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Novelties in procedures for hiring domestic workers in Dubai

Domestic service in Dubai is an awesome idea to enjoy an organized environment without doing any of the work.

With many families in Dubai opting for hiring a domestic worker, it is a career prospect that attracts many people from around the world to come and work in the UAE.

Why going for a domestic worker service

The vast majority of people choose to hire someone to take care of chores or take care of the kids because they rarely or even never have enough time to do the household chores themselves. If you have active children who keep you as a parent busy with sports, playground sessions, picnics, school events, and other often time-consuming activities, you will find yourself struggling to fit and squeeze in your busy schedule among all errands and activities. This may also be the case if you work long hours at one job or if you travel a lot. Even if you simply want to have a more active social life and you like to attend concerts and other events regularly, the problem you will be facing will be one of being too busy to cover everything on your own.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why you might consider booking a domestic worker service near you in Dubai. If you have never hired one before, you may be wondering what the pros and cons are of choosing such a service. One of the biggest pros is reliability and peace of mind. There are many companies of different sizes and plans that provide domestic workers and other occasional services, however in order to find a reliable company you should definitely start by doing a little well-focused research. Check sites such as for more credible info on the procedures, services, legal regulations and practical guidelines on hiring a professional domestic worker. You can ask the companies you are interested in for customer reviews, or you can rely on your own family, colleagues or friends for a referral.

Facts and figures

Facts speak for themselves, so, to be more precise, around 750,000 domestic workers are currently working in the UAE and 95-97% of Emirati families do hire workers to take care of their household chores as well as for their children and it is definitely not a number that should be neglected or put aside. This category of people roughly comprises 20% of the total expat labour force in the country and outstrips family members in around 22% of Emirati families. Continuing with the numbers, taking into consideration these rough statistics, domestic workers perform a projected 80% of parental responsibilities or in simple terms, they are many, diverse, important, necessary, needed and they an incredibly large amount of work.

They are so popular because of their relatively costs as well. You read it right.

There’s a general misconception that this type of service is too expensive for an average income, but you might more than surprised by the low prices that some recruitment agencies charge for such a service and this was one of the main reasons why stricter control was needed and has been established on the market.

Updated regulation – What changes mean in reality

For long time, this area of hiring international domestic workers has been left insufficiently dealt with and with room for irregularities. However, things have slowly started to change, and the government is shifting its attention towards the regulation of this category. Thus, late last year, a special regulation was passed specifically pertaining to domestic workers.

The law basically governs fees, offices responsible for recruitment and employment, labour contracts and legal matters, employer and employee requirements, inspection and responsibility, penalties and fines, holidays, end of service details, termination of contracts and the settlement of disputes. While domestic workers were not covered and included in Dubai’s standard labour laws, the process of their employment is regulated by the Ministry of Interior while their rights are under the protection of the standard contract that they sign with employers.

So, in order for things to get better, in the past weeks, the UAE government decided to define the recruitment procedures and centralize it in order to upgrade the quality of the service and impose better practices. What they basically did is that the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation had made changes and curtailed the process of renewing licences of domestic workers recruitment agencies since March and started replacing these agencies with a new body – a government regulated Tadbeer centre all over the UAE.

The initial 11 Tadbeer centres were promoted to facilitate recruitment of housemaids and they will be the main driving force for domestic workers services to families and businesses by offering four different packages at reduced set rates. Another good thing is that, all those private recruitment agencies which know the market really well and that are specialised in hiring domestic workers will be able to register and work through Tadbeer. There are total of 24 centres planned to be opened in the upcoming months and this public-private partnership aims to offer foster better protection to workers and ensure a safe recruitment and open process where both parties abide by an employment contract.

So, the effect is that instead of going to hundreds of different (not regulated) recruitment agencies, families will be able to recruit domestic workers through a simplified one-stop centre by choosing one of four packages that will guarantee appropriate visa, preferences selection, orientation, support, training and recruitment of professionals. The one-stop centre will act as a streamline of services in relation to domestic workers and will possess an accurate database information parties. In any case, positive reviews and feedback from past customers is always beneficial and you can check sites such as so you can find out more about how this process is going to evolve and what is the best possible choice for your case.

Why Tadbeer?

Tadbeer centres are being established to enforce only the use of legitimate ways to hire help and don’t try to mistreat domestic workers. Foreign worker’s rights will be imposed properly through such channels. This simplified process will also ensure that families or sponsors will not end strangled in paperwork or legal issues.

They will provide the following services for domestic workers and the households employing them:

  • Facilitating and simplifying interviews and meetings between domestic workers and designated employers
  • Taking care of visa procedures, issue of national Emirates IDs, transport tickets and easy transfer of sponsorship
  • Offer support in providing medical examinations
  • Assisting employers in obtaining health insurance for domestic workers
  • Training domestic workers to promote the required skill sets
  • Holding orientation session about traditions of the UAE
  • Act as a support service in case any of the parties has some issues or questions
  • Take care of transportation from arrival to the employer’s address

While the replacement of private recruitment centres will not get into force immediately, over time they would become fundamental in hiring domestic help protecting both the employer and the interest and the rights of foreign workers.

4 sets of packages

The official announcement promoted four packages made available for hiring domestic workers through the newly-established Tadbeer centres. The choices vary from direct hire under the family's complete sponsorship using Tadbeer support in overseeing the placement, in addition to temporary placement of half a year before transferring the candidate to family sponsorship, full-time live-in under the company sponsorship, and per case on-demand cleaning services. Importantly enough, the wages are pre-set as per the helper's nationality with fees that differ according to categories.

The first package shall provide services to hire domestic workers from outside the country mainly targeting babysitters, cleaners, gardeners even private tutors. Prices defined in the first package show the maximum cost of recruitment, and are not inclusive of government fees mainly related to issuing visas, medical examinations, residence etc. The second package shall provide temporary contract which leads to family sponsorship, where the service is hired by a family or a business under a temporary contract for six months – for this duration the workers would stay under the ministry’s sponsorship. After the six-month period, if both parties agree, the worker shall be fully handed over to the family or business sponsorship for a long-term contractual relation. The third package or even called Tadbeer sponsorship throughout work term is available for those parties who don’t want to have the sponsorship transferred to themselves. It determines minimum salary limits which may differ based on nationalities. The fourth package relates to on-demand domestic services in the sense of assigned shifts of work depending on demand and it offers the possibility for families and businesses to hire help on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis using a pre-set standard wage rate.

How to hire a maid or domestic worker

Supporting digital society, now you can initiate your request for domestic help online and cut in time during the whole recruitment process. The official website is yet to be confirmed and made public in the form of arendezvous point you could use to get a grasp of the idea and the requirements. * As the application rolls out, you will be asked about the category of domestic worker you are interested in, average working hours, live-in or not and other specific skill sets you’re looking for. * Then, a number of profiles will be shared with you on the basis of your specific requirements. * Once shortlisted, you can schedule interviews with those candidates at a Tadbeer centre. Tadbeer is responsible for the interview process and replacements in case the interview doesn’t go as planned. * Once you are happy with a particular candidate, Tadbeer initiates contractual processes with the prior approval of both parties and deals with payment requirements accordingly. All basic rights of the worker will be vouched for by Tadbeer within the contract and the worker can approach Tadbeer at any time, if not happy with the employer and work situation. However, Tadbeer also protects employers and encourages them to be happy with their choice. Families can replace a worker immediately in case of disagreements and they are also not responsible for any legal issues arising out of potential worker’s wrongdoings.

Finally, this whole integration process aims at simplifying the recruitments process, offering more structured approach, better protection of workers ‘rights and employers standards and thus fostering more satisfaction on both sides. Feel free to check and share your personal experience and check how others are going through the evolving process.

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