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The Chronicles of a Working Woman- Chapter 6: The cleaning of the flies

Natasha was still in awe of the weekend, but little did she know what awaits ahead of the dreamy weekend.

The Weekend is over…

After coming back home in Dubai, Natasha could not help but discuss only about the last weekend. She told everyone about how his husband kept on surprising her the entire weekend. Be it her colleagues in the office or her friends in the society or be it her friends from school or college, she flaunted her story in front of every one. And why should not she, when she had spent the most beautiful weekend of her life and that too planned by her husband. She could not stop basking in the glory of how much her husband loved her and how blessed she feels to have him. All her friends were in awe of how loving Natasha’s husband was and how much he cared for her. Natasha could not be happier, she felt as if someone has plucked the moon from the sky for her. She was feeling on top of the world from the last weekend.

The happy times at home

Natasha’s home has become an amicably cordial environment where everyone was happy and cheerful. The effect that the last weekend had on her was so positive that the entire house was filled with positivity all around. As they say when the home maker is happy, the entire home becomes a heaven abode. Same was the case with Natasha. Her happiness was having the same effect all around her. She had started giving more time to her son and hence he was happy to get all this attention from his mother. She had become more loving and caring towards her husband and her husband felt as if he was the luckiest man on earth to have so much love all around him. Natasha had even started getting along with the maid who was now getting comfortable in the house and has learnt almost all the household chores. Natasha did not miss her old maid and felt as if her new maid was as good if not better as her previous maid. Just like her old maid, the new maid would do all the tasks assigned to her by Natasha and in a perfect manner just as instructed to her. She would start right from the morning and would take care of the entire house even in Natasha’s absence. Natasha could now carefree go out of the house and leave the responsibility of all the chores on her new maid.

The Drain Flies Menace

Everything was going smooth in Natasha’s house. It was Saturday evening and she was reading a book while having the evening tea in her husband’s company when her maid came rushing to her room and told her about the menace of the drain flies. The maid was cleaning the utensils when she saw a clutter of flies in the drain pipe. The flies were black or brown in color and were cluttered around the sink. Their wings and bodies are quite hairy and when the maid tried to crush them, they left a powdery smudge. As soon as the maid told Natasha about the drain flies she quickly moved to the kitchen to see the flies for herself and accordingly take preventive measures to get rid of these drain flies.

The cleaning of the flies

Natasha had never faced such a problem in her drain but when she saw the clutter herself, she realized that if this problem is left unattended, it would not only create havoc in the entire kitchen but can also lead to serious health problems for the members of the family. The problem may be new for Natasha but the maid told her that she had faced a similar problem in her previous employer’s house and she knew how to tackle it. And so began the cleaning mission of the entire family.

  • The first thing to figure out when it comes to the cleaning of such drain flies is their breeding place. It is very important to look out for the place from where these flies originate and so the maid along with Natasha looked inside the drain pipe to see for some debris. They tried to scrape the sides of the drain with the knife and found some live larvae. Hence, they were sure of the originating place of the drain flies.

  • They also checked their slab to look for any holes and found that the slab is broken at a place from where the drain goes and the flies can be seen. Hence, the broken drain in the slab is another breeding source of the drain flies.

  • Now that they have found two sources of the flies, all they wanted to do was to get rid of them. As told by the maid, Natasha immediately ordered for a drain cleaner like Invade bio gel treatment which is known for removing the organic debris that these flies tend to make inside the drain. Along with this she also ordered Invade Bio foam which is a concentrated bio liquid with the use of a foamer. It is very useful in eliminating drain flies as it contains concentrated scum eating microbes which also act as foaming agents are also known for eliminating odor.

  • Meanwhile she read about how these drain flies enter the household and found that they lay eggs in large number which can range from 30 to 100 depending on the breeding ground and the eggs can hatch in less than 2 days. The eggs are then converted into moth flies which are laid in any place where decomposing organic materials are found like drain, garbage units or even water traps in plumbing fixtures. These larvae feed on the sediment or decaying vegetables which often get stuck in the sink due to washing of dirty utensils. Another interesting fact that she found was that these drain flies rest in shade areas like the inside of the drain or walls near the plumbing fixtures during the day and are active during the evening and that is the time when most of their activity takes place.

  • While she was reading all these information about the drain flies, the delivery boy came with her order. After opening the solutions, the maid mixed 1 oz. per quart, 4 oz. per gallon of the bio foam solution and applied it using a sprayer to the cracks, crevices and inside the drain where the flies were breeding. Natasha knew that the foam and citrus combination will digest the organic debris present in the sink drain and inside the broken drain of the slab and would also serve as part of the pest management. Next she had put the bio gel inside the drain which would further improve the sanitation and asked the maid to use it regularly to keep the drain free from these flies.

  • After removing all the breeding sources, to kill the few adult flies they used pyrethrin which is a kind of spray and also a non- residual insecticide.

  • Being an attentive mother, Natasha knew the cleaning products to avoid in case of allergies.

A happy customer- Natasha

After taking the above measures, Natasha soon got rid of the drain flies and was extremely happy to have such a knowledgeable maid. She was already impressed with how experienced her maid was and this entire episode further increased her trust on the capability of the maid. In addition to learning the entire household work in such a short span of time, she even had the practical knowledge of things which even Natasha did not know. It was due to the prior experience of her maid that they could get rid of the problem so easily and that too before it could cause any harmful effects on anyone in the family. She was thankful to for having helped her in finding such a responsible maid as she knew how difficult it is to find a maid in Dubai and that too a maid who can be relied upon and who knows how to properly perform her duties. She was so grateful that she decided that she is soon going to write a testimonial on the website describing how happy a customer she was and that she would recommend to all her friends and family member who are looking for any kind of service like gardening, babysitting, pet walking or even caregiving.

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