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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- Chapter 4: The maid’s emergency fiasco

Natasha was still in the hangover of the party but little did she know that her happiness was short termed.

The Hangover continues…

It was a week after Natasha’s son’s birthday party but she was still getting calls from the other parents and her relatives congratulating her on the success of the party. Right from the food to the cake to the decorations, everything was done perfectly and was being highly appreciated by the guests. There were even calls from her neighbors asking her the contacts of the caterer or the florist, but Natasha would modestly tell them that all the arrangements were done by her and no one was hired for the same. That would leave many of them utterly surprised and in awe of Natasha’s great taste and hard work. Equally happy was Natasha’s son on receiving so many gifts. Now he had a new bicycle, a new set of hardy- boys books, a new video game, new set of hot wheel cars, you just name a toy in the market and he owned it. His happiness knew no bounds and seeing such a lively atmosphere all around, the entire family members were having the times of their lives. Natasha even gifted her maid a new dress for all her hard work in the party and the maid also felt a part of the family as she was involved in all the celebrations.

On the Office Front

Things were going quite smooth and better than expected for Natasha on the office front. She had now ample time to carefully complete her work and give some time in connecting with other people working in her office. Instead of hurrying back home in the afternoon, she used to attend all the events of the office and give her work on time. Since she did not need to worry about the household chores any more, she gave more attention to the office work and hence, produced more results. Her seniors were very happy and amazed to see her changed attitude towards work and were quite satisfied with her. Every now and then she was appreciated for her good work and today something happened which Natasha had not even dreamt of in her wildest dream. Her lead called her to his cabin to discuss an urgent matter. When she went inside his cabin, there was already his senior along with the lead in the cabin. They started talking about how things have changed and showed immense happiness on her performance. Soon after they broke the news that the leadership has decided to make Natasha the lead of the next project. At first Natasha could not believe her ears, but soon realized that all this was for real. Her seniors had nothing but words of praise of her and were quite enthusiastic to see her grow in her career.

Today was the happiest day in quite some time for Natasha and she wanted to go back home and break this good news to her husband. He would be equally happy she thought and started on her journey to home. During her drive back home, she thought that the times have changed and there was pleasant news breaking from all corners of her life. Her son was doing extremely well in school and she was completely satisfied with his performance. Her daily fights were her husband had reduced because now she did not remain stressed due to the house hold chores. Their relationship has moved to a different level and they had gown closer in the last few months. Even her office people now want her to take on the bigger roles and trusted her to give her such a big responsibility. Her promotion which was due for a long time now has finally happened. Life was moving quite smoothly and she was in the most pleasant phase of it.

The Downside

While she was climbing the stairs of her apartment thinking about all the good things that are happening in her life, she saw her maid standing on the door of the house as if she was waiting for Natasha to be home. And actually the maid was waiting to break the news that she will immediately have to go to her home country as her mother was not keeping well and needed someone to be with her. This came as a blow to all the happiness that the news of her promotion brought for her. This was the least expected thing to have happened to her and that too on this day when she was on top of the world. On the day when she felt that everything in her life is fitting into right pieces, she gets the major jolt.

Even though Natasha wanted to tell her maid not to go, she could not do so because she was a good human at heart and she understood the condition at her maid’s house. Her maid has been one of the most sincere maids that she has ever worked with who would not ask for a day off unless she is very ill, and now when she says that she needs to go back home to take care of her mother, Natasha could not say no to her. In fact, she asked her maid not to worry and even gave her some money in advance and told her to take off for as many days as she wants. She ensured her that she would ask her husband to get her tickets booked, as soon as he comes home and the maid can leave for her home country as soon as the tickets are booked.

The husband to the rescue

Natasha’s mood had become sad and she was gloomy when her husband arrived home. She told him about the emergency at the maid’s house and asked him to get her tickets booked as early as possible. While she was getting the dining table ready for dinner, all she could think was how her life would now go back to the earlier times where she was nothing but a stressful working woman who was not able to manage her personal and professional life properly. She was so stressed out with her maid leaving that she even forgot to tell her husband about her promotion and only remembered to tell him when he asked her about her day at work. As soon as her husband got to know of her promotion, he hugged her and congratulated her but could see the kinds of happiness in Natasha’s eyes as he had expected to see. Getting ahead in her career was something which Natasha has been looking for quite some time now and her husband knew how important it is for Natasha to keep it going. He did not want her wife to be upset and wanted to see her happy. He wanted her to enjoy her life as she had been doing from the past few months.

Suddenly an idea came to his mind and he reminded his wife that they could hire another maid from till the time their current maid is at her hometown in the same way as they had hired her. Listening to her husband’s words, Natasha literally jumped on her chair and asked her husband to immediately book the service online. As instructed, her husband booked a maid on and in no time their booking was confirmed. Natasha’s smile was back on her face and her happiness was evident to her husband. Natasha could now spend the rest of the evening with her husband and her son peacefully without having to worry about her maid going. She could now go back to her old routine and progress in her career. She now need not worry about the household chores again and could concentrate on achieving her targets in the office.

She again felt blessed to have such a loving husband who would come to her rescue every time she was stuck in some problem. This time she would not let her husband let down and make him proud of his wife. There was no turning back she thought and she would continue to work hard in office as she had been doing from the last few months and prove out to be successful in this new responsibility bestowed on her shoulders.

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