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Cleaning in Dubai: Recycling Dos and Don’ts

Garbage in Dubai is just as much a problem as anywhere else. Before you ask your maid in Dubai to take out the garbage take a look and think.

Everyday we bring in a lot of stuff and a lot of it is packaged in packaging that is of no use except to be thrown away. The amount of garbage that our maid in Dubai take out of the house is quite a large amount. We in Dubai do not pay attention to the amount of garbage each of us generates. If the statistics are correct, an average person in Dubai generates about 2.7 kg of garbage a day. Sounds incredible but it also happens to be true. This is far more than the people in US generate. We think nothing of using plastic carry bags, takeaway containers and even packaged drinking water. It never crosses our minds that where these things that we so casually chuck away actually go. A lot of the things can be reused and recycled but not everything can be successfully dealt with.

Besides the stuff that we throw away every day, there old and broken things that are no longer wanted to be thrown away. In this article we will discuss the problem of garbage management and recycling in Dubai with special reference to the things that can be recycled, and which cannot be. We will also be discussing ways in which you can reduce the amount of garbage you generate.

Things That Can Be Recycled

There is a whole list of things that can easily be recycled and Dubai has the facilities in place to collect and recycle these.

  1. Plastic Items: These are easily recyclable and should be set aside for recycling. The plastic toys, bottles, jars, boxes, etc. can all be recycled. They are first cleaned and all paper, ink etc is removed from the plastic. It is then shredded and made into pellets that can be reused to make fresh plastic things. So next time your cleaning service in Dubai is throwing away a plastic bottle or jar, keep it aside for recycling.

  2. Plastic Carry Bags, Plastic Wrap and Film: unfortunately these cannot be recycled along with the plastic bottles and jars as they tend to jam the normal recycling machines. But that in no way means that they cannot be recycled at all. It requires a different collection and recycling system which is not available everywhere so the best thing to do is to collect all the dry and clean ones and take them to the neighborhood shop to be reused. If the bag or film is dirty or wet, there is no other option than to throw it in the garbage bin. But you can help the environment by not bringing any unnecessary plastic films or bags home.

  3. Water Filters: Most recycling facilities do not take used water filters. These have to be thrown away. Some manufacturers offer recycling facilities for their water filters, look online to see if your water filter manufacturer offers the service, you can then send it to them for recycling. It is a bit more effort than usual but worth it for the sake of your city.

  4. Batteries: Dubai has used batteries recycling facility and there are some recycling centers and services in Dubai that collect used batteries. So find out if there is such a service working in your locality and ask your cleaning service in Dubai to hand it over to them. Better thing to do is to use rechargeable cells. You get them in capacity and sizes with the most common being the AA and AAA which are very easily available. You can use these instead of the usual use and throw batteries giving your city a break.

  5. Mattresses: Unfortunately, Dubai does not have recycling facility for mattresses, but it does have a bulk and heavy garbage removal facility that take away mattresses and other such items. If it is still usable, you can offer it to your maid in Dubai or leave it outside your home where someone or the other is bound to take it away. There are some NGOs working in Dubai that collect mattresses for recycling and that too is an option open to you. Most mattresses can be recycled but it is specialized recycling and there are few facilities that can handle it. Most mattresses are made of metal, foam, cotton, cloth and wood. All of this can be recycled and reused. So if puch comes to shove, you may want to pull apart your old mattress yourself and send off the various parts for recycling instead of the whole mattress. Often the companies from which you are buying new mattress will cart away your old ones so, enquire before buying.

  6. Furniture: Like mattresses bulky furniture too has many different components that need to be separated before they can be recycled. So you can call the bulky and large item removal in Dubai to cart away the pieces from your doorstep where you can ask your cleaning service in Dubai to leave it.

  7. Old Appliances: These too can not be put in the normal recycling. These should either be given away if reusable or should be left for the bulk removal service in Dubai to deal with.

  8. Electronic Waste: Recycling of electronics is a very specialized job and Dubai has a policy for disposal of e-waste. If the electronics are usable you may give them away or sell them off, if they are not usable, you can take them to the special e-waste collection centers to donate or recycle there.

  9. Old Unused Medicines: These cannot be reused or recycled and should be disposed off carefully. Do not crush them or open the capsules. You should mix them with something that is too disgusting to be eaten and then packed in a plastic bag to be disposed off with the normal garbage.

  10. Old Clothes: If you have old clothes these are easily recycled so do not throw them away in the garbage. Give them to a charity or an NGO that can reuse them.

  11. Glass: all kinds of glass can be recycled and reused. So never throw it away in the garbage. Whether it is broken bottles, sheet glass or window panes, keep them aside to be recycled. Dubai has extensive glass recycling facility where the glass can be sent.

  12. Ceramics: ceramics cannot be recycled and can only go into the land fill. For those of you who have a creative streak it can be used to create gorgeous mosaics and art.

  13. Paper: All kinds of paper can be completely recycled so collect it to send to the paper recycling facility. Paper is also useful for kindling so if you need to light a fire use those old cards and newspapers to light it.

  14. Polystyrene: This is also known as Styrofoam and is a common takeaway packaging solution as well as for packaging for a lot of things you buy including toys. This stuff cannot be recycled normally and need a specialized facility to recycle them, which Dubai does not have at the moment. You can send it off with the other garbage for the landfill.

  15. Food and Beverage Cans: These can be completely recycled and Dubai has a facility for recycling used cans and all other metals. The metals have the highest rate of recovery and can be used to make fresh cans as well as other things. So, save all the metal you find and put it in a recycling pile for metals to be reused.

At we are committed to keeping Dubai clean and green and offer eco-sensitive cleaning services and maids in Dubai who will help you to segregate your garbage to recycle and reuse it properly. To search for a green cleaning service near you, go to the website and search for cleaning services. You can use filters to narrow your search to the one that best suits you. Meanwhile, keep reading the blog for more tips on cleaning and a host of other domestic services.

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