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Tip for Summer Cleaning in Dubai

Summer months in Dubai can be very hot and dusty.

It can also mean special preparation to keep your home safe from the heat and the dust storms that can sweep across the region covering everything in a layer of sand that is extremely hard to get rid of.

Since the heat is intense in UAE and especially Dubai, this means most of us would prefer to cool ourselves off indoors and in weather controlled atmosphere. It is a well-known fact that spending too much time in air conditioned or climate controlled areas can cause health problems and infections. Thus, hygiene, cleanliness and being aware is of utmost importance to survive through the summer heat in Dubai.

Preparing the Home for Summer Heat of Dubai

Every area of your house needs proper attention before the summer sets in completely. From the Doors and shutters to the garden, pots, and plants all need to be checked and secured to survive the heat onslaught.

Everything seems to multiply and grow vigorously in the summer months, this is also true for microorganisms such as moulds, fungi, germs, infections etc. This means greater attention to cleaning and hygiene. All this requires careful cleaning and attention to details. If you do not wish to engage in the palaver yourself, there are some great cleaning services in Dubai. You can hire maids in Dubai and get them to do all the hard work while you can supervise the cleaning for the comfort of your armchair. You do not need to hire just any maid in Dubai, go to the and find the ideal cleaning service in Dubai for your requirement. Searching for an online maid in Dubai is a lot easier with as it allows you to search for maids in Dubai based on the location, and charges. You can instantly see and compare cleaning services by the dozens. Compare prices online and then hire the perfect maid easily through It also has an app that lets you leave instructions for the maid online and also to check and see if all the jobs that were listed have been completed satisfactorily. It makes it very easy for you to pay for and hire a maid in Dubai.

Whether you are hiring a maid or you are preparing the house yourself, there are a list of things that need to be looked into. Let us start from outside the house.

The Garden

Whether you have an actual patch on land that serves as a garden or you have pots and plants in a balcony in your apartment, they need to be secured for the summer heat.

If you have an established garden then you need to ensure that the garden and the plants in it are kept watered. If you have some Mediterranean Plants or roses, they need to be protected from the high humidity that the summer in Dubai can bring. Check your watering system and ensure that it is working properly. Make sure that the soil around the plants drains well and there is no water logging in any area of the garden.

If you have plants in a pot, Move them to a place that gets sunlight early in the morning or late in the evening but is otherwise shaded and cool. Again, make sure that the watering system works properly. Throughout the summer months, you will have to check the humidity of the soil in the plants and water them accordingly. Remember smaller pots require more frequent watering than the larger one. Feed your plants and flower bed with fertilizer to ensure proper growth and blooming.

Summer is also time for rapid growth of both plants and weeds. The thought of laboring over pots and flower beds in the summer heat and humidity is not a very welcome one, hence use geotextile to cover the soil and control weed growth.

If you have a lawn, this is the time to aerate it and feed it with fertilizer so that it can grow lush green in the summer. Again check your water sprinkling systems to ensure that the lawn will be adequately watered during the summer preventing yellowing of the grass.

Outside the Home

Now that we have taken care of the garden, let us move to the building itself. The outside areas and walls of the building are exposed to weather and take the brunt of exposure to the weather. Before the onset of summer inspect the walls and outside areas for any damage. Any cracks, holes or damage should be repaired. Check any awnings and tarps you may have outside. Check them for tears and damage. Replace if required. Make sure that they are lashed properly to the anchors and also that the anchors are firmly embedded so as to hold the tarp or awning down during high winds that do occur during summer in Dubai.

Check all the doors and shutter of the windows. Ensure that they latch properly and that there are no cracks or gaps to allow dust to blow in during a storm. Any problem should be addressed immediately.

Inside the House

Once you have finished with the outside area, it is time to move inside and make sure that the house is kept cool and dust free during the winter. The first thing to do is to check the air-conditioning system to make sure that it is functioning properly. It should be serviced before the summer and after the summer is over. So call a refrigeration expert and let them service the air-conditioners. This would include checking the following:

  • Thermostat Function
  • Controls Systems
  • Drainage of condensation water
  • Lubricating the various parts
  • Check all the wiring for damage any damaged parts should be replaced.
  • Change the filters
  • Check the refrigerant and top it up if required
  • Clean the evaporators and coils to ensure optimum cooling and efficiency
  • Test run it to ensure that it works as intended.

Next it is time to clean the house to prepare for the summer. Hire a deep cleaning service to deep clean the house. You may want to do it as it will help to keep down the mould, fungi and rot in the house. It will also help to flush out any unwanted pests that have been living in your house over the winter. Make sure that all the areas of the house are cleaned. Work from top to bottom. You can read our blog post on Deep Cleaning to get a better idea of the amount of work involved and all that needs to be done.

  • The kitchen needs to be checked

  • The pantry cleaned out and refreshed.

  • All the rooms and furniture need to be cleaned and refreshed.

  • Carpets, rugs and soft furnishing need attention.

  • If you have a pet, they are probably molting now and shedding hair and dander all over the house, you need to have everything properly vacuumed and deodorized to prevent a smelly house in summer.

  • You may want to change the curtain to heavy blackout ones to prevent the heat and the strong sunlight from warming up the house and adding to the cost of the air-conditioning.

  • All the winter bedding and clothes need to be washed or dry-cleaned and stored away for the summer. You will not be needing it for a while.

  • The summer bedding and clothes need to be taken out of the storage and checked for damage. They need to be washed or aired before you can use them.

  • If there are any ventilation vents in the house, they need to be inspected to ensure that they work properly and are not blocked up. Air circulation is essential to maintain a hygienic house in summer.

  • Clean out the deep freezer and refrigerator to ensure that there is nothing there that is expired, out of date or rotting.
  • Make sure all your storage cupboards are clean and dry to prevent damage to the stored goods in the humidity and heat of the summer.

  • For more tips on cleaning your house in Dubai and making your life easier, keep reading our blogs on blog. We regularly post articles and posts on cleaning and housekeeping.

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