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Get Five Star Reviews For Your Short Term Rental With Home Cleaning Service In Dubai

Cleanliness and hospitality are the two things that will make you a short-term rental star. Hire a home cleaning service in Dubai and make your home shine.

Holiday rentals and short-term rentals are becoming a rage these days with hundreds and thousands of homes available for rent on dozens of sites. A lot of us have made use of these sites to book a room or an entire house or property while travelling or on vacation. It is a fun way of travelling and is a lot cheaper than most hotels. So if you have a rental property in Dubai that you would like to use as a short term rental, it is a great idea. But before you embark on it, you will have to ensure that your house is spotlessly clean and presentable.

What is Short-Term Rental?

Short-term rental or vacation rentals are terms that are self-explanatory. These are basically properties that are rented out for short periods of time for a single day to a few weeks at a time. In most cases, the property is fully furnished and the landlord may or may not be present on the premises. Though the concept has been around for a while, it has really become more popular within the last decade or so with many reliable websites where you can list your property for short-term rental. This has really caused a boom in this segment as it has become easier for property owners as well as renters to come together through these websites. People can now search for and book properties in remote corners of the globe sitting at home. They can plan their trips and holidays and book a good property easily by searching through the available properties. The property owners can rent out the whole property or part of it as they desire. The facilities that come with the rental may vary from one property to the other as there is no standard that has to be followed.

How It Works

Any homeowner who has spare space or a property to rent can sign up to any of these short term rental sites. You have a to create a listing describe your property, mention the facilities that come with it and decide on the rent you wish to charge to showcase your property on any of these sites. Once you have done that, you are ready to go.

What is required

Before you turn your property into a short-term rental you will need to check the legal requirements of both your housing society/building and those of Dubai. Make sure that you comply to avoid problems later. Next you need to make sure that the property is insured and there is proper security for the property. This is especially true of properties where the owners are not on site.

Look into the kind of facilities that are provided by other short-term rentals and try to match them or better them to make your property more attractive.

Cleanliness and hygiene of the property is extremely important as you are entertaining paying guests who demand certain standards of neatness and cleanliness. This is also one of the most important factors that may affect your feedback score on a site. You have to have a high feedback score from your guests to be able to get more business for your property.

Hiring a Cleaning Service in Dubai for Short-Term Rentals

It is not always possible for you to maintain the standard of cleanliness required for a short-term rental. Unless it is your only source of income, it is highly unlikely that you would have the time to spare to come and clean the house up before and after each guest has left. So, it is better to hire a cleaning service in Dubai or a maid service to help you with the cleaning up. This way, all you have to do is schedule the service to come in just before a guest arrives and to clean and tidy up after they have left. If the guests plan to stay for more than a day, you can schedule the cleaners to come in during the stay so that the guests have the facility of maid service. In order to hire a good cleaning service, you can always look online for the best maid services in Dubai. To make your search easier, there is which is an online marketplace for all kinds of domestic services. If you want to quickly browse through house cleaning services in Dubai, is where you should be. Some of the best home cleaning services in Dubai are listed on and you can easily compare prices and read recommendations and feedback on each service before you pick one up for your short-term rental property.

How to Ensure Five Star Reviews For Your Short-term Rental

When a guest walks into a property the first thing they notice is the neatness and tidiness of a place. It is not just cleaning a place, but to clean and tidy up a place so that it also appears to be clean. Here is how you can ensure that your holiday rental gets five star reviews every time. 1. Avoid clutter: one thing people hate are cluttered places. Most people are scared of tripping over or breaking things for which they may be charged. So keep the clutter to a minimum. The room should be well furnished and the interiors inviting but that does not mean shelves full of curios and books or too many things crammed into a room. Ensure that you have a place for everything that lives in the room so nothing looks out of place or forced on. 2. Pleasant smelling: The space should be pleasant smelling. Ensure that the rooms are opened and aired out before the arrival of the guests. For holiday rentals in Dubai, it is best to avoid wall to wall carpeting as it can get mouldy and can make the room smell musty. If you do want the carpeting, then ensure you have a maid service that knows carpet cleaning. Keep the carpet dry and clean all the time. 3. Good Lighting: ensure that there is adequate lighting in the rooms. Provide ample sockets to plug in devices. People travel with multiple devices each and often the lack of well-placed charging points can be a real annoyance. 4. Adequate Storage: There should be enough wardrobe and storage space for people to keep their luggage and access it with ease. Providing a wardrobe in each room is a good idea. 5. Comfortable furniture: What ever furniture you provide may be basic but should be comfortable. No point in placing designer furniture which looks great but is not comfortable or functional. 6. Good bedding: There is no shortcut for this one. The bedding has to be comfortable and clean. Mattresses, pillows and covers should all be clean and comfortable. Keep a selection of pillows to offer your guests for better rating. It will not cost you too much but will please your guests immensely. 7. Cleanliness: This above all is the most important of all things for any guest. So, hire a maid service on to clean your short-term rental professionally.

How To Clean a Short-Term Rental

Preparing your property for the guest is important. Often you do not have enough time between check-in and check-out to give the place a thorough cleaning. This is why, it is necessary to have a professional home cleaning and house cleaning service to come in and clean the property. The areas that require most attention are:

Toilets and Washrooms: Toilets and shower/baths need special attention as they need to be sanitized between guests. A professional house cleaning service will have the right equipment and technique in place to quickly give a thorough clean to the toilet and sanitize it properly before the next guest arrives. Replace toilet paper, toiletries, and keep fresh towels in the shower area.

Bed and Bedding: Ensure that all the used bedding and bed-clothes are removed and replaced with freshly laundered ones. Before making the bed, the mattress should be vacuumed and cleaned. Use a mattress protector if possible and change and wash it between guests to make sure that your bedding is the cleanest possible. Clean, shake and fluff up the pillows and make the bed properly.

Go Over The Kitchen: Clean the kitchen counter and clean and sanitize the sink. Check that all the appliances are working and restock the pantry if need be. Ensure there is enough drinking water available. Clean out the garbage and replace the bin liner, dispose off the garbage before the guests arrive.

Tidy Up and Inspect: Ensure that everything is in its rightful place and that the room is looking tidy. Have a quick inspection of the property to ensure that the apartment is properly clean and dusted and there are no pests or cobwebs.

Living Area: put away any unnecessary things from the living area, straighten up the furniture, fluff up the cushions and clean up any spills of spots that are visible.

It is a lot of effort for just one single person, that is why it is important to have a home cleaning service to come in to clean and prepare your short-term rentals. Though you may resent the extra payment you have to make, but the five star reviews that you get and the extra money you can charge will more than compensate you for it. So, login to and get your short-term rental looking like a million dollars.

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