and would go out for shopping with her friends every now and then. She even started the much awaited swimming class and even took her son to the play area in the evening. The entire home had become a happier place and each member of the family was now accustomed to the maid. The maid also had now settled properly in the house and was satisfied with the kind of work that she was doing.

And the maid gets ill...

One fine day, Natasha wakes up and finds that the maid is not there in the kitchen. She calls her to check and finds out the maid is suffering from high fever. She immediately goes to the maid’s room and realizes that the maid’s body is burning hot and she has 106 degrees fever. She along with her husband immediately take the maid to the nearest hospital and get her diagnosed. After the check- up the doctor tell them that their maid is suffering from malaria and would need to be admitted to the hospital for further treatment. Both Natasha and her husband immediately get their maid admitted and ask the doctor to start her treatment. The doctor tells her husband about the formalities that they need to complete and also briefs them about the cost of the entire treatment.

But not everything is lost

Thankfully, Natasha had hired the maid from and the maid had already got health insurance which saved her from the loss of quite a handsome amount of money. She and her husband could readily agree for her treatment only because they had the assurance that the entire amount that will be spent on her treatment would be given back to them by the insurance company. They used to come daily to meet her and see her improvement. After a few days the maid was completely fit and fine and was ready to be taken back home. The maid was grateful to her employers who took such good care of her and did not let her feel that she is away from her home. Both Natasha and her husband were also very happy to see their maid in the pink of her health and were thankful to the insurance company to bear the hospital expenses for her treatment.

All of them could face this medical situation calmly only because Natasha had got her maid insured at the right time. From then, their bonding grew even stronger and the maid started helping Natasha in an even better way. She would now take Natasha’s son out for playing in the evening and would even feed him in Natasha’s absence. Natasha also became a little care free while stepping out of the house as she knew that she is leaving her son in the safe hands of the maid. Her son was also happy while playing with the maid and also while going to the park with the maid.

Again, another issue...will it ever end?

It was one of the regular evenings when the maid had taken Natasha's son to the ground for playing. They were playing throw and catch with the ball when suddenly the ball went too high and hit the car of their neighbor. The force with which the ball had hit the bumper of the car was so strong that it produced a dent on it. Now both the son and the maid became worried because it was a major loss to the car. They were worried thinking about the reaction of Natasha and her husband. To avoid further chaos, the maid immediately calls up Natasha and tells her about the entire incident. Natasha came to the accident spot immediately and asked both her son and the maid to calm down. Natasha had got an insurance for her maid in which any damage occurred by the maid to someone else’s property would be taken care by the insurance company.

Thus, again the insurance of the maid which Natasha had got done came handy in case of an unwarranted situation and brought the entire family out of trouble. Both Natasha and the maid were relieved that they will not have to bear any loss for the damage done to the car. Although Natasha did give a piece of her mind to the maid and asked her to be careful in the future, in her mind she was also tension- free because the major threat of bearing the damage of the car was not on them and would be handled by the insurance company.

What does the story tell Natasha?

The story of Natasha and her maid surely tells us about the multiple benefits that the insurance of the maid brings with it. Not only it lets the employers of the maid live tension- free but also gives them the flexibility to take proper care of the maid or give her any other kind of medical treatment on time. This not only strengthens the bond of the employer and the employee but also generates trust between them. It helps them to create a cordial environment in the house without any tension and stress. This kind of environment not only brings about a positive vibe in the house but also helps in increasing the overall happiness of the members of the family.

In order to help you achieve this kind of cordial environment in your house, we encourage you to get your maid insured. With the government making the health insurance mandatory for every person in Dubai from June 2016, it becomes mandatory for every employer of the maid to get their domestic help insured. By hiring a maid through our website, the sponsor can be completely sure about the quality of the maid and only needs to get her insured. Time and again, we have tried to help our customers by providing them with quality services and that too from the comfort of their homes. By joining hands with us, you can transfer all your tensions to us and sit back and relax while we work to give you the best of the best services in town.

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