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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- Chapter 9: Festivity Cleaning – 2

The cleaning had already started and Natasha could not wait to give her home a new look.

The essence of the house- Living Room

Natasha has always loved changes, be it the changes in her style of clothes or be it the look of her house. Every year she tries to incorporate a new look for her living room which would break the monotony. She really gets bored with the same look of the house and hence, changes the placement of the things or the décor to bring in a new feel. This year also she had decided to transform her living room by changing the color scheme. Instead of the red curtains and the matching flowers and show pieces she decided to give the living room a contemporary look by changing the color scheme to blue. Blue is a color which is soothing to the eyes and also brings about a very modern feel to it. And as per her husband, blue is a color which not only pleases the eyes but also calms one down after a tiring day of work. And hence, blue is the color of the season for their family.

The blush of the blue curtains

Now that it was decided that they will be going forth with the blue color scheme, Natasha engaged everyone in the house to bring about this change. Since it was the unanimous decision of all the members of the family, all of them readily agreed to provide a helping hand to Natasha in the process. They had already bought the new curtains and hence, started with the removal of the old ones. As Natasha was removing the old curtains, she asked her maid to start cleaning them simultaneously. The maid would immediately take the curtain from her and started on with the cleaning process. When Natasha was removing the curtains, her husband and her son were arranging the new ones. They were placing the curtains as and when Natasha removed a curtain. And in a short span of time all the old curtains of the living room were replaced with the new ones. The changing of the curtains only had brought a great deal of change in the look and feel of the living room. But it was not enough and so the entire family now moved on to changing the remaining décor.

The loving family and the helping maid

While Natasha was busy with the living room decoration, she was happy that she does not have to bother about the cooking and preparation of the meals for the family. All these tasks would be taken care by her maid who at times feel like a gift to Natasha. She can only be involved in decorating her house while all other household chores would be taken care by her all time helper, her maid. She breathed a sigh of relief and continued with the renewal of the living room. Her son was happily helping her change the cushion covers which he himself had chosen. She was arranging the vases and carefully selecting the flowers that would go with the look of the living room. She chose a subtle lavender shade of flowers in a golden vase for the peg table and chose another shade of soft violet in a silver vase to be kept on the other. The cushion covers were of deep blue color with a silver lining in the border and which were of a deeper shade than the curtains and hence, were enhancing the charm. They had bought a little show piece for the center table along with the new table cover. The maid had cleaned all the vases and the flowers and the room was now getting more and more lively.

Next, it was the turn to renew the dining table decorations. Natasha asked the maid to clean up the entire crockery and the cutlery, meanwhile she and her husband would redo the dining decorations. They changed the table mats and spread the ivory shade cover on top of their round dining table. They then placed the new glasses on their bar table. In a short span the dining area was ready and the entire living room had got a new feel. From the fiery red to the subtle blue, the living room has had a total metamorphosis. After they were done with changing the look of the living room, it was Natasha’s husband who remembered that they had forgotten to put up the new wall clock which he had chosen. He quickly brought it to the living room and placed it on top of the bar table, the place which he had selected while buying the clock itself. That was the corner which was visible from the kitchen as well as the dining area and the seating area of the living room and hence, her husband considered it to be the most appropriate place for putting it up.

The rooms were the next target

After the living room was done, Natasha felt as if the major burden was off her shoulders. Now only the bed rooms were left, which required only minor changes. She had bought few wall paintings for her room and a few cartoon soft toys for her son. She had even got a new side lamp as Natasha is extremely fond of illuminations on the bed side. She loves to go to bed while reading a book and often her husband sleeps before her. The new lamp in addition to adding more glitter to her room would serve the purpose of a reading lamp as well. After placing the paintings on the walls she changed the bed side rugs and also the lamp. She gave her son’s room a new look by changing the orientation of the bed and by also placing the soft toys in one corner. She has got a new bedsheet with a sketch of his favorite cartoon character and his son was elated to see his room being done so neatly by his mom.

After all the rooms of the house were done, there was only one more area which Natasha wanted to redo and it was the balcony. Natasha was an avid plants fan and she loved greenery in her house. She had brought a new plants stand where she could keep all her plants stacked on top of each other in a neat manner. She had a seating in the balcony and it was one of her favorite spots to relax. She often grabbed a book while sitting on the chair in the balcony when she was completely free and wanted to spend her own time. Hence, giving the balcony a fresh feel was definitely on cards as it was one area which Natasha adored from the bottom of her heart. She neatly placed the plants in the new plants stand and also hung a few on the walls. Her balcony was too green that one would feel in the laps of nature. Living in a city like Dubai where one does not find greenery that easily, this was Natasha’s hide out when she wanted to feel closer to nature.

The satisfying feeling in the end

After everything was done, Natasha just sat on the couch in the living room and was full of praise for all the members of the family and also her maid without whose help all this would not have been possible. She knew that there would be various celebrations taking place in different parts of Dubai, but nothing could have been a more satisfying experience than redecorating her own house and that too with the help of her family members. She could not get enough of seeing her living room which was immaculately done all according to her taste. She was in awe of her own designing. She felt an inner happiness after seeing everything that she had thought of in real. She is exactly seeing what she wanted her living room to be like. All this happiness would have been lost if after doing so much of work she had to go back in the kitchen and cook. She would have become irritated and frustrated with all the exertion and the cooking but now, she was extremely thankful to to have helped her find the lifeline of her house that is her maid.

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