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Cleaning service in Dubai – The magic of using the right tools

Professional cleaning tools are not always about time and money but rather about better performance.

We often get stuck in between two decisions – whether we should save the money and clean our house or our office by ourselves, or maybe save some time, book a cleaning service and let others do the cleaning for us. On the one hand we can use the money to buy something that really makes us happy, or go somewhere with our dear family and friends, and on the other hand, the cleaning part takes quite some time and effort, and can easily bring us down after having a week full of obligations and stresses.

Why is it important to let a professional clean your home/office in Dubai?

It is not just the money that matters when making decisions. Let’s observe the situation from different aspect: you want to save the money that you would have to pay for the cleaning service, and you decide to spend 6-7 hours stuck inside the house cleaning it and wishing you come to an end sooner. But what if you pay that money to a professional cleaning service in Dubai to do the cleaning part for you, and use the time to make some more money instead? Or you don’t even have to work during that time, but relax and charge your batteries so you can be able to work more next week, and never have to do something that you don’t truly enjoy doing? Sounds tempting, right?

It is not just the matter of choosing between time and money, which one is worth saving, but also who will perform better? Will that be you and your amateur cleaning skills, or a professional and his/her tools and techniques?

Professionals are people trained for the service they offer you. Certified in what they do, how they do it, what kind of tools they use to do it. There is a huge difference in the performance, believe it or not, because it is not just the willingness for cleaning that counts, but also how well you are equipped for the action that follows. The magic is in using the right tools and the right techniques, in whatever you do, but especially in cleaning your private space. Additionally, you can find many interesting observations and comments about other experiences with cleaning services on popular sites such as and you can even share your as well.

Here we are going to take a look at the tools that a professional cleaning service providers in Dubai use when offering you their professional cleaning services, and how they make the whole process easy and smooth:

  • They bring with themselves commercial grade equipment. I am sure you think that your vacuum cleaner looks similar to the commercial one they use, but the professional grade unit can be slightly different from the one you own, due to having a larger motor, longer cord and other features not present in the vacuum you own, purchased for occasional home use.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness thanks to the equipment they have is one of the core aspects of making the whole cleaning process less painful. For instance, a backpack vacuum cleaner can save a lot of time on a large contract.
  • Flat-headed mop holders are the new tools which many cleaning services in Dubai now use. They turned to be a better option because of having special cleaning cloths for dusting, basic mopping of floors and even disinfection of floors. What makes the whole process of cleaning easier, is the weight of the new generation of mops. In nearly all cases, new-generation mop heads and handles are lighter than their predecessors and easier to use. Cleaning services in Dubai use microfiber in not only cloths but also flat mops, and that way eliminating the need for hauling a bucket in and out of the building. Choosing the best microfiber flat mops system for the job can be a little tricky.
  • Glass-cleaning tools. There are countless lightweight squeegees with special handles, synthetic cleaning blades, and holsters, available in the market. All of these different types of squeegees can be used for cleaning interior and exterior glass. Microfiber technology has been integrated with the tools, replacing the traditional terry towel which had been used in windows cleaning.
  • Sponges and cleaning pads. The cleaning sponges that professionals in this industry use, come in different colors with varying degrees of coarseness. They usually come with a scrubbing or scouring pad on one side and a sponge, normally made of synthetic materials, on the other side. This combination facilitates soft wiping of a surface and provides the cleaner with a tool to help remove the stubborn dirt.
  • Brushes. The materials that brushes are made of make them perfect for work in hard-to-reach areas. Many scrubbing brushes are made out of natural or synthetic materials, which makes them lightweight and flexible and allows the cleaner to work in hard-to-reach areas. Swivel-head scrub brushes, wedge-shaped brushes for cleaning showers and locker rooms, and lightweight industrial brooms and handles are available in various widths and with differing styles of bristles. Some brushes are very soft, while others are highly abrasive for deep cleaning in such places as storerooms, warehouses, and industrial plants.

  • Pick-up tools. Pick-up tools are one of the most innovative tools that the manufacturers released to the market. These tools come as a real benefit to cleaners who must reach down to pick up bits of trash or cigarette butts. It’s a tool with light mechanical hand on a pole that allows the cleaning provider to pick up items off the floor without bending over.

  • Dusting tools. So many different dusters are available now on the market. The best ones, used by professional service providers feature lightweight telescopic extension poles. They come with curved heads to dust difficult reaching areas. Well-known dusters are African feather dusters, non-allergenic polyester dusters, lambs-wool dusters and synthetic dusters treated with a static charge to attract dust and dirt.

The difference between cleaning with your own tools and cleaning with a professional equipment

In few words – it’s incomparable! While you will try to eliminate the dust out of the visible and easily-reachable places, with the few tools that you have available, the professional cleaner will come well-equipped knowing that there are many tricks on how to perform deeper cleaning. Every cleaning service provider has the right tools at the right time with him/her. That’s one of the most important aspects when making a difference between a professional service and your own cleaning. Check for some interesting read related to professional cleaning service.

Manufacturers of cleaning equipment and supplies have rolled out a large arsenal of hand tools that all the cleaning services in Dubai use. The productivity of this service is largely increased because of the existence of professional tools of today. These tools differ from the ones you have at home due to their ergonomic design. In order to maximize the effectiveness of these cleaning tools, cleaning services in Dubai ensure that their workers are properly trained in the use of all cleaning tools. For instance, if a surface is being cleaned by an abrasive cleaning pad, instead of being cleaned with a soft sponge with a cream cleanser – there would likely be a damage to the surface.

Training is the key that unlocks the potential for an effective cleaning program. Cleaning services in Dubai tend to provide their employees with the appropriate training programs, that way making them professionals in the cleaning industry.

The benefits of hiring a cleaning service in Dubai

  • Saves you time – you don’t need to clean your home in your free time anymore. Instead, go and spend it with your friends and family and enjoy your day off.
  • Provides you a healthier environment for you and your family – dirt and bacteria can easily build up without a help from a professional service cleaner. Since lots of people going in and out of your home or office on a daily basis, regular deep cleaning is a must for all of you to be healthy and your house or office to smell nice and be shiny.
  • Professional cleaners provide experience and expertise – if you would be needed 7 hours to finish cleaning your home, they will probably need 4. This is due to their experience, due to the professional tools they use, which are more practical than the ones you have at home, and of course, the expertise that comes with all the expert training they have been given so far.
  • Highest standards of home and office cleaning – professional office and home cleaners are very well equipped with the best cleaning tools. This necessary equipment carries out the cleaning to the highest standards.
  • Cleaner home and office result in more productive workforce – there are studies showing that 90% of office workers feel more productive in a clean environment. Same happens in your home – the cleaner and brighter the atmosphere, the more positive and happy you will feel entire day. Your attitude can influence your entire workday.

With all the cleaning service providers available in Dubai, why struggle with the old tools that you’ve been using for years? Let the professionals do the job for you. You can even hire them online and save yourself the time and effort needed for that process.

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