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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- Chapter 8: Festivity Cleaning

Natasha was elated that his son was in pink of his health which would surely double the fun of the festivals.

The festivities around the corner

It was the time of the year which Natasha and her family found to be the most enjoyable. It was the time when she and her husband had holidays in their respective office and her son also had his vacations from the school. It was the time which all of three of them spend with each other and which turns out to be the best quality time of the year. It was season of Christmas and New Year when they could find happiness all around with everyone in the most cheerful of their moods. It was the time when all three of them decide to decorate the entire house and fill it with merry making. More than the parents, it was their son who enjoyed this time as all he had to do was play around with the street kids and help his mom and dad in the celebrations. He would get the best of chocolates and gifts from everyone known and nothing could beat the joy of it. Thankfully, his health is perfect and he can start the festival celebrations along with his parents.

The planning before the festivals began

With all the energy and all the fun that the festivals bring with them, along comes the mountain of cleaning that needs to be done before the celebrations began. And being the kind of perfectionist that Natasha is, she used to clean every nook and corner of the house and also would do a gamut of modifications to the entire décor of the house to give it a fresh feeling. Right from the flowers in the vases to the design of the cushions, everything in her house would be changed as if getting a new birth. She would redo the entire set of curtains of the house and even give a new look to the setting of the beds and the couches in the house. She would even clean each and every container of the kitchen and would set them in their proper places. All this demanded a huge amount of time. Every year Natasha decides that she will not spend her maximum time in cleaning but would give that to her husband and the son but ends up spending her entire vacation in doing the cleaning chores.

This time she had made up her mind that she will get her house cleaned but not on the cost of the time that she would be spending with her family and friends. Instead she would daily assign a task list to the maid and get the things cleaned. She can then go out with her family to all the festival parties and would even get a chance to meet her relatives. She can take her son out to all the amusement fair and all the kid’s shows which are organized every year in Dubai and which he would end up missing every year. She could even go for shopping with her son and the husband and get presents for each other for Christmas and New Year. She even decided to cook a royal feast on the Christmas Eve and that this time she would celebrate all the festivals with all the vigor and enthusiasm. The very thought of the entire planning of the things made her feel relaxed and she felt as if this year the Christmas and New Year festivities would be different.

The initiation of the cleaning process

Now that Natasha had carved out a plan of how to go about the entire cleaning of her house, she had decided that every day she would take up one corner of her house and give the task list for that corner to the maid. She would keep on adding the tasks even if she is not in the house through the tracking app. How easy it is to manage the entire cleaning process with the app, she thought! For the first day she thought of cleaning the kitchen because for every other area she had to get some stuff from the market. She explained everything to the maid in the morning and the maid readily agreed to follow her instructions. She had even updated the task list and asked the maid to keep her updated on the tasks when she is not at home. Meanwhile, she decided to go for shopping and buy the home décor things for the living area so that they could clean it up the next day, once the cleaning of the kitchen is over.

Natasha along with her husband and son headed towards the super market to buy the new cushions and the decorative items for the living room. She thought of including her husband and her son in the process because only then they would be able to have everyone’s say in the décor of the house. Her husband and her son wanted to change the curtains to blue while she wanted a little softer shade for the living room. They thought that they will take a final call once they reach the super market and will base the final decision on the availability of the curtains. As soon as they reached, her husband chose a set of curtains in blue color and to Natasha’s surprise, even she liked them. Her son was also happy with the choice of the color and the entire family reached to a unanimous decision.

Next was the decorative items which all of them bought together. They picked up the lamps of Natasha’s taste and the flowers of her son’s taste. They even bought a new wall clock which her husband liked a lot and even decided at which place they are going to place it. They bought a new Christmas tree and also the things to decorate it. They even purchased few gifts for their son which they would be giving him as Christmas present. Natasha secretly bought a shirt for her husband while he was busy with their son in the play area. After the entire day of shopping, the entire family returned home.

The maid’s cleaning at par

Natasha’s maid had updated Natasha about the tasks as and when she was completing them but Natasha felt that she would at least need to give a final touch to the kitchen after reaching home. When they reached home, Natasha was astonished to see how well their maid had cleaned each and every corner and has arranged all the things as instructed by Natasha. She was highly impressed with the work of the maid and was again happy to have found a maid like her, who would do all the tasks with utmost perfection, which is one of the most difficult tasks in Dubai. She did not need to do even a single thing after coming back from home. She felt in the arms of utter luxury when after a complete day of shopping, she did not need to make dinner and on top of it the entire kitchen is extremely neat and tidy. With each passing day, Natasha was becoming more and more sure of her maid’s capabilities and she felt as if she can teach her any kind of work and her maid would be able to do it. This was the kind of confidence that her maid had succeeded in building on her. Now all she will have to do is give the living room a new look by arranging all the things that they have bought today. She was extremely excited to bring her home to a new shape.

The holidays had never been so fruitful for Natasha when she could enjoy with her family and not compromise on her interests of re decorating her house. She had never been able to do both the things simultaneously but this time she was eagerly waiting for the festivals to begin. The festivities had not yet started and she had already started having a great time. This Christmas would surely be one of the best times of the year. Having sad that, Natasha had already made a proper plan of setting up the entire new look of the house and was delighted to have involved her husband and her son in the same. Natasha was one happy soul today who was cheerfully looking forward to the great times ahead.

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