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There is limited storage space in any home, utilizing it to the maximum is the key to an organized home.

Storage Space is Never Enough

We have often heard people say that no matter how much storage space you may have, it is always insufficient. This may be true to some extent but doesn’t have to be the norm of each and every home. How one manages the storage space that is available can be a key factor in determining whether the space you have is sufficient or not. In Dubai, where the space expensive, it makes all the more sense to organize your storage so that you can keep more things in there safely without having to give up extra floor space to it.

There is no doubt that every home needs some storage space, whether it is food, clothes, books, toys, furniture or a host of other things, each possession of yours needs some space that it needs to occupy. Whether it is in use or not, things still need to be kept and for that, they need storage space. Each house has only a limited amount of space and if we need to store things we need additional space within the house or outside it.

Over the past weeks, has endeavored to try and solve some of the most common problems faced by people living in Dubai and other such large cities. In a previous blog, we have discussed Storage Ideas for Small Homes in Dubai, wherein we had discussed how you can create extra storage space within the house without losing on your floor space. Since modern houses and apartments have limited floor area, it is counterproductive to give up floor space to storage when you can be more creative with your storage solutions. We had suggested that extra storage space can be created by creating a loft or an attic where things not used too often can be stored. Using walls to hang stuff and keep it out of the way is another way to keep your floor space clear. Using heavy furniture such as sofa, bed, stools, etc. to create extra storage space. Another way to create extra storage is to utilize dead space such as a staircase, window seat, or other such architectural features to create innovative storage space.

If you look at some of the most innovative architectural designs, you will be amazed at how efficiently space can be organized to serve several different purposes at once. So a bed can have storage and can fold up into a wall during the day to leave floor space available for other use. A cupboard can serve as a dividing wall and can have additional space for storing stuff. Being creative and innovative is the key to managing space in the modern world where space is at a premium. This is especially true of a city like Dubai which is growing at a phenomenal rate and each day space becomes dearer and its supply restricted. Hence, it makes sense to look for innovative ways to create extra storage space.

Reasons to Store

In another blog [How to Store Things Properly] we have discussed the reasons for storage and why people need storage at all. In our modern consumer driven society, anything has a short useful life. Most things we buy are generally impulsive purchases with limited usage. These things become boring and obsolete once the novelty wears off or something else catches our eyes. Being the humans that we are, it is difficult to let go of our possessions. So things once bought are kept aside in a store in the hope that someday they will again find favor. This may generally be true, but not for everything and everyone, sometimes, there are things that we need only occasionally. One of the best examples of it would be Christmas decorations. Though we use it only for a brief period every year, we do not throw away our Christmas decorations. We keep them safe in a store for use later. There are some of us who love to collect things. These could be anything from shoes to stamps, to clothes, dolls, toys, coins, etc. These collections also need space to be displayed and kept securely. Whatever the reason to store, if something is not properly kept, it can get damaged and become worthless. Therefore, it is important that there is a proper storage space in every home.

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Need For Organizing Storage

The main reason why you should organize your storage space and have a home for all your possessions is to avoid clutter. A home where there is not enough space for storing or where the residents are not good at sorting and organizing their possessions becomes cluttered over time. In another blog on, we discussed the problem of clutter and The Art of Decluttering. The post discusses how clutter builds up slowly over a period of time until it completely takes over our lives. The key to avoiding clutter is to bring in new things in the house only when you have got rid of something else that you already possess. So the new item has a space of its own and is not taking up additional space in the already limited space that you have. Hoarding is one of the biggest reasons for clutter. It is beneficial for you to realize that you might be a hoarder and to try and break the habit. In a city like Dubai where space is premium, it makes sense to keep your possessions to an optimum limit where your home looks attractive without being too bare or overstuffed. This is an art that needs to be practiced.

A cluttered and overstuffed home is difficult to clean and manage. Even if you hire a maid in Dubai or a cleaning service in Dubai, you will still find it difficult to keep your home organized and looking tidy if you do not take care of your possessions.

When storing things, one should keep in mind the following: * Things stored are safe and do not get damaged * They can be accessed easily and quickly * Each item has its own space

Organizing Storage Areas

Organizing the storage area is essential as if you let it go, it can become cluttered very quickly and then it becomes impossible to find anything and the chances of stored stuff getting damaged is high.

Keeping your storage organized is essential if you do not want to run out of space as well as to keep all you have safe and within easy reach. Since we do not check into the storage regularly, it is pretty easy to let it become disorganized and cluttered. To keep the storage organized it is essential that you check it out at least once a year. This means committing your time to going through all that you have in the storage and sorting things out. You may need help and it is a good idea to hire a cleaning service or a maid in Dubai to help you with the reorganizing and cleaning of the storage.

Here is how you can go about organizing your storage:

  • Take Time Out: since you rarely go into the storage, it is not a place that you clean regularly. This often means that the storage area can be dusty and dirty. Hence, it might take more than just a morning or a day to clean and organize it. Again, best to hire someone to help you with the task.

  • Remove all and Clean: Next, clear out all the stored stuff and clean up the storage are. Put in decent light and ensure that there is proper ventilation.

  • Overview and Decluttter: Reassess all the things you have stored. Open the boxes, look at everything and then try to remove as much as possible. Anything that looks like it may be damaged or that you will not use again, get rid of. The less you have to store the better it is.

  • Add and Store: Next put in adjustable shelves, create a map of the storage area and decide what should be stored where. Mark it all on the map so you know where exactly to look for what. Go over the items left to be stored. Any thing that can be boxed, should be boxed. There are all shapes, sizes, and types of storage boxes available in the market, buy some to make it easy to store things. Label the boxes and store as per the map you have drawn. Do not store chemicals and flammable items with your other things, such as clothes, shoes and extra bedding. These should be stored separately, preferably in a locked cupboard. Make sure there is adequate space between storing shelves for you to move around safely without upsetting anything else.

Things you will need for Organizing Storage

Lastly here is a list of things you will need while you are organizing your storage.

  • Adjustable racks and shelves to store boxes
  • Hooks and pegs to hang things
  • Storage boxes and bins for small items.
  • Sturdy bags and boxes
  • Garment bags and racks
  • Stepladder or stool

To call for help in organizing your storage, you can contact for a reliable cleaning service in Dubai. You can book online cleaning service and then let them handle the heavy work of cleaning and storing while you devote your time to organizing your storage. Once your store is organized, you will find that you have much more space than you had believed you had to store stuff. Now, this doesn’t mean you can buy more stuff, it just means that organizing can help in making your life simpler.

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