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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- 16: An Accident, Broken Bones, Finding A Maid to Clean The House.

Little did Natasha know what was in store for her as she prepared to see her in-laws off at the airport.

Happy Morning

It was another bright day and Natasha’s Parents-in-law were leaving to return home. Their visit to Dubai had been a very pleasant one thanks to the caregiver Natasha had hired to take care of her In-Laws. As she walked across the vast visitor’s area, she was looking forward to being alone with her family – just her husband and son again.

Then it Happened!

It was early morning and the cleaning service in Dubai Airport was cleaning the floors and tidying up, preparing for another busy day to start. As she walked across the shining stone floor, Natasha was distracted by a phone call. It was her office reminding her of an important team briefing that she had to conduct. Suddenly, Natasha felt the ground beneath her slip away. The last thing she remembered before she blacked out was the shiny mirror like floor reflecting her face.

She had failed to notice some spilled liquid on the floor and had stepped right into it, slipping on it and twisting her leg horribly.

Waking Up To a Strange Place

Bright lights and strange hushed sounds, Natasha woke up to a strange white world that smelled of disinfectant and medicines. She was confused and tried to move her head. That is when the pain hit her. Her head felt as if it would explode and a soft moan slipped through her lips. She felt movement around her then she heard a female voice say, “She is awake.” Natasha heard the familiar voice of her husband sigh in relief, “Thank God!”

She tried to open her eyes but the bright lights hurt, so she shut them again. She heard the concerned voice of her husband Jason ask, “Are you alright Darling?” Natasha could only moan in response. Jason sat next to her and held her hand. It took Natasha a while to come to full consciousness. She enquired from Jason where she was and why she was there. Jason then told her that she had slipped on the floor at the Airport and had suffered slight concussion and a broken ankle. She had been brought to the hospital and then he had been informed of the accident. She had been unconscious for a couple of hours.

She asked about their son, “Where is Alan?” "He is at school." replied Jason. Natasha expressed the wish to go home, but Jason informed her that she would have to undergo surgery for her broken ankle and may need to stay at the hospital for a few days. Natasha was worried about the home, Jason and Alan. “Who will take care of everything at home?” She asked. Jason replied, “Don’t you worry about anything, we will manage. You just concentrate on getting well.” He promised to look up cleaning services in Dubai and hire a maid. But, he was so busy running between home, hospital and work that he did not find any time to actually search for a good cleaning service in Dubai.

After the Surgery: Hiring A Cleaning Service Dubai

Natasha underwent surgery to set her broken ankle and had to stay in the hospital for a few days. Jason and Alan visited her every day. She fretted about the home and about them. After two days of her constant worrying, Jason had to do something to put Natasha’s concerns at rest. He told Natasha that he would do an internet search for cleaning service in Dubai. Natasha brightened up instantly and suggested that Jason use the Online cleaning service that she had found through and used during the Christmas Season. She emphasized that it was the best place to look for cleaning service in Dubai as they had reliable partners who provided excellent services. She wanted Jason to hire a part time maid who could come and help him with the household chores till she could return home and take care of them. Jason thought for a few moments and then said that they would be better with a full time maid. He pointed out that Natasha would not be able to do much after she returned home as she would have to be bedridden for a few weeks till her ankle healed properly. They would need a maid to help them out the entire day. Natasha saw the sense in hiring a full time maid through

Next day Jason returned and reported that he had found a very good maid through the online cleaning service. She came through one of the best cleaning services in Dubai. She would start work the next day.

The Return Home

Natasha stayed in the hospital for a few more days. She had made a list of the tasks that the maid needed to perform each day. Jason reported the progress that the maid was making in keeping the house clean and looking after Alan and him. The maid was extremely efficient and hardworking. She arrived on time at 8.30 am and stayed on for 8 hours a day, completing all the chores that needed to be done.

Once she had a proper cast on, Natasha was allowed to go home and convalesce there in familiar surroundings. Natasha was glad to go back home. On the day of her release, she got out of her hospital gown and wore her own familiar clothes again. They were freshly laundered and ironed, thanks to the maid.

What a Welcome Home

Upon arriving home, she needed assistance to get up the stairs. As soon as Jason parked the car in the driveway, Alan came rushing out followed by the maid. Alan ran up to hug his mother and welcomed her with a hug and a kiss. He held out a posy of flowers welcoming Natasha back home. Natasha was overwhelmed and hugged Alan, holding him tight against her.

She was helped up the front door steps and into the house by Jason and Alan. Natasha entered a home that was spotlessly clean and smelling nice. She was happy to smell the familiar smells and see the familiar sights. She noticed there were flowers on the hall table and around the house. She asked whether he had brought the flowers. Jason replied apologetically that he had not thought about flowers at all. Alan then told Natasha that the maid had picked some for the garden and put them in. She had also made the posy that he had given Natasha.

Natasha was touched by the maid’s thoughtfulness and thanked her for taking care of her home while she was in the hospital.

At Home and Convalescing

Once at home, Natasha found it difficult, at first, to get used to her limited mobility status. She, being an active woman, liked to be up and about and the forced immobility was very restricting. She dreaded the thought of the coming six – eight weeks that she had to live with the cast. It is hard for an independent woman to be dependent on anyone, for Natasha it was even harder because she was dependent upon her family and the maid for the smallest of needs.

Adjusting to The Routine

Soon she had a set routine. She would make herself comfortable on the Living Room sofa and spend most of her day there either reading, surfing the internet, working as much as she could from home, watching TV or listening to her music. When Alan and Jason were at home, they would play games and chat with each other.

Every morning, Natasha would discuss the household chores that the maid had to complete, informing her which were more important and had to be done first. The maid cleaned the house and dusted it till the whole house looked squeaky clean. She would change the flowers as and when required.

She stayed with Natasha and provided her with tea, coffee and snacks from time to time. Natasha could see how hard the maid worked. She was constantly doing something. Natasha rarely saw her idle. She also noted just how careful the maid was while handling everything. She took care while dusting and cleaning to ensure that nothing was broken or damaged. Natasha appreciated the efficiency of the maid and often asked the maid to make some coffee and grab a snack and join her for a few minutes. Reluctant at first, the maid eventually joined Natasha.

Forging a Bond

Soon the two women got into the habit of sharing a mid-morning cup of coffee and snacks. During the break, Natasha slowly started learning more about the maid. She discovered that the maid had two kids and old parents who were dependent on her. She was the sole wage earner for the family. She was a widow whose husband had passed away a few months after her youngest child was born. Natasha felt deep compassion for the maid as her children were just a year or so older than Alan.

Sitting on her sofa day after day, Natasha was extremely grateful for having engaged the cleaning services. She could not imagine how she or Jason could have coped up with all the work that had to be done around the house without the help of the maid. The maid ensured that the house was clean and everything working as it should. The cast came off but, Natasha still could not walk properly. She needed physiotherapy to rebuild her atrophied muscles. So, she decided that she could not handle all the work herself. Hence, she contacted the cleaning service through to extend the contract for the maid.

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