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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- 12: The successful celebration and the effective after cleaning

The preparations were made, everything was all- set and the festivity fervor was about to begin.

The final round of preparation

Now that the theme of the party was decided, Natasha had put in all her efforts to make her house resemble a beach as per the Hawaiian theme. She had decorated the large Christmas tree with the cocktail umbrellas and had put lights in between them. The final effect was so serene and bright that it surely was the most eye catchy thing in the entire decorations. She had put garlands all over the place and had placed decorated pineapples on the peg tables giving the house a complete sea shore look. Her husband had come up with an innovative idea of having the themed photo booth for all the pictures that would be taken. They decorated one corner of the living room which resembled a frame and was very colorful to look at. They had decorated the garden with the silk flower leis and had kept bar stools which sort of resembled a beach hut with all the plants inside the shed and the bar counter inside it.

Natasha had given the job of making the mocktails and the cocktails to her husband who, to her surprise, had aced the task. He had got all sorts of ingredients and was preparing lip smacking drinks. One could find all the colors of the rainbow in the glasses and it was so colorful that it made the entire bar look enchanting. The caterer had come with his team and the food was getting ready. Natasha had brought a cute little Santa Claus dress for her son and was planning to dress him up since all the preparations were almost done. She went inside to first get his son ready and then to get ready herself. She made her son wear the Santa Claus costume with the red fur cap and even made long beard out of cotton to be put on his chin. Her son looked so adorable that Natasha wanted to click innumerable pictures of him in the costume. Her husband came inside and was extremely happy to find his son looking damn cute as a Santa and along with Natasha he also started clicking his pictures. Next was Natasha’s turn to get ready and she had decided to wear a floral dress with fresh flowers in her hair and a necklace made out of sea shells which gave her a complete beach look totally in sync with the theme of the party. Her husband also dressed up in a casual shirt which had ALOHA written in front and was totally colorful. Both of them looked extra ordinary in their respective costumes.

The arrival of the guests

As expected the guests had started arriving on time and the entire family was amused to find almost everyone dressed according to the theme. Both Natasha and her husband had not expected so many people to dress up according to the theme and now when people had come dressed up in Hawaiian Costumes, their enthusiasm of hosting a fun- filled event, shot up. One of their friends was dressed up as Caribbean and was looking spectacular, another one came dressed up as a pirate and was giving her some real competition. All in all everyone was looking spectacular and had given their best to bring about a close resemblance to what we see at the beach. The atmosphere of the house was lively and everyone was having fun as they would enjoy on a vacation at the beach.

All the guests were treated royally and the caterer was doing a great job with the snacks. People were enjoying the drinks made by Natasha’s husband and most of them were quite surprised to see this side of his personality. All of them knew him to be a serious banker but seeing him so lively and as a phenomenal host, people were surely enjoying the sight. Natasha was being admired for decorating her house so beautifully. People were spell- bound when they got to know that the entire re- decoration of the house was done by the family members and that they did not hire anyone for the job. Natasha was enjoying all the attention that she was getting and was on top of the world. People were having a gala time, because given their busy daily schedules and a demanding lifestyle in Dubai, they rarely get to unloose themselves and have such a crazy time full of fun and frolic. To top that, the food was amazing and that brought in more zeal to the party. As they say, it is the food which can make or break a party, this time the food was surely on Natasha’s side and it added more flavor to the theme.

The cake cutting and the games

Natasha had pre planned some of the games that the guests will be playing. She had been a great host of the games and people thoroughly enjoyed playing them. Next was the turn to select the best dressed female and male and to her total surprise, she was having a tough time on deciding the winners. The competition was so close that it took her a great deal of time and effort to finally come to a conclusion. She declared the man dressed up as a pirate as the best dressed male and the lady dressed as a mermaid the best dressed female. While declaring the results, she did not forget to mention how great everyone looked and that she had a difficult time choosing the best dressed male and female. Now it was time for the cutting of the cake and believe you me people, the cake was one of its kinds in Dubai. It was huge and had merry Christmas written on the top level with the picture of Santa Claus with reindeers. Everyone was mesmerized to see the creativity in the making of the cake and were astonished to see so much of imagination used in it. They say something which looks so beautiful from outside is mostly not that great from inside, but proving the old adage wrong the cake was delicious. It exceeded everyone’s expectations, and no one had ever eaten a red velvet cake which tasted so great.

The after party cleaning

The party had been a great success and everyone had a lovely time throughout. Now that the guests were gone and the caterers had also finished their jobs, it was time for the cleaning of the house. As planned, Natasha and her husband had already booked a maid for cleaning from who would help them to clean the entire party mess. The maid had arrived on time the next morning and as explained by Natasha was doing all the tasks one by one. Natasha had given her the tasks list as the first thing in the morning and she herself went to relax as she was completely exhausted from the commotion last night. Even though she had been a great host, the thing she was happiest about was that she will not have to clean- up the house after the party. She was so relaxed with the thought that half of her tiredness went away. Organizing a party in Dubai was not a walk in the park but Natasha had done exceptionally well as the hostess. She was one happy woman today who was getting calls of admiration from all the friends and family members who had attended the party last night. She could not have had a better time herself last night and it was after a long time that she had spent such a great time with all the friends and family members.

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